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Megs, did you say cashmerino? MMmmmmmm. I am working on a sock, my first ever, and I'm finding it addictive beyond belief. Hopefully this will take care of christmas presents for next year, particularly if I start early enough.

Decent 4 miles outside tonight. I was full of complaining as I left and came home grateful for the moon over the lake and the solitude of winter after dark runs. I will be excited though to run in daylight sometime soon. I'm giving myself another 2 weeks on the HH intermediate to get my act together and then deciding whether to drop back to the beginner plan. It would be less of a challenge but I need to not feel bad about my running right now. It's just feeling really hard to squeeze everything in.

Ballet class last night was awesome. Either I was remembering more or class was a bit easier or something because I felt like I was dancing instead of just tripping over myself...
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balancin1, I woke up thinking about you and how you are running outside in these cold temps, now to read that you are runnin gin the dark too. and with your and dh's schedule, wow.

is here and really heavy, I'm also fighting this cold, and my foot is hurting. not complaining, just reasoning why I'm so tired. Been going to bed decent 9/9:30pm and taking naps this week and still could not get up this morning. I'm carrying around an extra 5 lbs too which I hope dissappears before a work function for dh on MOnday night. I used to work with some of these people and meeting dh's boss for the first time. I don't want to be sporting this ponch. *sigh* sounds vain, I know.

HBM~my heart goes out to you and the family of the little boy. I'm still mourning the loss of the little girl in ds1's class. I pass by her cross memorial twice a day at least, and it's tough to think of her family. Friends and family put angle wings on the back of the white cross that bears her name, and an american flag in front of it, with flowers all around it. very pretty.

Plady~doing my work out for Wendy and you today.

Patti~thinking of you and how you are hurting for your mom and Griffin. wish I could give you a hug.

got to get movin', got up too late to get my pilates/yoga work out in before school. Need to get in the shower and do work out after taking ds1 to school.


A big out to everyone else I missed!
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should we post our likes dislikes/allergies for SS? i.e. like tea, candles, yarn, soups, spicy food, etc. ? that way the givers have some sort of idea what to send? or just leave it open?
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Great idea!
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hello all! I got home at one in the morning last night, but I flew Jet Blue which is a pretty human experience. Not much sleep last night and we've got to get to preschool drop off pretty soon. Maybe I'll grab a nap this afternoon or possibly run for Wendy because i don't think dh is going to work today.

time to do some situps and get dressed and back to work
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SS ~ I like unscented things.

"Bored" Yup, similar ban on the word at home and at school growing up. It's odd, I don't ever remember being bored in elementary school. I was skipped for 3rd grade and remained in special "learning corners" with 1-2 other kids. I think "bored" came out of my mouth once in 4th grade and I got handed Dickens!

I'm still not clear on the difference between the two modes of instruction at this school. I need to spend some time talking to J and our across-the-street neighbors.
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Let's send our likes/dislilkes/allergies to Shantimama with our name and address. When she pairs us she can forward the info. sound good? that way senders don't have to hunt through the thread to find info.
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Oh, on starting K earlier or later: I've read a lot of the studies that look at "red shirting" and I think that in most cases you can't tell the difference maturity-wise or with regards to academics by 3rd grade. Red shirted 3rd graders don't acheive better and their behavior is on par with their peers. It seems like holding a child back -- even on that's within a few days of the cutoff -- only helps in those extreme cases that wouldn't quite qualify for special ed.
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Good morning.
AF is showing up soon...makes me nervy..and that little concern we had with the school has now become a little ugly...thankfully it's a particular specials teacher and honestly we have been very reasonable. We are meeting with the principal next week. Still it's the bad time of the month for me to have to deal with an issue. This is the hardest time of the month to run..but usually the most beneficial.

Plady... ..thinking of you.

I'm going with dd to a school pyschadelic 60's dance tonight. I know she'll have so much fun. DH is taking ds to a hocky game. We spent so much at the dentist last month he sent us 2 tickets in the mail!
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Plady-It's rainy and cold here, so I just did The Firm for you and Wendy. It was really, really hard but thinking of you helped me keep going. You and your family are so much in my thoughts today.
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plady - we got an inch of snow last night so i hiked for a few miles with the kids, up and down the hill, sledding. i stopped and thought of you often.

callie - thanks so much for the list of female scientists! you did much better than i did!
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Penelope, I am thinking of you and Wendy today. I am also remembering the beautiful Altar you made recently. I will light my Mama candle today and send all my loving energy down your way. I remember a year ago when Dana posted on our thread about you and sweet Wendy, she was so sad and our energy went out to you that on day too, before we even knew each other.

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I am lighting a candle too... Thinking of you sweet Wendy and Plady

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Just added a bunch of recipes to the recipe blog. Black-eyed peas, red lentils, waffles and fudge. Not to be mixed all together. :
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Hugs to you Penelope and your dh and dd. Thinking of all of you and sweet Wendy. I will light a candle too. Just back from my 3 mile run thinking of you all. Lots of love to you all. May you find some peace with the day.

moonshine-the waffles and fudge might go together.

Kelsy has her second competition tonight. I get so nervous for her. Little man had his 4 month check up today. Boy does time fly. He weighed in at 14 pounds 2 oz and 26.5 inches. Long and lean.

Must go do lunch, shower, some more school work etc etc.

Have a great day ladies.

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Penelope, I am lighting a candle too. We are going out skiing together in a little while. I will be thinking of you and Wendy

Today is my dd's 9th birthday - it seems surreal that she could be so old already. No school today so we are having a fun time. We are making her favourite foods all day - bacon at every meal apple pie, pumpkin gingerbread cake, baked potatoes, pancakes, Caesar salad. I think I need to sneak in some black bean soup for myself at lunch

It is great having so many people sign up for Secret Sprinters - how about I keep the sign up open until Tuesday, we should catch everyone by then.
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Happy Birthday to Shanti's dd! They do grown quickly, don't they?

And I would really, really love that pumpkin gingerbread recipe. :
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: : : : It's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing!!!: : : :

We are heading out to shovel some snow off of our deck. I am going to dig through the shed to see if I can find the igloo building block. Should we build it in the front yard or back yard??? If it keeps snowing like this, maybe both!!
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I am off to do a short yoga practice which I will dedicate to Wendy. I love the image that DrJen had about her rolling in a beautiful field of flowers.

Will come back later to tell you about my visit with my dad yesterday. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts.
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Practice was great-thought of Wendy the whole time. I really felt her while in Tree for some reason. Maybe just because I love that pose and feel so grounded in it-but I had a strong sense of her while in that pose

My dad is quite depressed which I hope he is able to work through soon. I can't imagine what he is going through. But it is hard to watch him be so sad. Its not like him at all. I know he really enjoyed seeing K. So at least he was able to smile a bit while we were there. I walked into my parent's house being hit with a huge waft of gravy (red sauce for you non-Italians) My dad was in the mood for ravioli and gravy-so of course, my mom whipped up some yesterday morning, so we were lucky enough to have some for lunch. One of K's favorite foods-especially when her Nonna makes it So at least we all got good comfort food for the soul. Dh was quite jealous when he heard.

Patti-wow-he is getting big!! I can't believe he is 4 months already!

poppywise-I was thinking of female scientists-and Rosalind Franklin always comes to mind. However, she is not a living scientist, but truly noteworthy who never really got her credit where credit is due. Of course, I am a molecular biologist, so my point of view is somewhat skewed Everyone who is not even in science have heard of Watson and Crick-but sadly not many know who Rosalind Franklin was

1jooj-I feel your pain about the roof quote-we are in the middle of window quotes here:

Which is why I need to get off-we have another person coming over in a few minutes to give us another quote.

Happy Weekend to Everyone!
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