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Welcome Baby Annabel!

Thanks so much for the update, Lisa! I'm holding you, Alison, Eleanor, and Annabel in my thoughts today. I'm so glad you had such good and respectful care through all of this. It is obvious Annabel knew how she needed to get into the world. May she bring you much love and light in the years to come!
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Thanks so much for the update on fiddle, Claudia! I'll be incessantly stalking until I know more! Thinnking of you, beth, and wishing for a smooth and empowering birth!
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no updates yet...
sorry, KK :
although stefan would have loved to have gotten out of bed about 630 MST/530 PST, i just wasn't done resting.
more candles for fiddle:

more healing vibes for alison:

more love for A&L+2:

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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
I sooooo wish we had thought of this because I really needed to feel your loving energy through all that has happened. All is well in the end, but it has been very very hard.
You were always close in my thoughts Thursday and Friday.

Thanks Claudia for the update!

and I am going to stop guessing genders from now on. I'm always wrong! So if I guess, just know the baby will be the opposite from my guess!

I feel like such a proud auntie with all these babies!
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Welcome Annabel! Here's a for Allison, also. Lisa, you're right about babies knowing something, though. Good for all of you for trusting your intuition. Enjoy your baby moon!

And, I'm late, but I'll still light a candle for fiddle!

EL, I, too, had a little light spotting about the same point you're at (mabe a little earlier). Had it with G, too. It only lasted 12 hours or so, and all's well. I'm hoping it's the same for you

Off to prepare for our trip to Austin tomorrow. At least it's not snowing in Denver (since we have to drive through the mountains to get there tomorrow). I'll be checking in often, today, though.
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welcome annabel rae!!!! YAY! i can't even try to copy sherri's lovely smilie banner i hope alison is healing well and so glad to hear annabel is perfect. i too will stop guessing gender and i'll just listen to KK from now on. she KNOWS.

i lit my candle around 7pm last night and i was eating dinner looking at it thinking wow that flame is really big. lo and behold claudia called a few minutes later to tell me the fern was unfronding!! can't wait to hear the news. i kept the candle lit until 1:30am when i went to bed. stayed up waayy too late last night.

emmalola - i'm going to trust that pink/brown is ok. maybe just placental growth or something?

i went swimming this morning and took a shower when i got home. and now my legs are soooooooo dry and itchy i am going to have to strip off my pants here in my office and apply MORE lotion. i have the driest itchiest skin this pregnancy and it is driving me :
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ohmygoodness! Annabell Rae, welcome to the world. I'm so glad you're here. What wonderful news.

Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts and stories. No more wierdness today... I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed. I didn't call anyone medical, partly because we don't have insurance and I didn't want to get into some huge involved thing like go to the ER when we just couldn't afford it. I just hope that it's normal and I'm fine and that's good. Reading everyone's experiences is overwhelmingly reassuring.

Ferny, thinking of you.
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EL, good good sign that nothing more is happening. So glad to hear it.

Wishing there was an update on the ferny fronds unfolding...
I am the stalker of the century today!!!
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Well, I would have stalked more if I had known in time that Ferns were unfronding.
Probably that is not really true since we were at the Children's author illustrator fair and N's school today. THe authors and illustrators gave presentations. The kids studied them in school for weeks and N even got her picture in the paper. The online article didn't have it though. Maybe I will link it anyway on the YG. We bought a bunch of books and then went to a presentation and played the rest of the day.
Sherri, you are truely the master of smilie art!
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Stalk stalk. Stalk stalk. Stalk. stalk
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still stalking....
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Dudes, I'm up at 6:20 to find out news about Fern and W, and no news yet! (Okay, actually, I'm up because Z is hungry and because he was getting into the unlatched !!! furnace closet to get out the kid-sized mop to do some cleaning.) Still thinking of you new February mamas, all 3 of you, wishing you all the best. :
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Hi everymama. I too am eager to hear about the newest Frond in the Fern Family.

I was idly wondering, who had the first post-may baby? Was it Feather's E? Was it Jett? Or was it KK's L? The timelines are all jumbled, the only one I know for sure is E turned a year old...
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Just stalking by here, too!

We leave this afternoon and I don't know when I'll have computer access again for another week! But, I'll go to a library in Austin if I have to, to check up on Fiddle. I hope we get news soon...

And, elsanne, I *think* Heath was the first with E.
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stalk stalk stalk ....er i mean, morning check in! i'm trusting she's cuddling that babe down at l'hopital right now.

so funny that i posted about having a hunch my boy will be into shoot em up stuff (he doesn't really play that yet). we went to a huge-o sports store yesterday. i'm looking at gigantic tents and isaac is drawn to the paintball gun display. huge guns with wierd masks. and he picks up a huge one and wants to buy it and is telling me 'one for me and one for daddy.' we have to put it back and he is crying 'I WANT A GUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN' and some old guy is laughing at me. such a BOY. i am going to die from the sheer amount of sports in my household in about 10 years.

have a great trip jacquie!

the illustrator fair sounds great

and i'm glad there are no signs of wierdness in new mexico today

smilies from isaac:
: : :
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well, a sort of update...
i tried to call ferny's home a bit ago and there is no answer.
i'm hoping this means that they are all at the hospital with a new babe, since her ferny's mama was coming down from oly to be with L during the birthing...
i will try again later if someone doesn't call me first...
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a real one, this time!

just got a voicemail (dang those poopy diapers needing to be changed and me missing the phone call) from fiddle:

W was born just after midnight Saturday morning. 7lbs even, 21 in long, after just 10 minutes of pushing. and he was born while she was sitting on the toilet.

he is healthy, and they are going home from the hospital this afternoon/evening.

mcsarahb, will you call lisa? if i don't see a post from you by 7 this evening, i will call her.

yippee yippee yay yay!!!

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Woo hoo! yea yea yea yea!!!! Welcome W! Congratulations Beth! (Thank you Claudia!)

Can't wait to hear more details. (About Annabel, too.)

And pix.
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Bring on the smilie art, Sherri! So excited to hear about W's arrival!! Can't wait to hear more about the birth!
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Wahooootie, W!!!! I can't wait to hear how it happened that she gave birth on the toilet--I almost did with Amara, but didn't want her to fall in!

Welcome, baby W!!!!!!!
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