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Hey, I'm checkin in.

I hope L&A are snugglin with their two kiddos as we speak (or as I type, at least )

I've had contrax on and off since 9 am this morning, some of them strong, some of them not. I think I may be in early labor, but I hesitate to say that for certain. I WILL call Claudia when things get serious.

I decided not to go in to work tonight, because I don't want to be stuck at the group home alone if things happen to get serious fast.

I leave it up to all of you when/if to light a candle. \

Babe really wants to go to the video store- gotta go.
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Thinking of A&L, + +
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moms- I hate to be a : but please think good thoughts. I had some pink/beige mucus this evening and I'm worried. I went to my first prenatal class today and it was so nice, but I'm hoping that I just overdid it and that's the cause. Because i hate to think of any other reason. At just ten weeks, I'm already attached to this thing, and I don't want to lose it. And it's just scary. If anyone has a reassuring story, this would be a good time to let it fly.
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Well, it's not a boy! Annabel Rae arrived yesterday morning at 10:03 am. She was 8 lbs 2 oz, 20.5 inched long

Originally Posted by Sarah'sMama View Post
y'know what I was just thinking? I was wishing we'd have made Lisa take one of our phone numbers with her, so she could call one MMF! and then said MMF! could report to the pitiful, stalking other MMF!s.
I sooooo wish we had thought of this because I really needed to feel your loving energy through all that has happened. All is well in the end, but it has been very very hard.

The version went badly and the baby could not be turned and did not tolerate the attempt well at all. The perinatalogist backed out of the vaginal breech option and honestly, the baby just seemed to know something we didn't. We decided on a c-section right then rather than put Alison through another epidural which she hated with a passion for a c-section later. The doc was amazing...allowed me to scrub in sterile and cut the cord, dropped the drape so Alison could see, played our music and told us every step of the way what was happening. It was a beautiful birth. Truely and amazingly.

Alison had what was later diagnosed with placenta that had grown into the uterus wall (can't remember term now) but she retained a piece after the birth and had to have a horribly extensive D&C about an hour after Annabel was born. She is fine and I will tell more of this story later, but it was not good. She has had to have two units of blood and tons of drugs. Again, the doctor was amazing and respectful (explaining to Alison what was happening even when she was sedated!) Alison is better but it has been a rough start. It does seem that this baby knew something that we did not so we're trying to have faith that we have done the best we can under the circumstances and that we will continue to.

So, that's it for now. I will put my cell phone number over in the YG. Meanwhile, we're just getting used to being a four female family (yikes!).

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EL - I cross posted with you. I am sorry you are scared. I bled with Eleanor at about 8 weeks. I will be hoping for a good strong baby in there!
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: : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Hooray Annabel is Here!!!

I am glad to hear that everything was OK in the end and that the birht went well even if there were complications later. I am glad Allison is doing well and hopefully she is not too shaken up.
4 Girls! WOW.

EL- I also had pink beige mucus during both my pregnancies and I have two kids now. I don't know what it is from but I hope eveything will be OK. I't be thinking of you and I am sorry that you are scared. I was scared too, especially with J. I was feeling ambivalent with N so I did not feel so scared but more resigned. Still, here she is...
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I will leave the true smilie art to miss Sherri but


Sorry to hear it's been a rough start but I'm fairly confident that this, too, shall pass...Congratulations for making it thus far!!
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Light a candle for fiddle and baby W...

she is starting into active labor this evening.

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All Maymamas please report in for special mission assignments!

Fiddle!!! It's gonna go beautifully, I just know it.

Lisa--I really the name Annabel, in Spanish it is truly lovely with the way it rolls out the mouth and the soft B sound.

Emmalola--mega warm hugs n vibes for lil garbanzo.
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just read updates...

thinking of you EL... here's a candle for you:

: welcome baby Annabel! congratulations Lisa, Alison & Eleanor!

i think the term for placenta growing into the uterine wall is placenta accreta.

love to you all...

will post updates as i get them...

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Woo hoo! Congrats! I had been thinking girl (was thinking it as I was reading along, too, and everyone was saying boy ). Love the name. Glad everything is okay.

Is that placenta accreta? I was thinking this morning that maybe it was good that Alison decided to go with the ob many moons ago... sometimes, we just know. So sorry about the d and c and that there had to be a c, but wow, it sounds like it was necessary and like it was handled well.

EL, I bled really heavily with L when I was probably ~7 wks along. Both my ob and I were *sure* that I had had a miscarriage, and we did an u/s to "confirm" it, and say a heartbeat instead. Please do not fear the worst... bleeding is way more common than you would think in otherwise normal pgs.

Go Ferny! Go Ferny!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome Annabel!! Thinking lots of healing thoughts for Alison!

EL--I had that w/ C around that time and w/ E a little early...almost 9 wks I think? At that time, someone on my other board mentioned about it being a cyclical thing...happening about when your next cycle would be expected?? **hugs**

for ff and sweet baby W!
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Ohmigosh. I check in all eve and then miss 2 hours and this. HELLO, ANNABEL! What a beautiful name. Lisa, I am so glad everything is ok now. I know it was difficult and stressful for all of you. I hope Alison heals quickly and you can turn to the family-growing business. It sounds like your care during this was excellent; thank goodness for doctors that practice that way. How is E in all of this?

Lighting my candle for Fiddle now. Hello, baby W!

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emmalola- Good thoughts for you. It is very, very common. Pink/brown is not so worrisome as bright red. Have you called your midwives? Any other symptoms?

Whatever happens, here is a big, BIG hug.

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wow, baby energy all around. i just got a message from my good friend that her sis who was due end of january had her baby yesterday just before noon time. a girl. (i was totally feeling boy vibes, but maybe that was just mr. extrovert W exerting his power over me... ) at home. yay! they named her after that national park up in alaska. isn't that a cool name?

okay, back to smelling my candle...

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Oh! Oh! I am SO glad I checked MDC before I went to bed (at 1:40am! )
Welcome, Annabel! Healing, happy thoughts to the four-female family!
Your c-section story made me : because, I wish my c-section went that well! *sad smile* So happy to hear about such sensitive medical peoples.

for Ferny and Will! Can't wait to hear more!
Wow, babies!

EL, I bled as well, at about 10 weeks (um, bible study did it! and I called my OB because I freaked out, and yeah, I decided to get an ultrasound, and well, Rowan was fine! I hope some of our stories help!

Good night, mamas, ugh, I have to work tomorrow! (not till noon, but still!)
Such wonderful bebe energy!

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I saw the moon suspended low in the sky this morning and had a good feeling about the babies.

Congratulations A&L and welcome Annabel! What a beautiful name. I'm sorry Alison has had a hard time. Is everyone home?

And for fiddle, but I'm hoping she's holding her sweet W right now.

EL. I also had some spotting in the first tri which didn't amount to anything other than a panic attack.
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Yeah, me too... I saw the moon, and thought about the babies. (And Z was talking VERY LOUDLY about how it's not time to wake up till the sun comes up...)

And I came here to complain... why hadn't Claudia posted an update by 6:30 am MST when I came to check?

Still thinking about Alison, Lisa, Annabel, and E!!! (woo! big sis!). Hope you guys are doing well and that babymooning is commencing. Can't wait to see pix. Oh, I loves me some babies. :
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EL-Many comforting thoughts and hugs coming your way.

My sister bled off and on for several weeks during her most recent pregnancy. And the baby just turned one on tuesday! I'd say from 10 ish to 16 ish weeks she spotted. Keeping the growing baby and you in my thoughts today.
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