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Forget it, Juice. You're a chiropractor. End of story. You heal people.
Drafty basement wind
Digging at the Foundation
Good feng shui air flow

Oooh I just haiku'd it!
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nak I unscramble people, and then they heal themselves
Your crystal ball is occuption-only? I was hoping for some great revelation, like "when your mom comes tomorrow she'll bring lots of cash". Or something.

nice haiku!

and these fans are blowing fuses. so random ares of my house are currently without power.
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Okay, more non-NFL confessions, here (so much fun!). Yeah, I'll pop a tylenol pretty quickly if I have a headache. Though I often try caffeine first, because it works so well for me. I was really into the celebrity baby blog when I was pg with L, because so many freaks were pg at the same time as me (Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears). But that stopped once we all had our babes.

Ooh, I think Renae shold go to nursing school, too. You'd make an awesome nurse! (I couldn't do it... I get woozy when one of my kids gets a mere bump on his/her head...)

How did E get to be a whole year old??? Wow.

That TP story is too funny.

Yeah, I was thinking bodily colon, too.

Renae, check out the compacting threads over in the whatnot home mgmt forum. Also, have you read Your Money or Your Life? Very illuminating.

Els, I'm almost afraid to ask for a reading.

Watching Little Miss Sunshine. Is it just me, or did anyone else think it was not the best movie out there? I think maybe it's because the Greg Kinnear character is such an @$$hole (ug, he reminds me a little bit of my dad when I was growing up). And now, even though I'm not particularly enjoying it, I *do* want to watch the 2nd half tonight, because I hate not knowing how things end. (Even though I think I can pretty much predict this one.)
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the ending is the greatest part. and him being an a$$hole is definitely the point....in the 'they're a realistic family' front.

i thought the same about the colon

i stress about money but more like stress about when we are not going to have money in a very near 3 months after i lose my income. i wish i could keep my income and quit working i'm in denial that we will magically make enough to cover everything and that all of a sudden i'll be able to only spend $80 at the grocery store to make a million meals or something. i think it will come to some very real 'get rid of the cable' measures very quickly.

very chatty and funny posts last night. oh career predictor... pray tell what will i be doing in 5 years???????????

i can't believe how fast this week has gone by. i love friday. not as much as i love saturday!

i went to the chiropractor on tuesday and was feeling so great. and then for some reason i was walking in the parking lot of daycare last night and just FELL DOWN. like one minute i'm walking and the next minute i am in a puddle. sooooooooooooooo embarrassing. and people are like 'oh are you ok' and kept asking me. and i was fine except for being soooooooo embarrassed and having no idea how i just managed to 'go down'. my ankle just rolled out. but now my hips and sacrum feel all out of wack from landing on my hip and i want to go back to the chiro!!!!!!!!!! i will chalk it up to some pregnancy unbalance and ligament loosening or something

if i poured the diva cup in a houseplant i think my dog would eat hte dirt. plain ol tampons for me thx. i think the naturacare ones are great....just too spendy. so bleachy tampax it is. not that i'm having to worry about that right now (yay!)

the dirty boy needs a shower with me this morning so i better go wake him. he's starting to be in the kindergarten room when i go pick him up at the end of the day instead of the baby room. i think he's pretty excited to move up and likes being with the older kids. last night he was playing with a very cool playmobil pirate castle when i got there and didn't want to leave. i wanted to play with it too i think maybe more stimulation and older kids may be what he needs to avoid his chomping behavior. the boys that are supposed to move up a month before him cry every time they go in there and the teacher said isaac just runs off and starts playing. i'm stoked it should be a fairly easy transition.

cottage cheese thighs when i am pregnant the cottage cheese migrates all the way down to my knees. greeeeat.
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kk--about LMSUNSHINE, 1hand type, hard for me to be ok w/ inapprropriate grandpa teachings. not best movie ever.bro said i would laugh my arse off. i did not.
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I pee'd in the tupperware watching that movie. But mostly because I had a boyfriend who had a car like their van- we had to park it on a hill because you never knew when it would start. harrowing. Many a morning spent chasing after it after push-starting.
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hi all! (oht) babe asleep in arms.

so proud of myself this morning. dh helped us get ready, but i got both kids to the peds and back this am by myself. We survived two weight checks, an exam, three diaper changes, a hep B immunization, L's tube leaking all over his pants, snack time, and a pku heal stick. Whew!

L is 27 lbs, 7 oz, which means he is doing fine and we can procede with cutting back an ounce a week on the tube feedings starting next month (we're holding steady now to let L adjust to living w/ W.) hooray!

W is 8 lbs, 5 oz, just 13 days after being born at 7 pounds even. so he's doin great.

I don't need careere advice (love what i'm doing now and will love getting back to teaching some day), but if I had a crystal ball i'd peek in at the 4 month apt and make sure W's weight is ok. part of me still worries that just maybe i had supply issues with L (all evidence to the contrary- it's pretty clear looking back that L had reflux from the start).

i think i'll take a nap. only 3 more days and then dh goes back to work full time, so i should sleep while i can.

kiss kiss!

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FF--great appts!! So glad to hear that you guys are going to push ahead with the tube weaning little by little. And go W with the great weight gain. E and L have very similar eating interest (or lack of!) with regards to reflux so my uneducated guess is that played a role in your supply issues. When I switched from nursing E to pumping it was soooo hard to get my supply back up because she had cut back so much on nursing. Long winded way of saying : thinking of you as always!

off to make mini spinach frittatas that I really hope turn out!

eta: forgot to mention my v-day present....norah jones tickets in Atlantic City...overnight stay and all!! My sis said she could watch the girls. yay! We never had a honeymoon so a night away will be sooo nice.

also...C's sure steps orthotics came today and she is walking with a normal gait for the first time ever...will have to post before/after pics or videos sometime. *kicking self for waiting so long to do this...well not like I knew about them earlier but you know how it goes*
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So maybe LMS is less funny when one's family was dysfunctional?

Woo on tube weaning. Woo on good weight checks. What a good mama you are. I feel weird feeling good that you're confirming that L's problem was reflux, but since I guess it means I'm glad W is not experiencing, I'm okay with it. Reflux in babies just seems *so* wrong.
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Ooh!!! I'm pink!
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i don't think i found LMS that funny except the last scene. it is more melancholy than anything. i thought the inappropriate grandpa teachings were pretty humorous though. but only because she was so naive she didn't 'get it.' and the juxtaposition with the other girls shennanigans and outfits which are so blatantly 'that' just made me laugh.

yay on weight and tube weaning and orthotics!!

i don't want to work today. can you tell???????
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Can I just say...TGIF!

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I loved lms but i my fam was fairly functional. i loved the relationship betw the kids, and the role the uncle played as unexpected mentor to the son. what i found so great about the final scene was that the grown-ups were so shocked by the little girl's performance. All the other girls had been trained to be women/girls as sexual objects, and here was this girl portraying a woman as a powerful sexual being (plus she was clueless, which was hilarious and sweet, i thought). anyhow, that was my take.

my nap was lovely, btw.:

toddler at park. make apple crisp with aging apples, or sit and snuggle with newborn? hmmmmmmmmmm..........
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13 days? Wow, where has the time gone. Naomi is finaly better today and we went to the aquarium. It was really nice but a rather long drive: : : :
julia asked for produce
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Here reading and couldn't not post, but still not really up for posting yet. Weird but true...We're doing great here but it's feeling very personal and intimate...I can't explain.

I am loving reading about you all though so don't think I have forgotten you!

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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
I can't explain.
You don't need to. We understand. :

Glad to hear you all are home and doing well. Savor that cocoon of love and sweet smelling baby head.
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I don't know if you guys remember me talking about this a couple of months ago... well, it finally ran in the paper...
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
I can't explain.
Like mamameg said, you don't have to. Enjoy your special, wonderful time! It makes me so : to think of your beautiful family together!

Saturdays with no plans except being together RULE.
We all woke up at 7:30 (after Rowan being a poop from 5-6:15! and I made a big breakfast (pancakes from scratch--I DID IT!!! I have never been a successful pancake maker)
(okay, before I continue, I have to tell you that I typed "mancake" up there instead of "pancake", and I am still !!)
Anyway, yummy breakfast, DH and Rowan made a car, a rocketship, and a time machine out of some empty boxes he'd been playing with. Awesome!
Now, we are going to the library, and who knows what else?

Have a great weekend, mamas.
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
I don't know if you guys remember me talking about this a couple of months ago... well, it finally ran in the paper...
Hey cool, KK! You are always my inspiration for this. Do you spell your name that way (as in the article)?

Fern, you rock my socks. I cannot believe you did all that just a few short days after giving birth to W.
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Els---yup, she does...I sold her my H for even more sleep...she's cool like that.

kk--cool article!! C gets limited tv, which goes against my better judgment but her behavioral issues are also : ...but that's more for the yg than here. I hate going to the park and only overhearing the kids reenacting scenes from this movie or that...

C and I had a girls morning out today to get shoes to fit over her orthotics and lunch at ruby tuesdays...

lisa---awww...sounds perfect to me!
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