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Hey girlies!! Man, my life has been CRAZY! I'm off to read what's been going on here. Here's my little update though -

Dh had his interviews last week and they all went well. The first company had about 10 more people to bring for the onsite interview (he was the first). The second company said that he should know something by the end of next week. So, hopefully by my birthday (next Sunday) we'll know something about employment!
Meanwhile, he's been working 10 hour days to make up for the time he missed for these interviews. So, I've been doing the parenting thing solo for the last couple weeks. I dont know how single parents do it. I am about ready to scream. It doesn't help that ds started the pukes last night. He hasn't thrown up today and his fever is gone, but he is still pretty whiny and clingy. Add to that a very cranky, teething 7 month old, and that is my house! :
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Originally Posted by Miss Juice View Post
Frozen clothing in the dryer.
: I'm sorry, but : this just struck me as a really funny visual.

Welcome back, Chrissy. Hope your babe keeps gaining!

Kim, hoping for good news for you!
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In the book Super Baby Food, the author mentions that babies eat about 50 calories per pound of bodyweight. If this is true, then my 20-lb son is eating about 1000 calories per day...all from ME. I dropped back down to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty fast after the birth, but I really feel like a bottomless pit these days with regards to eating. My DH is amazed. He's the cook in our house, and he'll often make what he thinks is enough for our dinner plus some leftovers for lunches, but I eat seconds and thirds and not infrequently manage to eat all of the food he's made! I really need to make more of an effort to eat good calorie-dense foods throughout the day, since I am just ALWAYS hungry.

Lyle has been crawling now for a couple weeks. He did his first official "crawl" on Jan. 15, and he's all over the place now. He crawled off the bed last week after a nap...no more sleeping in the big bed for naps! (Luckily he didn't hurt himself, b/c our bed is really low to the floor and the floor is carpeted. But he was scared by the fall.) Now I've got him taking naps on the bedroom floor. We may buy a futon to put down for him soon.

He has zero interest in solid foods, though. We've been offering the occasional puree (that we make ourselves) and occasional pieces of food to self-feed. No interest at all in anything yet. I know he doesn't need it yet, but it's kinda disappointing since it feels like a big deal to me to be offering solids, when he doesn't seem to want to eat anything. (Or no food, rather. Anything that isn't food goes straight into his mouth. Go figure.)

And I'd also find it easier to keep up with this thread if it were weekly...
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Originally Posted by Quagmire View Post
I downloaded this, which does the calc for you


Sarenka, your babes are very beautiful! I thought of something else... did your DD1 have a similar growth pattern? If so that makes a lot of sense and seems perfectly normal that DD2 would follow in her footsteps, especially given those milestones!

DD1 was just little from birth. I didn't take her to any drs after one infamous occasion I've probably mentioned before when the dr grabbed my breast squeezed it and said my baby was obviously starving becasue there was no milk in there and I pushed her across the room :

DD2 is a bit different because she started off quite big, then started dropping. I know this is normal for breastfed babies though and that she's active and burning it off. She's over twice her birthweight too.
Actually I've decided not to look at any charts but just make sure she's healthy and active. She fell in love with broccoli yesterday - she ate loads of it!! I do feel a bit low in the milk department though, so some more oatmeal for me.

Chrissy - sorry to hear you've been having such a struggle - and giving up your job - hope that wasn't too much of an upheaval for you...

Kim - so far so good - fingers crossed!
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I have to go back and catch up a little but I wanted to ask a little frivolous something. I recently started putting the baby in the pack-and-play for naps because we found him rolled under the table and (!!) over to the door, where we couldn't get in without pushing on him with the door. So, I recently saw one of these fun little light-up aquarium toy thingies (fisher-price??) and I think he'd totally love it. He would spend some time with it after waking up, I bet, and buy me some time. But how will I attach it with just that mesh on the side? We don't have a regular crib? Has anyone used "crib toys" on a pack-and-play?
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I dunno, frivolous question-asker!

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amy, dunno but i'll take a look-we have on ds1's crib!...
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My job wasn't a big deal. It was more to keep me busy and get me out of the house. My last job I lost 4 months pg and I was going to job interviews up till 9.5 months pg because it was such an easy pg and I was so bored. After DD was born I found a job when she was 7 weeks, and it gave DH a chance to catch up. She did great with a bottle for so long then once teething started she wanted mom again. Plus when she was 7 weeks she was so easy and predictable, now she's more active and instead of enjoying work I was dreading it cause I didn't want to leave. As for the whole BF and solids thing, meh. I offered all the time day and night and made a solid effort and still do. DD enjoys soids and asks for them. we ask her if she's hungry and she smiles if she is(ignors us if she isn't) then either holds her hand above her head and signs for milk, or opens her mouth wide like a fish. As for feeding her she gets solids solids, and a miture of babyfood, store bought and home made. At this point all I have to do is stick it on the spoon give it to her and she does the rest.

I just had to share this next part. Last week I got a Mumma. I handed her to DH and she fussed held out herr armsto me and said it. Then this morning she woke up as DH got ready for work So before I took her back to bed we waved by to Daddy. She we are laying in bed and she grabs my chin like shhe does DH's(his stumble) and says Daddat then does it again and again till finally fall back asleep.
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amy-don't see how unless you cut holes in the pnp mesh cuz aqu. has strappy things that hook back onto it after going around crib rail...

maybe loose in there? i dunno, might be dangerous...
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Hi girls We're still battling illness. But it's getting better. Mattie is still running a slight temp. It's been 101, but last night it was 100.5. The doc said I should call him if she still had a fever at the end of Thursday, but I didn't since it was not 102 or 103 anymore. SHe was up crawling and standing last night, but this morning is kinda snuggly and sitting. I'm uploading pics now to show you guys the great things my girls do. Amy, 3T is still the right size. I think it will be for a while. I hope anyway. Chrissy, :guhs on the weight thign, especially with the CFS situation. How did all that go over? I have more I wanted to respond to but I can't remember, so for now, I'll go. Welcome to the newcomers. Good to have you.
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Hey joy, sorry to her you got a bug going around there. The CFS thing is ridiculous. We know who called too. It was the public health nurse. If you guys want to take the time to read I'd be happy to share the whole story.

We were a part of this program when DD was first born. A worker came by once a week to go through DD's developmental stages and ways for use to interact with her and practise Empathetic parenting. Anyways she worked along our Public health nurse who we really liked. We were totally open with them about everything, including our use of marijuana(for our own reasons, long story), and the fact that from time to time I would have a drink with dinner and would still BF. They were totally ok with it for so long.

Then we got a new public health nurse Colette.(Jaquline was the lady with the program). Anyways Colette came by and weighed her(wrong by the way) and was using the wrong charts and had concerns about her low weight. She started pushing for me to suppliment with formula and wasn't willing to work with me regaurding increasing BF. I think DD was 4 months then. Anyways I insisited she come back and reweigh her because she was wrong. Which she did and the weight was higher, but still low in her opinion, and she was still kicking on the scale. I don't care how high tech her scale is if the babe is kicking it can't ead right. I called my Dr and 2 days later I took her in to be weighed. She was a whole 6 oz heavier then Colettes second weight in just 2 days, and was actually climbing a little in percentiles. My Dr is awear of my habits, and says that there is no connection, she just has a very high matabloism. He wasn't concerned at all. Both me and DH are very small people with high matabolisms and they were even higher as children.

So we said goodbye to Colette. And Jaquline kept coming by and was still great. Then 2 weeks before Christmas Jaquline came by with information regaurding MJ used while Breastfeeding. I pulled up all the studies I had from mltiple sources and we sat down and talked about it. At the end of the visit I had her convinced that this was our choice and that she was OK with it.

Then a week later I got a call from Jaquline saying that her and Colette were calling CFS because she believed that my alcohol consumption and breastfeeding as well as the little bit of MJ I indulge in was the cause of DD's low weight and that I was intoxicating my baby. She insisted that I switch to formula or they would call CFS. I told her that I would not FF and that I would quit everything before doing that, but that's not what she wanted. So after calling back and forth between my husband and her I told her that I would switch to formula and quit, but because of this incident she had lost our trust and was no longer allowed in our house.

About 2 weeks ago there was a knock on the door and CFS was there. (they said someone from the community was concerned with DD's low weight, and the other stuff, which only the nurses knew about) DH was out back so I put DD in the highchair to play and went outside. They asked to come in I told them to come back with a warrant. So we talked outside and I informed them that while I am around other MJ smokers I have quit, and that the drinking thing was stupid because it is just a drink and the ammount of alcohol that the baby gets is minute. I ended up inviting them to DD next visit to the Dr., which they never came to. Before they left they insisted on seeing DD so I told them you aren't coming in but I will bring her to the door briefly(it's -30 here). And you get the typical "She's so tiny".

Well excuse me in a society where babies pack on the pounds because of formula, and are straped in seat so they don't bother their parents, they aren't used to seeing a baby who is lean, strong, pudgy in all the right places. I mean she can bounce in her jumperoo for an hour and a half or spend hours happily rolling on the floor with us, she's so active no wonder she is burnin calories.

Anyways my Dr has been my Dr. before I was born and we lookedinto DH's medical history with the help of MIL and both Me and DH fell off the charts about this age then returned to a low normal after a few months. While I was there DD nursed aftter her first weighining, so I asked to have her weighed again to see how much she ate. In 5 minutes she drank 5.5 oz. The Dr. wasn't even concerned. I pushed him with "isn't she a little small", "are you sure there isn't anything else going on", and finally he told me that I could offer more solids if I really wanted too. He wants to see her again in 2 months, but other than that told me to relax because she's got alot going on right now with teething and developental milestones. He says that you can't make a baby eat.

Anyways DD is loving the solids, and still loves her boob. It's quite possible that she could have just been ready/needing solids, and I've been insisting she BF. She'ss been showing all the signs and inhales them then BF right after.

Everyone says she's fine, I'm just being paranoid mom, and am a little worried since I haven't heard form CFS and don't want them popping in at the wrong time. There was just a story in the paper about CFS taking away 5 kids for a short time because the mother just had a new baby and the house was too cluttered, not dirty or hazardous, just the regular piles of clutter.

But yeah so that's our story right now. Wow she's been napping for a while, look how long this is, lol.
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here are recent pics of the girlers. i think there's a play-by-play of Mattie standing. Her standing in her crib, which is her fave thing to do. and her current trick, holding on with onehand. Oh and there are pics of Emma after she found my lipstick. Enjoy!
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Cute kids. DD is trying so hard to crawl but gets mad and frustated, then once she gets up she pulls a hand out to reach what she's trying to get and splat.
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Originally Posted by Chronic Chrissy View Post
The CFS thing is ridiculous
Wow, Chrissy, sorry to hear about this!!! Is the program called Healthy Families? I used to be a HF Home Visitor...anyway that really bites about CFS. The problem with programs of any sort is once you sign up, your life is really an open book. I have indulged in mj and the occasional drink, even getting tipsy a time or two, and I am the model parent (*ahem!* , and my children are chunkanettas. No worries, mama.
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just a quick check in
no time to read posts but I had THE MOST FABULOUS day on Saturday -everything was perfect

you can see some photos here
I'm the one wearing white
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Congrats Witt! Looks like a very intimate and peaceful ceremony
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And Sarenka, not to beat a dead horse or anything, but my two girls are turning out to be the same way. DD1 was around 2 lbs lighter than DD2 at birth, and now DD2 has dropped to the point where she actually weighs a few ounces less than DD1 did at her age. She's a bit longer, but basically their weight is following the same curve.

Good for you on pushing that doc across the room! Still AMAZING that doctors who deal with infants on a regular basis are not required to do anything more than lactation 101 (seemingly taught by Ezzo...)
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jjoy, so glad things are looking up a bit.
chrissy, ugh about all that. Like you need one more stressor, right?

witt, congratulations again! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Dilemma du jour... what do I do with myself today? We're having a snow day, but there's no snow. Schools are closed due to "inclement weather". It's supposed to be less than 10 degrees all day, and with winchill it's somewhere around 15 below. Too cold for kids to wait for buses, I assume. But what to do with ME? My office policy is that if schools are closed, then my office is closed. That way I don't have people calling me at 6:30 in the morning to find out if their appointment is cancelled. But usually, if schools are closed then the roads are pretty bad and people don't want to come in anyway. Not the case today, and I don't start in the office until 2:00. Even if schools are closed today, it's not the kind of day that people look outside and wonder if their appointment in cancelled... so to close the office I'd have to call every single person. Childcare isn't a problem today, it's Grandma Day. BUT people do know (theoretically) that my office closes when schools close, so I could go there and sit on my sorry duff all afternoon... what to do?
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*yawn* Up last night watching my Colts win the Super Bowl. Need coffee, but all we have is dh's wimpy mocha pwder. Maybe if I drink four cups, it'll do something.

Kids fighting, gotta run.
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Juice, go to work. Wouldn't you rather be there anyway, even if no one shows up? No skin off anyone's nose, it's grandma day! You might even call a few key appts to see if they're coming, and if not, go out for a coffee and take your journal (gasp! mine has cobwebs on it).
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