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I am not very creative with words, so I will let one of you pick out a good name for the March thread (a Holla out to Reb!)

I went for a short 30 minute run yesterday while K was napping. It was warm-50!! But we still have tons of snow on the ground-lots of trees here-so a lot of the paths are still covered. It was tons of fun running in the snow with shorts on

Geo- to you and your dh's family-have you guys heard anything recently? How awful for you to have to deal with work crap at this time.

grnmtnmama-how is your dad doing?
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is there a march thread yet? i cant think of anything either.

schools closed early today due to tornado watch.

: :

mamab and hbm, how's your weather today? do you have tornado watches too?

someone advised me to put the bike helmets in the downstairs bathroom [which our bunker down spot] and make sure the kids have shoes on. and i certainly won't be without my laptop

anyway, just checking in, gotta go check the weather channel again.
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Yikes Poppy! It's not bad here right now, but I checked just to be sure and we ARE under a tornado watch. Thanks for the heads up! My girls are still pretty scared of storms after the tornado we had last year-they grab flashlights and head for the basement at the first clap of thunder. Could be a long night...:
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Greetings, y'all. Today would have been another great day for a run (and goodness, I am sure I can't go that long now after not running for so long), but had to scramble to get the kids to school on time and then get ready for 2 massages. My second client is here from St Louis for medical treatment. 7.5 years ago she jumped from a burning building onto concrete and pretty much destroyed her feet. Since then she has had 27 surgeries to repair them. She is now coming to NY because after 23 surgeries in St Louis didn't work, she is now coming to "the best." She just got a heel replacement, which is from someone's femur (the ball)! She also has one side of her rectus abdominus on her other heel. She was also one the chirpiest clients I have ever had. Has a 2 yr old and is going through a divorce. Apparently due the stress, etc of all she has been through and her H was not very supportive of her trying to keep her feet.

Kind of made me stop and take a bit of stock, ya know?

Ok, off to get kids.
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It has been pouring all day. At carpool it was an absolute downpour and dd's shoes were totally filled with water.

Geo..Thinking of you.

ok..SS, whoever you are..I'm giving you a big hug! I do like your packages! I recieved some Indian Chickpeas curry, and almond biscuits, emergen-c in flavors I haven't tried yet, and a couple of packets of protein shakes...I love smoothies so those will go right in!

looked at another house today..it was pretty good..i really liked it. I have gotten used to a huge closet and this one was pretty small..but the rest of the house was really neat. The back yard was big..which is great but it does back up to a flood plain.

Oh man..this is funny...dh asked me to get after him if he doesn't run!LOL...so essentially he's asking me to nag him! I love it.

Guess it'll be treadmill for me tonight because no way am I running in this weather.
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Just checking in... I have been thinking of Geo and her family all day.

I've been home with EK today... she ran a fever in the night last night. She seems to be doing better today. She is missing a b'day party at McDonald's right now. I have mixed feelings about that... she so far knows of McD's as the "M Store" and nothing else... I was dreading bursting that bubble but I also hate that she's missing the party.

OK I gotta go find the rooster that goes on top of her barn.
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Add me to the "can't think of a fun new thread name" list. I'm trying. Almost there. Just not quite.

Wendy and fam have been much on my heart this morning, too. And holy cats, Moonshine... yeah, I'd say that lady's life is one of those "instant perspective" stories.

Patti inspired me to add pushups back in to my regimen. Man. I'm out of practice! Am I the same person that benched 125 a year and a half ago? Pushups were always my achilles heel in ROTC physical fitness tests, but I am wayyyyy out of whack right now. But, I've been here before and I"ll get back up on my reps. They are such a great exercise.

We just had a lovely long walk to the nearest bakery/coffee shop. I used the stroller today just to see how I liked it and because it was, well, a really long walk. it was OK, but the sidewalks aren't stroller-friendly. I feel soooo not MDC using the stroller! And it's a PITA at the start/end of the journey. But pretty handy in the meantime. I don't think my daughter's secure attachment to me will be compromised by some stroller time now

Mommabelle -- good luck with the solicited nagging! I've gotten after Dan lately about not rowing. A major reason we sprung to buy the good machine was that he said he'd definitely do that for exercise. So far... I think he used it twice the first week we had it home. And then nada. But maybe I'm not making it very possible for him to use it... I tend to do the "Hey, you're home, you're on baby duty now" routine.
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Okay, here's the new thread! Happy March mamas!
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