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ooo, geo, heated seats! My mom has those and I totally made fun of her but I secretly love them. not so secret anymore, I guess. my mom, speaking of, was totally complaining about students' excuses. I was talking about how I used to *think* I was tired before I had kids : and she said her students say stuff like "I have a cold, so I couldn't do my paper." :

HBM and I did indeed have a lovely run yesterday. I guess I went about 4ish since I did a little less than she did. how does the time pass so quickly when you run with a buddy? it was great. slow, shmo, it was just nice to be out and chat.

we spent the weekend at my mom's, no boys (except J, who got into absolutely every little thing : ), and it was really nice. no snow in knoxville but glad to see that nashville got enough to make it fun, poppy! the windchill was like 9, though, and I am just going to have to do afternoon runs so I don't freeze my @#$ off. I just can't get the wardrobe part right.

may and shelley, welcome, mamas! The LV marathon looks like a lot of fun...my SIL and I were talking about doing the half but our trip got changed to November, but maybe sometime.

got a question for any double-jogger runners...a friend almost always runs with one and she is having plantar fasciitis pains in her feet after years of running (same route, same shoes, not worn out). could it be double-jogger related?

take care y'all, have a good day, stay warm.
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First, I must apologize for not taking notes while catching up on the three pages I didn't read over the weekend and now I can barely remember anything to personally comment on - I think my brain is frozen.

Our schools are closed too but the U is open so I am also in my office. Wearing my silk long johns and three tops (not that cold in my office but I fear what would happen if I had car trouble).

No running since Friday - too darn cold. If that wind would settle down I could handle the temp but the wind chill is killer. It's going to be cold all week. I may be dh-less this next weekend. An icesailing regatta is called on for Toledo, OH which means he would leave Thur and not get back until late Sunday. We will know for sure on Wednesday noon. I think the only thing that would cancel it is cold temp - there's no precip in the forecast as far as I know. I hope they do get to go - dh LIVES for iceboating. He gets pretty cranky when there's no sailing.

I can't imagine being jooj and having dh away for three weeks! Yikes! Know that we will be here for you. btw, your sheep are sooo cute.

cherylann - way to go on that 12 miler! Someday I will run that far. One question - I typically can't eat or drink anything within 90 min of a run or I get a huge gut ache. How would I be able to eat or drink something on a long run - anyone been there?

RM - for all in your circle who are in such pain.

Shanti, bbm, Poppy - lovely photos! Shanti - I was struck by your dd's blue eyes and long lashes. My dd is the same and looks amazing in a blue coat out in the snow. BBM - my dd (also 4) loves to take picture with our digital. She's also getting into this really helpful stage where she wants to take care of her little brother (who's actually almost as big as she is ).

welcome Shelley and maying -- this thread moves crazy fast sometimes but it's a great group. Very inspiring and a great motivation when you're contemplating getting out of bed for that early a.m. run. No worries about distance or speed as others have said - we're a gentle group and not in competition with each other.

I think those are all the personals I can muster right now. to everyone I missed!

One more thought - have you all ever done a geographic roll call? I have some idea of where most everyone is located but I'm not sure for everyone. Would there be interest in doing this? I'm not thinking getting down to city specifics (unless you wanted to) but general area of a state would be good. Like, where the heck is Shanti that it's snowing so much?
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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
my mom, speaking of, was totally complaining about students' excuses. I was talking about how I used to *think* I was tired before I had kids : and she said her students say stuff like "I have a cold, so I couldn't do my paper." :
Oh, man, my stories. : My excuse coefficient for this class seems to be about 0.1. That is, for anything that they have to do, about 10% can't because of some major thing: dog sitting, grandfather's death**, football game, car won't start. Seriously, if these excuses were distributed evenly across the whole student body, that would indicate that each student would miss 1 in 10 of their exams.

**While tragic, the mortality rate of grandfathers in my classes seems to be quite high. Last year, I had a student lose three grandfathers. Geez, you'd think she'd move on to grandma after the second one, wouldn't you? I keep emails from students. Maybe that makes me unusual, but seriously, there are only 70 students in the class.
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BIG BOO HOO FOR THE BEARS. I must say Manning and his crew played awesome. Maybe next year.

My husband has jury duty today I am hoping he gets off early and I can get a run in (inside) School was cancelled today because of the cold.

Take Care
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It's 4 degrees here so I just got back from my first treadmill run in years. It was actually pretty good except that this gym (the local college gym) has only 2 treadmills and one just stops periodically. It happened to me twice during a 40 min run. It's only $3 to use the gym, though, so can't complain too much.

My mom even came along and walked on another treadmill (I let her use the one that actually works). She used to make comments about why would I want to run when I have a perfectly nice car, etc., but she had a heart attack 4 yrs ago. In the last 18 months or so, she's been going to the Y and working with a personal trainer there. I'm really proud of her. She's not fit by any means yet but at least she's moving. She's gone to the gym 3 times in the week that she's been here.
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It is so funny... Remember me complaining of the way low temps while all y'all were having a heat wave? Today's high is supposed to be 50. No freakin way! Here's my roll call: I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Schatz - I have belly problems with eating and running. What I figured out: Eat one gu spread out over a mile. Take one little mouthful, followed by water.. wait.. (keep running) repeat. If I spread it out like that I don't get an upset stomach but still get the fuel I need. I also can't drink gatorade, or any other sports drink while I run. This led to sodium problems after my marathon last year, but since then I've discovered an add-in I can put in my water. It is an electrolyte/sodium combo in a tiny bottle. You only have to add 10 drops into your water. No taste, really, and it gets the job done.

My sore throat is a bit better, but I still feel off so we're skipping preschool today. Wish I could skip work, too.
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my roll call is Atlanta, GA area.

I love the clif bloks. They are like gel, only in gummy bear type form. I would always have to force down the gu, but the bloks are great! you eat three to make one gel pack equivalent. and yes, you really do need to eat on long runs...it makes a huge difference, but you do have to teach your body how to do it like monikita said.
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I like the sport beans. Mmm. I have to put a big window between eating and running, but with LRs, I think the slower pace, and the fact that I've gone about 6 miles before I try ingesting beyond water, makes it OK.

schatz, I'm in the Fox Cities.

I wish we were having a snow day instead of a cold day. It's bright and sunny outside, and dangerously cold. Monikita, I wish I could run with you today!
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thanks for the roll calls mamas! Here's mine: Madison, WI

monikita and jooj - thanks for the food tips. I'm not yet at the point where I need to refuel but I've worried about what might happen when I eventually get there!

**While tragic, the mortality rate of grandfathers in my classes seems to be quite high.
: :
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I had a friend in college who totally did this. I must admit I lost a little respect for her. But I'm big into accept responsiblity for your failings.

I'm in ohio...
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I'm in OH.

The temperature in the classroom this morning was 57F. I had 70 students taking an exam with coats, hats and gloves on. I dread grading those exams written with gloves on.

Yay cost saving measures! We don't heat the buildings on the weekends! We turn the heat on at 9 am!
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
I'm big into accept responsiblity for your failings.
So how do you teach your kids this?? We are already into the stage of "I didn't do it" which I really just find annoying. But so far my attempts at promoting own up to your own stuff has not been highly effective.

And my location is for all to see with my username.
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We are in the very cold suburbs of Chicago.
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Originally Posted by moonshine View Post
So how do you teach your kids this?? We are already into the stage of "I didn't do it" which I really just find annoying.
I'm not sure if this helps any, but in the "I didn't spread an entire box of Wheaties all over the floor and couch..." stage, I respond with something like "Well, even if you didn't do it, we will all have to pitch in and clean it up. It can't stay like this and I'm not doing it myself."

I also model a lot of taking responsibility: "Wow, I really screwed that up. I'll have to apologize/clean it up/stay up later finishing..."
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Geo - Yes two submitted : but I have to admit it is almost "cheating" because it is a paper we submitted last year and ed wanted us to make it a 2-part series and add some analyses, so some of the writing was done, just all the last minute submission stuff had been hanging over my head, so it feels good for them to be out....

And btw, I hear you on the excuses thing... DH taught bio and labs at UF for about 8 years, and he has heard everything. I think one of the best was a student that was going to be in court, and then in jail, and then had to go to his grandfather's funeral (same grandfather maybe??), and then drive all the way back from pennsylvania (to Florida), so would it be okay if he was excused from the first 2 weeks of class??

CherylAnn - WTG on your long run, that is awesome!!!: I've had that happen too - started out yuck and then had a great run. Give yourself plenty of time to rest and you will be blazing along w/ your friend this week...

re: eating and running, I'm not an expert, but I love jelly beans and sport beans too! Pretty much anything over an hour, and I really wanted something to up my sugar, so those were good...

Roll Call: Scottsdale, AZ (although my heart is still in Fla)
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Our kids are still small, but so far, we encourage honesty and responsibility by not overreacting when they screw up, and by trying to provide ways to make it good. Also, not reminding them of previous screwups for the purpose of berating them. All tactics employes with aplomb by my own mother.:

I make a bigger deal of dishonesty than original mistakes/mess-ups/errs in judgment. I have to be a stickler with dd about this. Already.
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In our house, Zoe's imaginary friend Didi has been responsible for a lot of messes lately. I try and employ the same method as Wendy, "Okay, well we will still all work together to clean up.."
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Good ideas. Keep 'em coming, if you have them. Today we are dealing with the Netflix movie is missing, someone took it out of the DVD player. DD2 insists that DD1 took it out. Which may be true (DD1 is at school at the moment), but I sort of doubt it. While I love Johnny Depp, Blow wasn't good enough that I want to keep it.
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Taos, NM here... got to change my user name as I'm no longer in Chama.
It's 35 deg already, sunny, and is supposed to hit nearly 50! I'm waiting on dh to get his butt home from work so we can go ski before it gets all slushy!

CherylAnn - way to go on the LR!!! : I was grumpy before my LR on Sat. and snapped at my kids as well. Maybe it would help my mood to do some yoga before I run.


So what's the best way to carry water/gatorade for LRs? I have no convenience stores to run by, lol! I'm definitely not drinking enough because I notice that I'm thirsty all day after my LR. Anyone use a Camelback waist pack?

Stay warm mamas!
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I agree with Jooj on the honesty thing. I try to be a lot easier on consequences if dd admits to doing something wrong but if she tries to cover something up with a lie I come up with some harsh consequences and I remind her how much easier it would have been had she been truthful from the start.

Holy cow ladies, I just looked at your weather map, BRRRRRRRRRR!

I'm in sunny Mexico, at least so far today it's sunny!
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