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oh yeah, forgot one more thing fern said on her message:
"it was a beautiful birth...*sigh*"
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That is GREAT to hear, tc. Thanks for keeping us informed.
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What wonderful news and what an amazing weekend! So wonderful. sigh.
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Welcome Baby Boy W!!!!

Congratulations on a beautiful birth, Beth!
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Emmalola, I'm thinking of you. How are you doing today?
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So Beth, was your EDD the day you gave birth? I was thinking maybe you had him on your due date. My first dd was born on her due date, quite the special-ness!
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Calling Lisa now...
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Welcome, baby W!!!!! How exciting. Can't wait to hear all the deets on both our February babies! Woo hoo!!!!

We've got Internet access via dh's laptop at the hotel we're staying at near the Denver airport. We leave in the a.m.

EL-glad to hear the weird spotting stopped.

Also, after my 2nd acupuncture treatment on Thursday, I'm feeling much better, thank you. The week was rather up and down, but overall, I think I'm on the upswing.

Gotta rest now, but had to see how my birthin' ladies and new babies were doing. Jess, Emmalola and I are now the next ones...at least you all have a good four months to prepare for the stalking

Love to all....
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Just talked to Lisa...she was at home briefly, giving E a bath before heading back to the hospital. She said Alison was doing very well and they plan to come home, um, tomorrow, I think?? Their very good friends are staying with E and she said everything is going as well as it could be under the circumstances. She was happy to hear about W.

emmalola, thinking of you, too - update?

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Whoohoo. What a weekend of babies! I am just so happy that everyone is doing well and that we have welcomed two beautiful babies. Oh oH Oh maybe we will see photo's soon too.
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You know what occurred to me this evening? I think Megan and I had our babies at approximately the same interval as Alison and Beth (but 9 months or so ago). Can't wait to hear more. I've been smiling since TC's news. So glad the new littles are out in the world!
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glad to know i burned my candle long enough!!!!!!!!! yay W! so glad to hear it was a beautiful birth and i can't wait to hear more. (more about both births really!)

i'm typing typing typing. and cranky. i went to a superbowl party all day and i should have skipped it and worked. but there were mamas and kids there that i wanted to see and that wouldn't have been any fun. isaac had no nap and was a real treat at bedtime (he was luckily a great playmate all day though). but all is quiet on the western front now. so i'm typing. i'm not a great 'finisher' i love analyzing the impacts...just don't make me type them up and organize graphics and this thing is due feb 15 and argughhhghhhhhhhhhhghghghhghghghghghg. : i haven't sent a single thing to the graphics folks yet. greaaaat.

ok i'll (try to) quit babbling on about it. i've been working on this (*&*&*^ thing since march so i'm coming up to almost a full year and now i have to actually produce something for everyone and his brother to review. i'll probably blow a few fuses this week (if you can't tell). i feel stressed : it is actually flowing now though.
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: Congratulations Fiddle and welcome W!!

So glad to hear that everyone is doing well.

No school today. A snow day without snow. They're dubbing it "inclement weather" because it's supposed to be about 5 degrees today.
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No school! here either...except it's an official holiday. Hang in there.

Where is Renae this morning?

Glad to have an update on annabel via sarahbee. I know it's got to be kind of hard with eleanor in someone else's hands all day/night...I'm sure it's all good but I bet the mamas are worried about her a little.

Jstar, that projects sounds, well, like work. Good for you for keeping at it! I hate that work business. I have some myself that is down low on the task bar on my screen...waiting to be maximized...

Jacqueline where are you going? I think I missed that part. I guess I could read back in the posts but y'know, I'm lazy n all...have a great, smooth trip!
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Just got off the phone with our new babysitter. That is all.
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
Just got off the phone with our new babysitter. That is all.

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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
Just got off the phone with our new babysitter. That is all.
WOO-HOO! That's great, Heath. Sounds from your cryptic post that you are happy with the sitch. So glad it's working out.

Well I was supposed to meet with somebody at 9 this morning but she hasn't emailed me about where we're meeting, and has not responded to my last 3 emails, so I am kind of : right now. Not like I don't have other things to do with my time.

Lily woke at 6:20 this am and didn't go back to sleep. And yesterday she slept until 9:30. What is up.

OK must go do some work while waiting for delinquent meeting woman to contact me...

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Babies have arrived! YAY!

Congratulation Lisa, Alison & Eleanor.... and WELCOME ANABELL RAE!!! I'm sorry to hear about the birthing complication, but am glad that things ended up with everyone healthy and doing well.

Beth, so happy for you and your DH and Luke, and a big WELCOME to BABY W!!! So glad to hear the birth went well and everything is going great.

I've been out of the loop for the weekend. Mia's on DAY 6 of running a mystery fever (stuffy nose and cough for the last 2 days, but that's it), so we're off to the doc this afternoon to see what's up. I'm pretty sure it's nothing serious, but with so many days in a row with this fever, I feel like I need to get her checked out. I'm really looking forward to explaining to the ped why I did not follow their advice and take her to the ER on Thursday night for her 102 fever. : Advice they gave me because they had no more appointments for that day when I called at 3:00 PM. So basically, they weren't concerned enough to squeeze her in for 15 minutes, but I should be rushing her to the ER. Ummmmm..... no. :

Heather, that's SO GREAT about they babysitter. Good for you! I suffer the same fears and am drowning in kids because of them. Everyone I know looks at me like I have three heads when I say we've never used a babysitter. You are inspiring me to follow up on some sitter leads I got last week. Like right now.
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Hi! Surviving, here. We have a midwife appointment tomorrow, hopefully she will tell me something along the lines of "quit worrying, dingbat!" Today's worry: weight loss. I'm not throwing up, I feel fat, but I'm not actually gaining any weight. And I'm eating constantly. So what does that mean? It's driving me crazy. Why can't I just trust?

Went to traffic court today and got my accident case dismissed. Very nice.

Heather- so inspired by you and the babysitter. I need to follow suit. Sweets is so completely opposed to hiring a babysitter, we haven't had a date out since... since... August? Maybe it was september. Either way, that's too long. We need some parent time. It's not good.

jstar, you're inspiring me by your ability to work on this project. I have a manuscript that's about three days away from being submittable, and I haven't done it. Not only that, I've procrastinated this for over a year. ugly.

renae? eat too many raisins?
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yay babysitter!

i need to find one too.

put stefan to sleep last night, then went to lay down with marek. he was restless, couldn't calm down. then he cat walked in through the partially open door and opened it more and that irked marek so he sat up. then he lay down and made a swallowing/choking/gagging sound. so he sat up again. and made it again. the precursor to puking sound. i flipped on the light, called to bill, he didn't hear me because he had the office door closed, i race down there fling open the door, say "i think he's going to puke", race to the bathroom, grab the little trashcan, race back to the room, hand it to marek, bill sits down and asks him if his tummy feels okay, and bleeeeaaaaah. mostly in the trashcan, but some on the bedsheets, a little on the pillow, a little on bill's pj pants. just one big, large bleah, though. and surprisingly, marek wasn't freaked by it. after it was done, i gave him little sips of water and he did okay. we stripped the bed, started a load of laundry, rinsed the trashcan, brought it back into marek's bedroom, and i started reading another book with him to make sure there was no other bleahs in there. when he noticed the trashcan, he said, "oh look, the bucket is there. i have to go put it back in my bathroom." i convinced him that it should stay in the bedroom in case he needed it again. and he said, "okay, so my food can go splat in the bucket." and i asked him if he needed to go splat in the bucket again and he said, "yeah, okay, one, two, three, food come out...*cough cough*" but no more splats during the night, and he just ate a small bowl of dry cereal, so hopefully it has passed.

ok, nak isn;t working anymore so bye...

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