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ok, thinking about students and excuses here... I've only taught dance classes but I used to be an academic advisor to freshmen/sophs who were undec about a major or looking to change. Anyway, I became known for my "kick in the a$$" speech -- used judiciously of course only with those students who really needed it after much empathetic discussion about their goals... so one time I was talking with a student who really wanted to get into the journalism school for which you needed at least a 2.8 gpa. His gpa was basement bottom so I calc'd what he would need to do over the course of x semesters to get in. He balked at what I was suggesting implying that the courses I was recommending were just too hard. So I said "look, these courses aren't rocket science - I don't know what you've been doing for two years but if you apply yourself, you should be able to raise your gpa" To which he replied "heh, heh, pot" (with 'pot' sort of drawn out like 'poooooooot') I said "well, pot's great but not every day. You need to go to class."

Then there was the girl who thought if she took each premed course one at a time (e.g., organic chem one term, biology another term), then she'd be able to get the grades needed to get into med school. After gently discouraging this course of action for almost an hour, I finally said "look, a lot of people in this world want to be rock stars but we're not all going to be. I think you need to find a new direction." I really wasn't as harsh as I sounded :

back to your regularly scheduled thread
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ChamaMama -- I love, love, love skiing in Taos. I'm just pea green with envy here. Hmmm... maybe I could go on a Dingo mama ski tour - visit Chama, Monikita.... anyone else close to a mountain? Oh hey, grnmtnmama should have skiing nearby, no? I wanna go skiing now - waaaaaaa!
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I thought Mandy goes skiing out her back door. Kerc starts on a trail in her neighborhood...

I'm not even going to share the questions I got today during the test. Two from a student who needs a super high GPA to get into his intended major. Both questions were basic word definitions.
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Originally Posted by ChamaMama View Post
So what's the best way to carry water/gatorade for LRs? I have no convenience stores to run by, lol! I'm definitely not drinking enough because I notice that I'm thirsty all day after my LR. Anyone use a Camelback waist pack?
I used to. Then I tried an amphipod waist pack and I'll never go back. It is much more comfortable, with less sloshing, and really conforms to the shape of my back. I bought an extra bottle so I have two that I can swap on long runs. Not that I'm doing any LRs right now, but I've done many in the past and I'm sure there are more to come in my future.

Jooj - I'd love to have you run with me today! Now if only I could run in this sunshine. Sigh. But I won't be able to get out there until it is back to being dark and cold, after DD is in bed. I think you need a in your signature.

Schatz - Save your ski trip to Utah for next year. We have crap for snow this year. All the skiers I know (DH included) have been complaining, complaining, and you guessed it, complaining. We'll be back to serious drought this summer.

I have to go to the dentist today. :
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Thanks you guys. Your comments were really sweet.

BBM, You need some sleep!!! I hope you can catch a nap today or something. Ugh! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'll talk to dh this week and apologize and ask for his patience.

1jooj, 3 weeks is such a long time to be away!

RM, such sad things going on around you!! I wonder if your neighbor's daughter's cancer was caused by HPV. A friend of mine had cancer cells on her cervix due to HPV. She had them removed and is now super careful about getting yearly paps. Thanks for your understanding words!

Wow, Shanti, that's a lot of snow!! I wish you could send some of it my way. Ours has almost all evaporated. The hillsides are still white, but our yard has patches of grass showing. It's time for more snow!

Shelley Do you live in Las Vegas? That's my dh's favorite place on earth. He has to travel there for business occasionally.

Schatz, I don't know the answer to your question, but I wonder if you could slowly ease yourself into eating and drinking by just taking teensy amounts to start?

MamaBeth and 1jooj, I'm going to get some Cliff Bloks or sport beans! Those sound great. Gu makes me nauseous.

Monica, when you say, "No taste, really..." Is the emphasis on the "No taste," or the "really." I can't stand the texture of soft (lots of sodium) water. It makes me gag. I'm so picky about bottled water it's ridiculous! Embarrassing, actually. So, if I find those drops (because I can't stand the salty taste of gatorade...and I'm a salt lover!) will they make my water feel soft?

Moonshine, I hate to say it, but I think that L&L has a good answer. It really makes kids aware of the consequences of the choices they make. Like, letting them buy a cheap toy with all their money, knowing it's going to break in an hour. Or, letting them choose when they'll do a chore...if they wait until later, they might end up missing something even more fun than what they were doing when they put it off to begin with. Naomi said last night, "I need to read L&L!" She used to get so upset with us for using it, but now that she's babysitting a lot, she can see the benefits, even in her own upbringing! It cracked us all up at dinner last night. And like Geo said, modeling owning up makes a lot of sense. I need to do that more!

I need to be easier on my kids about initial mess-ups. Sometimes I get caught up in how much more work it causes me instead of realizing that it is still their problem. I can be empathetic about the mistake and let them figure out how to solve the problem.

Like I said earlier, I'm weird about water. The thought of using a camelback is nauseating because I can't imagine being able to keep it clean. My friend uses one for cycling and the tube looks so grey and disgusting!! I can't even drink water out of a pull top. I have to unscrew the lid. I did manage to do it on the bike last summer, but I had to squirt it into my mouth, never suck on it directly. And my kids aren't allowed to use it, ever! Dh, neither. I'm probably totally passing on some form of OCD.

I live in cold and snowy, North Central Washington State, on Lake Chelan. It's a beautiful area. We used to get a lot more snow, though. What we did get has stuck around in the form of ice. Makes running outside a bit tricky. But, I'm ready for more snow. It's not terribly cold. Hovering just below 32F.
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Originally Posted by schatz View Post
Then there was the girl who thought if she took each premed course one at a time (e.g., organic chem one term, biology another term), then she'd be able to get the grades needed to get into med school. After gently discouraging this course of action for almost an hour, I finally said "look, a lot of people in this world want to be rock stars but we're not all going to be. I think you need to find a new direction." I really wasn't as harsh as I sounded :
hehe. I did really well in Physics - as long as i took it over the summer, as my only course, at a 'lesser' university and transferred the credits . wish i had done that with organic chem as well.

Rollcall: Mountains of Vermont here. Plenty of skiing, pick your genre.

Water: I carry a bottle on long runs with this little hand strap. I've tried waist packs and things and didn't like it but I didn't really have a running setup. I like being able to switch arms with the bottle.

there were some other things I wanted to comment on, but can't remember now. it's 2 degrees today and wicked windy so i'm not running outside today. and i came into the office late because I finally went to the bank and setup a business checking account.

alright, back to trying in vain to catch up from being out of the office for two weeks.
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It is freeeeeezzzzzing here. I could not go outside and run. Did 30 minute exercise tape instead....better than nothing I guess.
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It feels cold to me...but my idea of cold would probably still be good running weather for alot of you. I'm ready to go out for a run because I'm getting tired of the treadmill. That elliptical I did on Saturday messed me up big time and now I think I have to go to the chiro...my hip is killing me...even when I'm just sitting..it hurts all the way down to my knee. I'm hopeing stretching and some pilates will help it.

CherylAnn.. congratulations on your run!

RM...sorry to hear about the illness and the wreck and lost lives.

Shanti...great pictures

BBM...great picture ..gorgeous baby! Maybe I should post the pics I just found out my kids took. There's not muc to see!

HBM...you are doing awesome with your milage! All that energy with a nursing baby and 2 small children.

ijooj..you are so funny with the sheep..it really makes me smile.

mamabeth..I did have plantar faciatis after my 2nd and I was walking with a double jogger...not sure if the two go together or if feet just get more prone to that the more pregnancies you have. I still have to watch my feet, but I've learned how to treat them.

Welcome newbies! I still feel new!

Allright...I must go help with homework.
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re water on long runs - i either stash bottles or plan a run past multiple water fountains.

location - lehigh valley pa

weather - about 15 degrees - em and i had delayed openings today bc the temp was so frigid. expecting the same for tomorrow.
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I am psyching myself up for another snow day. I LOVE having my kids home, but I really need to get some work done! I have to catch up on my school work, and I cannot do it with these three around. I also have a ton of sewing to do that I am really looking foward to - it just isn't much fun trying to make a quilt when I have to jump up every three minutes.

I didn't get out of my pyjamas all day The girls and I did a little of a yoga video, but not much. Mostly we laughed at the instructors. I must be fighting a bug becasue I feel asleep for a couple of hours this afternoon and I never do that. I must admit that I feel pretty good now.

Any one else want to sign up for Secret Sprinters?? I will PM everyone sometime tomorrow with their SS, so get your info to me tonight or tomorrow morning sometime if you want to join in!

Here is a quilt I am finishing up for my aunt's 80th birthday. Instead of quilting it the traditional way I am sewing funky buttons at the corner of each large square. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e2...t/IMG_1710.jpg
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your quilt is so cool!! I got your pkg...nak TY! It brought tears to my eyes.
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babybugmama -

schatz - I live on the Bruce Peninsula. If you look at a map of the Great Lakes, it is that land mass that separates Georgian Bay from the rest of Lake Huron. We get so much snow becasue we are surrounded by two such large bodies of water - I have heard taht we get the highest snowfall in all of Canada. We only have about 3 feet right now which isn't really very much - there have been many years where we have 5 or 6 feet in February. The big thing this week is the wind blowing in off the Lake and making visibility practically nil.
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West Central New Jersey here and COLD!

shantimama-beautiful quilt.

Plady-PM me your Dad's address and I will send the book out.

Cheryl-great run

Kate-super job on the race.

I ran 2 miles in the cold last night, but today and tomorrow will be too cold for outside. Maybe the treadmill tomorrow.

I must go and bathe the kiddos and reheat the homemade pizza from last night. Will catch up tomorrow.

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and the delay has been posted.

race results are posted also - i was 58th overall - and am very glad that i have now aged into the 30-39 age grouping bc the top three in the 19-29 group finished in 39:15, 39:39, and 40:48, respectively, and placed 21, 26, and 32 overall. getting older ROCKS!
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Megs--They're in the chicken coop, but they're not chickens! Photos on the blog.
Oh... heh heh heh. They're gorgeous! When were you in the Peace Corps? My cousin did a tour in Samoa about 10 years ago ~ married a Samoan and stayed for a long time and is now back here with her husband and their (gasp!) triplets.

OK, back to catching up on you chatsters.
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Hey fine, rocking, awesome, beautiful, inspiring, loving, strong women. Running once a week and hanging in there. Thinking of you and your families. Feeling your love even when I'm not here. My plate and cup both overfloweth. I'll be back one day soon. Glad to see you all here running strong!

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Another great reason not to dismiss what kids are telling you and jump to your own conclusions. DD1 did in fact take the DVD out, thinking she was putting away the CD that they were listening to, and put it back were said CD should go. All is good.

However, that did not preclude this evening going well. DH and I took turns getting completely exasperated with DD1's attitude. What the #%@* are we going to do when she is a teenager?? : : : :
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Lofty, ! So glad to see you!

Y'all were so chatty today... I have lots of catching up to do.
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So non-RR, but have ya'll heard Norah Jones' new album? SWOON I am so in love. I feel about Norah the way Eks feels about the Indigo Girls.

I won't be running today. Still fighting aforementioned cold and bombarded with work. DH is entertaining DD so I can try and crank it out and get to bed at a reasonable hour. This is what I get for not working yesterday. : At least I survived the dentist, although I have to go back for 2 fillings.

Can't wait to start secret sprinters!!
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Ok, did at least one thing according to the training plan, even though it wasn't running. : A nice yoga DVD that really stretched my tight hamstrings for the stretch n strength day on this higdon plan. Ahhhhh.

modmom, which direction are you? I'm in Chicago, near the museum of science and industry.

Stay warm mamas. Rumor has it that its supposed to warm up into the teens tomorrow. I may celebrate with an outdoor run.
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