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~Turny thoughts & Ferny thoughts: May04 Mamas in Feb07~

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borrowing a line from Juice (I think...)...

sending turning vibes to Lisa & Alison's breech-in-utero-but-soon-to-arrive-baby... :

and frondy vibes to fiddle's soon to arrive boy W...

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Signin' up for more may mama madness.
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Claudia--- tough call, but I think I'd even sell my h and t for even more sleep if it came down to it. Or join my single letter kiddos and be H. the mama formerly known as Heath.

loopy day here.....
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Heather- if you sold your h's, you could be "eat."
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Taking spare alone time to comment on things I meant to mention a few days ago:

Renae- how’s Rowan feeling? I hope that the sickies went away and no ear infection was to be had. Oh and I also loved the holiday photo, as did dh.

Jacqueline- how are you feeling? I hope the morning/afternoon/evening sickness has left you alone recently!

Nuggetsmom- electron diet. Tee hee

KK and Claudia- it is interesting that, though your May kids had their weight dramas at different ages, the ages of your next kiddo happen to coincide in such a way that both of you are dealing with the “is this babe OK?” question simultaneously. I am wishing the best for both mamas and both kiddos. Please keep us updated.

And on to my other fellow weight/food issue mama- Heather, aka heath, aka eat (tee hee), I hope that your GI apts went well today. You have so so much on your plate these days, that I hope your appts are helpful and not stressful.

Jstar- lighting your candle at a superbowl party. That’s perfect! Exactly this babe’s vibe, I think.

We had feeding clinic yesterday. It went pretty well, we ARE going forward on tube weaning, except that I realized when I got home that my concerns were not really taken into account (I don’t want to drop the evening bolus first, I want to drop some of the nighttime drip, for many reasons), and I need to call back and advocate for L AGAIN. Sooooooo sick of dealing with the system. But you know, I also need them to help L, so that’s life. (Kinda how I’m feeling about W’s birth too).

Another ultrasound/non-stress test yesterday- ARGH! And, GASP, nothing is wrong AGAIN. One thing I mentioned in my hugeo lost post last night was it finally dawned on me why everyone is treating this like a high-risk pregnancy, even though every shred of evidence (except my GBS status) is to the contrary: I bring my feeding-tubed kid to the appointments!!! Duh. Nothing I can do about it now, though. He won’t be at the birth, and hopefully the birth will happen soon.

Well, I guess I’m not done whining- I’m wanting to mention something else. For those of you that haven’t seen me in person recently, I have this awful growth on my lip that started out Jan 6th smaller than a pea, and is now about the diameter of 2 peas. It’s basically a wound from a chapped lip where the insides of my lip are slowly oozing out. The longer it goes on (according to the surgeon), the more likely I’ll have noticeable lip changes when they chop it off and sew it up. BUT, they can’t do that until after I give birth and recover. It bleeds many times a day, esp when I eat, I can’t kiss my family, and I know it is going to be a big mess during the birth. Whah. Poor me. Really a pretty small thing in the big scheme of things, but it’s just another way this birth is not ideal. I’m bummed that in his first few weeks of life, W is going to have to drink antibiotic and local anesthetic.

I’m just trying to remember: none of the major stressors in the health of my family are long-term. All of them are things that will pass with time. We can get through this.

OK, end of whining. Back to your regularly scheduled May Mamas.
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ok my friend in england had a baby girl on sunday. i think her edd was feb 1 or feb 2. who's next???????????????????

i can't stop eating : it is seriously out of hand. MEGA PIG.
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
I think I'd even sell my h and t for even more sleep if it came down to it.
My poor brain. All it could come up with was "that would leave... eah?" Which led me to fiddle's thought:
Originally Posted by fiddlefern View Post
Heather- if you sold your h's, you could be "eat."
Waiting for the update on A&L+. Fiddle, how are you today? ETA: I see we posted at the same time

Well, mamas, we are recovering from the loss of a fish. Part of the story is in my blog, in the comments for "power of a name" (I'm on the run or I'd type it out again here). My girl is having a tough time with this, and we've been talking for two days straight about it. I'm at my wits' end - anybody have any tips for toddlers and pets/death?
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Oh, Fiddle, hugs to you. For everything. We will *try* to be there on Sunday if W hasn't made an appearance. But I think he will have by then.

On toddlers and death: I am just going by the seat of my pants on this one. So far Lily has been amazingly practical about it all. Things die, people die, the end. OK. ONE time we were walking around the block and all of a sudden came upon a stiff smushed squirrel, obviously thrown up from the road. Lily freaked for about 20 seconds, "Aaah! Pick me up pickmeuppickmeuppickmeup!", we picked her up, and she was fine. "Mama, Papa, that squirrel was dead, huh?" "Yep, he was dead. He got hit by a car." "Oh, right. A car hit him and he died. Poor squirrel." The end, and on to other topics.

The other day when DH was home they were talking about things dying. I don't know how they got on the subject, but she was just saying, "Cats get old and die. Dogs get old and die. Bugs get old and die. People get old and die." And she was fine and happy. I think she doesn't quite *get* what "dead" means, but obviously she saw that squirrel, and has also seen a dead cat now that I remember, so maybe she does. I'm sure the horrible dawning of realization will come soon, but so far it's just another thing about life that she finds a little interesting but no more so than, say, that ice and water are the same thing.

Speaking of fish, I just got a loach to eat all the blankety-blank snails that are taking over our tank. We've been talking about all the snails multiplying...now I guess we'll be talking about the loach eating them for dinner. Supposedly loaches eat the whole thing, shell and all. How's that for toddler entertainment!

Thinking of you, Heather/Heath/Eat.

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GI appts went well...same old same old for C and we're stopping one of E's meds and cutting back on the other! She is certifiably a baby giant...two weeks to go until her bday and she is 31+inches and 22.11 ! Our NP is warm, caring and all around fantastic. We discussed E's lack of interest in food stuff again and it is something our GI had studied when he was at Johns Hopkins...of course late afternoon mush brain means I remember nothing coherently enough to relate other than it is something she may outgrow in time, but that he thinks it is brain based blah blah blah. C's mono test came back negative and other blood tests were fine so Dr. Google may be on to something.

Snow coming tonight
excited toddler can't wait
mommy not so sure
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mcsarahb - loaches are our all-time favorites. They DO eat snails, and well. They eat cucumbers, too, if you're looking for an experiment. They are just fun fish. We always get two, so they can play together. We have none currently, but you've inspired me. We'll be replacing "fruits" this weekend anyway...

Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
Snow coming tonight
excited toddler can't wait
mommy not so sure

Heath (or is it heatherfeath?) I've been thinking of you with many . That's a lot of stuff on one plate. You seem to be handling it all with such grace.

And have fun with the snow!!!
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Still thinking turny and Ferny.

I'm kind of bummed because we just got back from the dentist. T has several (small) cavities in his molars. They're baby teeth, but he'll have to have them filled, because it will be years before he loses them. He doesn't eat or drink anything sugary, but his brushing is not the greatest (we still do the evening brushing, too).

I have more to say, but I have stuff to do...
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KK- I don't even wanna KNOW what's in Sol's little mouth. You have frightened me.

Heath--great haiku!!! And sarah's "eat"...did you sell off your Hs as well???

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getting isaac into the dentist before quitting my job is high on my list of things to do. isaac is ok about letting me brush but it is still hard to really get all the surfaces thoroughly (especially those back teeth). hopefully the fillings won't be too rough for T. i have to have an old filling replaced at some point. eurgh.

i just keep thinking that if alison is in the hospital and she's soooo close to 42w i think they probably aren't going to let her come home without a baby. i could be wrong and i'm DYING to hear an update. but i'm really thinking BABY. baby boy? baby girl?

beth - that sucks your lip is still giving you grief instead of getting better. i hope it doesn't bug you too much during labor. i think you'll be focused on W

the perception of death in our house "they got died" yep. really deep. we had a friend die but i don't think he gets that at all. and i really didn't stress to him at the time that she had died beyond just saying it and saying we were sad. and we haven't seen any animals up close and personal so i think he only has the cartoon concept. not that the cartoons he's seen have death in them but i mean...that it is just a word to him still. oh but he does have an obsession with the tomato plants around the corner from our house that died. that was the 'they got died' comment. he loved to pick tomatoes in the summer and now they are brown twigs. and he is verrry sad about that.

in good news (and walking by the tomatoes made me think of it) we got a new climbing structure at the school a few blocks from our house. yay!! the old ones were really not little kid friendly. they are still there but the new one rocks and isaac loves it. i'm very stoked about it

heatherfeath good news about the GI appt. and wow E is a big girl.

i'm going to be a big girl too. just finished off peanut butter fudge and banana toffee gelato
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I don't think we'll delve deep into the death topic here until necessary. C is a *way* sensitive kid---at story hour today she got all sad/teary when the story about building snow people ended with all of the snow dads/moms/boys/girls/dogs/cats melting.

duuuuude...i forgot about my full moniker... I can totally keep selling my letters and be the most well rested MM around! how many zzzzz's can my middle -erfeath- buy me, kk?

jstar---eek...I have yet to take C to the dentist either, but that does sound like a priority in the next few months! How do you think he'd do w/ it?

...must make productive use of alone time....
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jstar: i want me some banana toffee gelato!!! does it come from a store? or from some magnifico gelato place by you that we don't have any of in west suburbia... hmmm... claudia has business idea... gelato place in west suburbia... hmmm...

turny thoughts and baby thoughts and ferny thoughts...

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staccato gelato on 28th ave off burnside. you could open one out west! or if you're in this neck of the woods you can go there and get a pint to go. they also have the most amazing donuts on fri/sat/sun. (like cardamom, ginger, fairy princess, prince of darkness, applesauce...great flavors). i am drawn to indulge in those waaaay too often : and they have a great kids table and chalkboard wall. isaac loves to go get nonuts too.

i *hope* isaac will do well at the dentist. i've been talking about how he'll have to keep his mouth wide open so the dentist can see. and i try to get him to do that when i brush. he does pretty well except then he wants to bite the toothbrush. hah
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I reaaaally need to get my kids into the dentist. Sarah's been there and did great. I really want to get Katie in, too, she's tooootally defiant 'bout the toothbrushing, so I shudder to think. Our dental ins. just kicked in and I really need to get on the ball and schedule appointments for us all. We're all way overdue. I need ot figure out how the insurance works, and what care providers I can use and all that bs. Can you tell I procrastinate?

Thinking turny and ferny all day long!

Heath-glad GI appts. went well. E is such a darling! I can't believe she's ONE. Where o where did the time go?

Katie got a new bed delivered today. Seh was beside herself with excitement. She kept repeating over and over, "I got my big girl room!" So the girls are sleeping in Katie's room for the next many nights, I assume.
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I'm back nak'ing in a dark room (so L will nurse...she's at that squirmy distractable age). Yes, was hoping for an update on Alison... I think I should go light my angelica candle again...

Re T and the cavities... The worst thing he generally has is raisins (I know Renae's friend would get me on that!!! ). On the ref form to the pedontist (??) who will do the fillings, our dentist indicated that T is "hyperactive". Grr. It really should just say "hypersensitive"--it's a far more accurate description. And *that* is what has me freaked out the most (beyond the "I must be a bad mom" theme of this week). And re the sensitive: he's *always* been *waaaay* sensitive (about sad/scary stories, about pain, about tags in shirts, about loud noises, about spicy food). I'm reading him Little House in the Big Woods, and I forgot how many of Pa's stories involve scary wildlife (and uh.... guns!). So I've been doing some editing as I read, and if he looks ahead at the pix, I generally have to tell him exactly how the story turns out (ie, no one gets eaten) before he lets me read it to him. He loved Farmer Boy, though (less wildlife, less guns).

Beth, it's nice to hear an update on L... I've been thinking of him. I think your theory on why they're high risking you is right, and it annoys me. Poor lip...

Do we use Scrabble rules or Wheel of Fortune rules for Heath's letters? on the appt.

"They got died." And poor squirrel indeed. Miss Juice, I found some great books at the library when T was talking about death last year, but mush-brain-me can't remember any of them. Just keep it simple. Try to figure out what they want to know, and don't push it beyond that.

Jess, somehow, I had you pegged as birthing in June. I hope I'm not cursing you to go late...

Dudes. It's snowing *AGAIN*. And low tonight of -7. That's just WRONG.
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x-posted with Sherri.... I'm sorry I freaked all of you out about the dentist...
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Sorry 'bout the label they just pasted on T.


Ignorance is alive and well amongst many when they peg you high-risk like they dd beth.

Anyone know of anyone who got their tonsils removed in their 30's? Dh's really need to go. Just got over strep throat and its back. : Every year he gets at least 3-5 strep infections. I had mine removed when I was 7, and it wasn't so bad, but I hear the older you are, the worse it is.
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