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Ok BBM and Janessa, I'll PM you, there's plenty :. I thought one of us creative ladies on this thread would take it. I too am a fabric whore and that is why I need to downsize...

OK, my downstairs neighbors are yelling. The Bears must have scored. off to check the internet or radio, as we have no TV...
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eksmom, I'm sorry to hear about the recent developments with your aunt.

Pumpkinseed, your poor dad. I don't know how people can get through an illness like that without some depression. Is he getting any help for that?

Moonshine, we use our vita-mix at least 3 times a day. It's great!! I hope you get yours soon!

maying You are a runner!!! Don't let anyone, including you, convince you otherwise!! I agree with everyone else that a good bra is second only to good shoes. It's a must-have! I have the Moving Comfort Maia and really liked it a lot. I did experience some chaffing, but with body-glide, that's now under control. I've heard amazing things about the Enell bra and plan to make that my next one. Also, I'm a slow runner and really good sweater, too!!

Shanti, gorgeous pictures! (and kids!)

Hollysmom, it's currently right around 32 here. I wear my fleecy running tights with a long-sleeved technical shirt. Then, since I haven't invested in anything better, I wear a little cotton jacket over the top. I always wear a headband, otherwise I get an earache right away, and also gloves. It takes about half a mile to begin to feel warmish and about 3 miles to start sweating, which is okay by me. Sweet pictures!!

Monica, about the sweater...I'd frog it and knit it on 11's but knit according the instructions, one size smaller. Will you post pictures?

ChamaMama, your description of preparing for your long run was so familiar that I had to . Although, you would have to add grumpiness to the equation for it to be exactly the same. I was so stressed out about today's run that I was snapping at everyone.

1jooj, the ewes are so sweet! I'm a sheep lover, too!

RM, I'm so impressed that you did 8 today after 14 yesterday! Wow!!!

BBM, that's a great photo!!

kate~mom, WOW!!!

cReb, good to get a glimpse of you!

I have a run to report, but I've been sitting here a long time, getting stiff. I need a shower! BBL
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I just got back from a great long run, 7.3 miles! :

I'll have to post more later, little dd is getting molars and is absolutely beside herself.
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It is cold out there tonight - even for me! I bought a new hat today - wool hat with fleece lining and a silk piece to cover my face. It's great! I was resigned to having to get a black balaclava and scaring my kids, but instead I found something really pretty. I will test it out tomorrow with a ski.

Any more Secret Sprinter wanna-bes out there?

Anyone heard from kerc lately?
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to all of you true cold-weather runners! I am such a weather wimp. It has been raining and in the 50s all week and I have been whining relentlessly. Although, I would trade cold rain for snow in a heartbeat. Those pictures Shanti!!!! So beautiful! And Poppy too!!! How awesome to have some snow in Nashville! All the talk of skiing instead of running just has me ing with envy.

Kate~Mom you are one fast dingo! Congratulations! And that pizza and beer sounds soooo good. I'm ing over that too.

1Jooj - What sweet little faces those girls have. And you do sound like somehow you are more complete all of a sudden with their arrival.

Maying - Welcome! As all have said already, don't worry about the speed. It'll come (or if you get knocked up like me it may then go too!) but now that you've had a taste of the high, you know why we're all here.

Janessa - Don't think I was trying to guilt you, I just thought I might be able to yank you out of the ether, and lo and behold! Here you are! Welcome back!

Geo - Too funny, that was my take on the big game today too.

Missbliss - Good job on your long run! Wasn't it really recently that you were starting up? And now you're already at 7+ miles. That rocks!

Chelsea - May you get some refreshing alone time in the great outdoors soon!

CReb - Nice tat! I was just checking in on your blog the other day and saw your cameo on the front page and everything, how cool. But that tattoo is gorgeous. I'm slowly percolating ideas for a new one for me in the same vein.

CherylAnn - You think you're allowed to shower and then report???

PattiAnn - If the offer of that book is open I'd love to take you up on it. I can PM you my dad's address and he can mule it down here when he comes in March. I hope you are feeling better mama.

Moonshine - I hope you make more than just $4 on your stuff!

BBM - Great picture! He is so cute and I love the blissed out way you look in every shot with him.

Pumpkinseed - I hope you clear up quick. Snot sucks.

Hollysmom - Bummer about the treadmill. Do you have any good present-getting opportunities coming up? How about a Valentine's Day TM?

Eks - Hope you like that chicken!

Chama - Good job on your long run!

Gosh - I'm missing so many of you! and to Megs, RM, HBM, MB, lurking Lofty, Calico, Modmom, moonshine, Kerc (if you're lurking), Wawoof (another lurker?), Mandy, Monikita, Mommabelle, JayGee, Schatz, ND, and big to any I'm missing!
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BBM, Shanti, and Poppy - all of your pics were so beautiful!

WTG Kate~mom on your awesome race and PR, you are fast mama!!!

missbliss - I'm feeling you on those molars - DD started getting hers a few weeks ago and they are all in full force now, along w/ 2 more of the front ones coming in (seems out of order)... hope your Nora feels better soon!

Ended up doing a longer run than planned today - we had the bright idea of me running to the railroad park, and DD and DH meeting me there, us all playing, then DH running home. It looked like about 5-5.5 miles on mapquest, but ended up being over 7, and I really felt it the last couple miles, so hot and not enough water...and they were worried bc it took me a lot longer to get there. but great to get the mileage in and fun w/ DD riding the train and carousel...

Proudmom - do yall ever go up to the McCormick Stillman railroad park? tons of kids there today, we should organize a playdate or something for a weekend there...
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Maying - ditto what everyone else has said, and welcome!

I think what I was so impressed by about the photo...is that my 4 year old daughter took it!
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Kate~mom, ummm, I do believe you ran a 10k in the time J and I ran the 5k. Shoosh.

Speaking of speedy. Callie, am I reading correctly that you've got TWO papers submitted already? Wow. I've got some writing to do. Of course, I'm kinda stuck on the otherwise easiest to get off my desk paper.
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Just checking in before I head to bed.

RM - congrats to the Colts.

Balancin1 - I think I am going to repeat week 2 as well. My week 2 was a bit of a joke, only got about 50% of the mileage in.

BBM - N is a great photographer! Loved the pic.

Katie, WTG on the 10K... you are one zippy mama!

Plady, the chicken was yummy!

OK, off to bed for me...
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Running Report: I ran 12 miles today, my longest distance ever. I decided to do it outside because now that I'm enjoying the TM, I'm avoiding going out in the cold even when I have a good opportunity. I was so stressed about this run that I dawdled around for more than an hour and got really short with my dh and a teensy bit short with the kids. I've been short with dh too much lately, but today it was because I was afraid. I think I am easily freaked out about new accomplishments. They take way more emotional energy than I expect them to. Consequently, I don't react well to the excess emotion.

When I finally left, I was mad about everything. It was too cold out, too icy, too close to lunch time (since I dawdled), too...whatever! I was feeling badly for being a grump. I couldn't find music on my iPod that felt right. What a baby! Finally I decided to listen to an episode of This American Life. That was the best! Totally changed my emotional state. I ran out around the south shore of the lake for 6 miles. At that point I slowed to a walk and ate a no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookie my mom had made with the kids. It had PB in it and complex and simple carbs, so I thought it would make good running fuel. As soon as it was gone I picked it back up to a run. At mile 5.5 I ran by a convenience store and thought I'd get water on the way back, at 6.5 miles. Felt so good I blazed on by it. At about 7.5 miles dh and kids showed up in the van, bringing water. I was so appreciative, but felt like a total heal. I only drank about 6 oz. of water. Probably should have had more. At mile 9 I went by another convenience store and considered stopping for more water, but skipped it. By mile 11 I was so close to home, but felt like it would be forever. My legs and back were starting to really ache. I walked for about a 1/4 mile stretch and then ran the rest of the way home. The last mile was the hardest. I was doubting that I'd make it. Now I'm wondering how I can possibly expect to run 13 miles in just one more week! I felt like I couldn't go another step.

We went to a little friend's Suzuki Violin recital tonight and someone commented that I looked like I was moving slowly. I was! My legs are so sore and tired! I didn't experience that with my 10 mile run, so I was surprised at how sore I was today after just two more miles. I wonder if I'll be hurting tomorrow. I'm going to do my 3 miles on Tuesday with a really fast friend. She ran Boston last year and then did the Couer d'Alene Ironman in July, and she's tiny and compact and blazing fast. She wins all the events around here. Normally I'm so plodding and slow. I'm nervous that I'll be even slower on Tuesday and she'll never want to run with me again!

So that's it. 12 miles accomplished in 2 hours and 23 minutes. I need to apologize to dh. I don't know what gets into me sometimes. When I feel icky about me, I treat him badly. My dad does that, too, and I never want to be like my dad, so I hate it when I am.
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Okay, so snatching a sleeping baby moment to post. Nora is so incredibly miserable from her molars. Her first eight teeth weren't that bad, but now she's been just constantly fussing, mild fever, drool, and generally turning into the demon baby that chomps on Mama's nipples : All I can say is I hope we have a better day today.

So the run yesterday was great, and thanks Plady for the recognition. On the topic of overweight running: I have been running again for the last six months and have gone from being about 40-50 lbs overweight to about 20 lbs over what I'd like to be. I started out with 12+ min miles and now do the bulk of my miles around 10 min/mi. And I also wear two sports bras, a midgrade/good champion, and a cheapy adidas, and between the two of them I have pretty good support, but also want to spring on an enell when I have finished losing the weight.

Our pig is going in to be done in today, curious as to whether dd will eat it....

I'm crazy busy with school, have a test today, and another tomorrow. But my birthday was on Sat, and I had a dress up theme party, it ended being a lot of fun with some really funny costumes.

Cheryl, I do the same thing with dh, also often before a run :

Oh, and dh's second cousin has moved in with us. Is there a smilie for underwhelmed?

I've been holding Eksmom's Aunt Rexie and Pumpkinseed's dad in my thoughts lately, and hope that things will be looking up for them.

Happy Monday!
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Cherylann - CONGRATULATIONS! : You did it. You ran 12 miles for the first time. For the other stuff...you say you don't want to be like your dad and I bet already you aren't. You are aware that new things scare you and you react with grumpiness. Talk to your dh about it, tell him. You definitely aren't alone ( ). My guess is he already knew though. Most important though, now you know and so next run when it's longer and you know you'll be anxious, anticipate the grumpys. You'll still be grumpy, but you'll have more control over the snapping. As far as what will the next run be like? When I was training for the marathon I remember the 18 mile training run. It stunk. Bad. And it scared me that the next long run would be out of my reach. It definitely wasn't. It was kind of like 18 had a wall that I had to blast through and then the higher mileages weren't too bad. I bet the next run is actually easier. You may be a little stiff this morning, but a good hot bath will probably cure that. I am struggling to be as eloquent as I would like. But I guess the gist of what I'm trying to stay is go easy on yourself, you can do this.

So, I am sleep hungover...meaning I am getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. I am losing it. that's how I feel.
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Oh, and I needed a separate post to say, Cherylann, Congratulations on your 12 miler!

Woohoo! Yay! You are inspirational!
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Morning ladies!

Congrats to the Colts...I'm not a rabid Packers fan (which would be called a Packer fan around here), so I wasn't cheering for either team, but if I were, surely it would have been the Colts.

We're too cool for school around here. Too cold, actually. It's -13 now, and the high might hit 0 today, so school is canceled. I'm home with the kids. So maybe I'll get my make-up run. And my mom is scheduled to come tomorrow. I might sneak off to work for a bit to make up for missing work today.

I hope the sheep did OK last night. I'll go out to feed and water them in a bit, when it's light enough out to see in the coop. Brr.

So...I'll commit to at least 8mi today. That's my min for not disappointing myself today. Oh, and girls, we're in a 2-week slide now, to dh's next biz trip. A 3-weeker. Watch me go from balanced woman to freak, and remind me that this is typical.

CherylAnn, way to go! You might want to think about carrying water and a goo, or sport beans or banana or something, for those 10+ milers. If you choke down a 100-cal carb thing at 6mi, it's a lot easier to get home.

Great days and great runs!
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CherylAnn~your amazing!! Way to go on your 12 miler! Give yourself a huge pat on the back for going further than ever!!! It is so normal to have doubts ( I think everyone does) but you will do fine!!! You'll breeze through 13!! soreness, will go away. next time after your run, take an ice bath, it dramatically cuts down on the soreness factor. Like other pp said, recognizing that you are not treating people the way you want to is the first step, apologizing is the second, trying to prevent the next time would be another step. You are doing great to recognize when you do something you don't want to(and again, you are not alone there either!). Hugs to you woman!!

eks~I dedicated church to Aunt Rexie on Sat. and aksed the church for prayer for her.

pumpkinseed~I prayed for your dad, what's his first name?

I found out that my neighbors daughter, who has two young kids and is younger than me, has cervical cancer. My neighbor, the mom, has to have a full hysterectomy for her health problems.

A friend in my bible study, her dad, step mom, 9yo brother and two friends of the 9 yo were in a car accident with a train. the two friends died, two little boys 9 and 11. The step mom is in critical condition but became concious yesterday, the dad is doing well with fluid on the stomach, and the brother is in critical condition but stable. Oh, goodness, so much turmoil going on.

Okay, it's so cold today that there is a 2 hour school delay. so at 8:30am, I'm just now getting to my pilates and yoga to help my foot out.

Love you ladies, you are all amazing, inspirational, and wonderful in so many ways.

Balancin1~hope you got some game info, it was great to watch two really good and deserving teams play together.
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All of the highways and roads in our county are closed, snowplows have been pulled off the roads, everything but the hospital is closed..............

We are having a blast. Everyone piled into our bed this morning for a snuggle and now the girls are dancing and ds and dh are playing cards. Our woodstove is blasting so we are toasty warm and not using the furnace to keep warm. We are so lucky.

There is no way I will try running today, maybe even skiing - every so often the snow squalls are so thick I can't even see the house across the street.

Funny thing is, it is exactly one year since the blizzard I got stranded in, exact same weather on the same dates. I guess we won't be planning any travel on this weekend from now on!

sally - how is the weather in South Africa today?
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Hi Mammas! I hope you dont mind someone joining you??
My name is Shelley, Ive got two little boys (2 and 3 yrs old) and I began running a year ago. I ran the las vegas half marathon in Decemeber, have another half March 31st and will be running the full las vegas marathon this coming December.
I had a wonderful run yesterday, its hot and sunny here- crazy! I got sunburnt *doh* I did 8.75 miles yesterday at a nice easy pace.
Im looking forward to meeting the other running Mammas here!
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Shanti-Happy Snow Day!

Shelley- This is a great thread. You'll get lots of support and encouragement. I've always said I want to do the Las Vegas Marathon (or half) as my first (or only ).

Doctorjen-I'm sitting here reading your blog in tears. Your community is SO blessed to have you.
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Schools are closed on account of the cold. The university is open.

So, I'm giving a midterm in an hour. <deleted a long "WWYD" about students and their excuses.>

20 degrees below my lowest acceptable biking temperature, so I drove. I used the heated seats for the first time.
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