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I'm still nak'ing... don't worry. I *know* that T isn't hyperactive. The dentist is a pretty nice guy, and he means well, I think, and wants to warn the other dentist that he's going to have to use a careful approach.

Ooh, Sherri, your poor dh. He could eat a lot of ice cream, though.
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gotcha, kk. But stuff like that always stings a little, but maybe I'm overly sensitive. I tend to read too much into stuff sometimes.

y'know what I was just thinking? I was wishing we'd have made Lisa take one of our phone numbers with her, so she could call one MMF! and then said MMF! could report to the pitiful, stalking other MMF!s. So take note, Beth, if you're still around, you better call Claudia or Sarah or Jess. OR ELSE! you have anxious maymamas after you!~
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my sis had hers out at 26. it was rough. reallllllly painful. and then to boot my mom thought she was going through her pain meds too fast so she hid the bottle from my sister and they had a little freakout. my mom is a bit of a puritan suffer through lady. but i think the healing was about a week (for the super intense pain) and another week for eating regularly and she is so much happier for it. (sadly hers were constantly so inflamed and her throat was so constricted because the air quality is so bad in bakersfield. and they want us to move back there. never in a month of sundays! it is gross)

hyperactive is something i forsee in my future. talking to the daycare director last week she called isaac 'a high energy boy' a good euphamism more like brute. he bit at school AND bit me last night. grrrrrrrr. i'm so sick of it (and frustrated).

ahh dental insurance. lucky ducks! something we don't have.

i could well be a june birther. hard to tell. i have no idea but would guess i am a long gestater. note i made my ticker go to 42w not 40

i have not started writing the MASSIVE report that is due monday. my weekend is looking crappier by the hour. and have you noticed how much i am posting (ahem procrastinating) today?????????
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Thinking really major turny thoughts. Been a long time since there was an update...

birthing haiku for A&L+ and Fiddle:

as the moon ripens
surrender to the forces
that bring forth new life
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Girls! Juice's haiku reminded me of the fullmoon/birthing woman connection! No updates = they are all out there birthin' babies.

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dentist: I shudder to think of taking the lentil to the dentist. He already freaks out just driving past the Indian Hospital, I can't imagine how upset he'd be with latex-clad strangers sticking their fists down his throat. That would put him over the edge. I hear they have a loooooong waiting list, so maybe i should just get him on the list and hope that he's matured enough to handle it when the time comes.

tonsils: I had mine out when i was 17 and it was pretty painful. I was on pain meds for a few days and was out of school for a week. That was the only time I've ever been under general anaesthesia, except for getting my wisdom teeth out. I hated the surgery more than the recovery. I remember having to stay in the recovery room until I'd pee'd and pooped. At 17, that was a major intrusion. That, and having the MD come up to me as they were wheeling me into the surgery and informing me that I had a yeast infection. In front of everyone. Like I didn't know that. And all I could think was "what does that have to do with my tonsils????"

death: the lentil isn't really aware of death yet. We talk about it sometimes, but he still freaks out about snowmen melting too, so I hate to tell him that people (and fish, and hamsters) go away to a place that they can't return from. A few months ago we had this great conversation about the cemetary, where he informed me that people are put underground in the cemetary after they die, but I'm not sure he understood the whole process. I'm sure it will be something that will come up soon enough, and until then I'm not going out of my way to edumacate him about it.

beth- I'm so sorry about your lip. Add that to all the other discomforts of late stage pregnancy and I'm sure you're a joy and a treasure to be around. Take care, little lip. You'll get your chance.

Miss Juice, that's a great haiku.

The lentil moved into his big boy bed the other night. Did I mention this? He was ecstatic. And he hasn't fallen out yet, but every night he kicks off his blankets and wakes up freezing. Sweets seems to think it's better to be awakened than it is to turn up the damn heat, so I let him do the night stuff. this evening we had a conversation about whether the lentil would go to bed without a nighttime diaper. At first he was all for it, but when we were in the middle of discussing the logistics of it all (you go to bed, but if you have to pee you have to call us and we will take you to the bathroom. no peeing in your pants!) (which he basically does anyway), right in the middle of this very important conversation I think he was concentrating so hard on peeing that he peed. As luck would have it, I'd already put him in his diaper for the night, so it was a simple clean up. After that, we all agreed that it just wasn't the right time just yet.

Apparently I had a lot to say! Now time to fold clothes and watch a movie.
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Big step, emmalola, that of big boy bed! Exciting stuff.

I have this great altar downstairs with two candles, the virgin of guadalupe stuffed pillow, and an artwork of a woman in labor. Yeeeaaaah!

Sol understands "dead", I think. She has seen dead fish and dead bugs, and she does the sign (y'know the drawing-the-hand-across-the-throat gesture? Yep, that one) and gives you a sad, meaningful look to accompany it.

Last night was hell with her, hell with me really, and tonight I employed all the things I learned last night and it was smooth and beautiful. Albeit late.

Sherri, how fun about Katie's new bed. Yay! dh's tonsils? Well, we all know men & pain. I had mine out at 10 and all I remember was wanting "real food" oooh so badly after about a week. That and a new stuffed elephant.
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OK, Stalking here and there is no news! OOOOOOHHHHH....
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at fiddle's blessing, we made a phone list so that someone could let the other people know when she was in labor so we could all light our candles. so hopefully, that will happen and we will all be in the know. unless she has a nice short labor and babe is born in the middle of the night and we wake up and there is baby news... which i'm sure would be just fine with fiddle...

lisa & alison: are you holding your 2 yet?

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Oh my, you're all so chatty for just the first of the month. I just got off work and want to sit with my sweetie for a while, so I'm just going to subscribe. I'll have to catch up with all the posts later....I'm just stalking the pg mamas! Mwah to everyone else!!!!
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(Holding one hand in the air and one over my heart) Sherri- I hearby do solemnly promise to notify Claudia asap upon going into labor. I'm beginning to think Jess is right about Alison.

Emily- just ask my husband what a sweet, patient, calm person I am to be around right now. Seriously, it's not fair how he is the most patient person I know and yet he bears the brunt of any and all my grumpiness. (makes a zillionth resolution to appreciate dh more).

Juice- LOVE the haiku. I have a list of affirmations on the back of a card Sarah gave me at the blessingway. That is definitely going on the card.

Dentist- Argh! L eats a TON of sugar. We have no dental insurance. Please, heavens above, may he be caries negative like his parents. (I cultured myself in micro in college, and dh has never had cavities, so I'm assuming he's also caries negative). KK- I'm sorry T has to deal with this.

HF- So glad the appts went well.

Elsanne- very curious about what you learned that helped you with your dear offspring's bedtime.

Speaking of bedtime...
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Oh my GODS, mamas, how prolific are WE??? Two pages already!
And I am so brain-dead; I posted in our January thread yesterday, when it was February. Haha. And all I was doin' was WAITING for January to end; what a loooooong month!
It's snowing here, finally. It's not a lot of snow, and we have to drive in it later this morning (childcare share--Fridays are my days!) but I don't think it'll be too bad; convincing Rowan that it'll be a good idea to wear warm clothes (instead of pajamas) and a winter coat (instead of a hoodie--a boy after my own heart! ) will be the tough part.
Also, DH asked me to skip the nap this afternoon : since we'll be at my friend's house till like 2 today...that way, when I am gone this evening and it's just the two of them, he'll be able to get Rowan RIGHT to sleep. I am all cool with this and I get it but...oh my goodness, will we survive no nap??? I will let you know.

So yes, I am going to a friend's house for a party, alone : My best friend (the one going through a yucky divorce) is throwing a Tu'B Shevat (I think that's how you spell it) party, which is essentially Jewish Arbor day...a day to celebrate all the fruits and *herbs* of the earth, if ya catch my drift. : My BF has been celebrating this holiday for about 3 years now, she is positive G-d made it just for her! : So I figure, it'll be a good time. We'll watch cool movies and eat yummy food...and many fruits of the earth will be partaken of...it'll be good.
And, today is also Groundhog Day, and Imbolc! Welcome the return of the light! Oh, if babies are born today they will be magic ones!
Not like they wouldn't be anyway!
Thinking of Alison, Lisa and Ferny!
I will be at my IL's Sunday (going with Rowan to work for them for a couple of days--they run a tax business) so I will bring my candle with me.

I thought I had other stuff to say...oh yeah! Man, the dentist. : I shudder to think--Rowan brushes his teeth every night (nearly) but I KNOW he doesn't do a bang-up job, and his parents don't have the most stellar dental records...: I have to make an appointment with my dentist for a cleaning soon (it's been like 10 months!) and I think I'll have them look at Rowan too...but I'm scared! Heh. Hope everything with T works out, KK! I've never liked dentist visits.

On Death--I too am not going there unless I have to...Rowan told me the batteries in his flashlight were dead yesterday (I think he heard me or DH say something like that once) so I don't think he quite connects yet. Rowan is also a sensitive one, so I will treat it as gently as possible.

Okay, mamas, I am procrastinating getting ready to go to my friend's! And I think we'll have to head out earlier than usual because of the snow! Have a great day, and happy (belated) February!

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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
I'm kind of bummed because we just got back from the dentist. T has several (small) cavities in his molars. They're baby teeth, but he'll have to have them filled, because it will be years before he loses them. He doesn't eat or drink anything sugary, but his brushing is not the greatest (we still do the evening brushing, too).
My oldest DD (Jan. 2002) had to have a filling. She was really good about it, and did great all the way through it. We had talked a lot about what was going to happen, and she didn't even have any trouble with the numbing shot. But I forgot to tell her that she'd be numb for a while, so she wasn't prepared for that, and she just cried and cried when we were leaving. So that part was hard but the actual filling was not too bad, if you know what I mean. I was cursing myself for forgetting to tell her about the numbness - she was so good about everything else.

Originally Posted by jstar View Post
the perception of death in our house "they got died" yep. really deep.
That's what DD1 used to say. I thought it was really cute!

Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
Sol understands "dead", I think. She has seen dead fish and dead bugs, and she does the sign (y'know the drawing-the-hand-across-the-throat gesture? Yep, that one) and gives you a sad, meaningful look to accompany it.
Wherever did she learn that?

Thanks everyone for the death stuff. We've moved from why and how and was he sick and is he in heaven to "he's all gone." We comment on this every time we see the tank. But we're getting through it :
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Continuing to hold Alison (and Lisa) and Fern in my thoughts. Can't wait to hear about babies!

Well, T gets his "hypersensitivity" from me, so I guess I try to be sensitive about it. He *is* active, he is "high energy", but if he were "hyperactive", I don't think he would be able to sit and focus in school and elsewhere (and he does, and he's apparently doing quite well ). I think his *activity* level is totally normal for a 5 yr old boy, but I *do* think he is way more sensitive than average. Hope that makes sense. I just roll with it. When he was Z's age and younger, I guess I was a little freaked out, maybe because I was realizing that he was "not the same" as everyone else. But... the upside is that he's also very sensitive about other people's feelings--he's very compassionate, he's very sweet. But yeah, he freaks out about needles, and he squirms in the dentist chair, even though the dentist and hygienist are very patient, calm, and good with kids. Oh, this reminds me... our ped wants to have all 3 kids' lead levels checked (just a routine thing--we live in an older house), and T is going to totally FLIP OUT during that. (I predict that the other 2--who didn't even cry during their newborn PKU tests--will utter hardly a peep.)

Ooh, Renae, have fun at the partay.

Fern, women in late pg are allowed to be grumpy. And if your kind dh is like my kind dh, part of the reason he's being so nice to you is that he's thinking, "Gee, I got her into this mess in the first place."

Woo on the big boy bed. T used to kick off covers, too. I recommend blanket sleepers, or the heaviest flannel pjs you can find (the kids have some their grandma made ). I say yes on nighttime dipe and yes on turn up the heat (I'm all in favor of uninterrupted sleep and less laundry).

Okay, here's my weather complaint for the day: it's -10 right now. We're going to have some (similarly cabin fevered) friends over later. This is just not typical weather. This winter has so totally SUCKED in the weather dept, and it really doesn't help my mood. : I'm trying really hard, but dude, when it's so snowy, and cloudier and colder than usual for WEEKS ON END, you start to get a little : . (Jacquie, are you regretting leaving TX? )
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KK--interesting to hear more about T...and see the similarities/differences to C. She actually did okay with the bloodwork yesterday, but she tends to shut down rather than squirm. Thankfully they used one of those butterfly needles and that was a point of distraction that the butterfly was helping with the special test...but I don't suppose taht would work for 5! We did the lead test for E because we replaced all the windows earlier this year and she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Doesn't sound like fun though! That or the nasty weather. I'm already whining about the 20 degrees predicted for next week and so not loving our drafty old house! Really wishing DH had looked into insulating the basement *before* this winter!

okay....really must wake E (she hates that!) and take C back to the ped to be a nervous/overcautious mommy. She is still complaining vociferously about her neck/glands/etc and still up til all hours because of the pain. All her tests came back normal so far, but she had me almost in tears last night she was so pitiful.

bring on the weekend....
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alison & lisa: i am imaginng you snuggling with your new little one right now...

fern: sending little W in the belly come out when you are ready (and hopefully really soon) vibes...

heath: poop on another doc visit! and i can't believe E is going to be one in just days!

kk: be gone, ye awful coldy snowy blowy winter!

happy groundhog's day, everyone!

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kk you took our normal winter : not the *absolutely freezing temps* (geesh!) but the clouds after clouds after clouds. we've been having SUN SUN SUN (and cold winds). but i'll take sun any day. i contemplate moving back to CA every single jan/feb/mar so this year i am doing well!!!

i somehow think isaac will fall into the "loves shoot em up" stories category : i don't see overt sensitivity in that boy. but he can be sweet of course (kissing his baby lamby). i'm re-reading 'it's a boy' right now and it is great.

elsanne - the vision of sol with the death sign made me laugh out loud.

i'm envisioning alison and lisa snuggling a babe right now too

yay on the big boy bed for the lentil. we've decided we need to move the really BIG bed into isaac's room because the big bed and the crib/changing table combo leave no room for a rocking chair in baby's room. the twin bed would fit. the big bed is an antique bed -- only a full size - but it is really high off the ground. isaac has only been able to climb up on it in the last month or so. i'm a little nervous he's going to roll out of it. i went straight from crib to that bed though. it's my big girl bed so now we have mooooooore furniture moving to do.

isaac didn't cry with his last shot. just watched the nurse. a blood test is a lot longer though.

ok. today i must.focus. but of course i'll keep checking in for news
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Hi mamas. Nothing to say, just hi mamas!

Thinking of Alison, LIsa, Eleanor, and ??baby?? I think baby's here, too! Can't wait for Lisa to check in. I'm going to guess baby is a boy. Anyone care to guess, too?

Thanks, fern, for assuring my stalking mind that Claudia will update us on the frond unfurling.
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tick tock tick tock. i feel boy too.
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I'll say Boy, too!
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