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Originally Posted by pumpkinseed View Post
poppywise-I was thinking of female scientists-and Rosalind Franklin always comes to mind. However, she is not a living scientist, but truly noteworthy who never really got her credit where credit is due. Of course, I am a molecular biologist, so my point of view is somewhat skewed Everyone who is not even in science have heard of Watson and Crick-but sadly not many know who Rosalind Franklin was
yes, that is one of those truly depressing stories in science...

Of course, another scientist I thought of was Dian Fossey (Gorillas in the midst) and she was murdered by poachers...

I always have horrible visions of being remembered in science for blowing something up or creating some awful mutant bacteria

And, glad yall had a good comfort food-filled visit and healing vibes for your dad working through the depression
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Plady--thinking of you and Wendy today.
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Plady, you are on my mind! Just finished my 3 mile run. It was really nice.
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Haven't had a good running week. Too busy with work, sick kids, too bloated with PMS, you name it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to bag the 10K next weekend - will either skip it completely or just do 5K. I just don't feel strong enough right now, and we've been getting pounded with SNOW! Maybe I'll ski a 10K instead....

All the talk about schools makes me so grateful for ds's kindergarten. We entered the lottery here for his charter school kind of on a whim, and when he actually got in, we packed up and moved to Taos. His teacher does yoga with them in the am, and does a lot of environmental and outdoor education; ds is just blossoming. The grading system is B-beginning, D- developing, and S-secure -- it was a major shock when ds brought home mostly D's!

Plady, thinking of you and Wendy today.

1jooj - so sorry about the roof. I love checking out your blog and seeing the farm pics.
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Oh mamas, I got some not-so-good news about my aunt tonight. She starts some super-duper strong chemo on Monday, will take 2 weeks off, do another week of the same thing, take 2 weeks off, and if her body can handle it, they will do a third week. Some of the drugs are the same thing Lance got. It will be very rough on her body. If this chemo doesn't work, they might do another round of radiation, but it sounds like that the gist is that if this treatment doesn't work, she would have 6 months to a year. I am sad and stunned.

DH and I are going to the gym; DD *might* be spending the night with her grandparents, and if I can get done with my workout fast enough I will call my aunt tonight. My run tonight will be for her and Wendy both.

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Roof yesterday, windows tomorrow... We're right at the start of all this, so it's information overload. We actually are talking to another contractor, and I think we can get it done for less than half of the first quote. Which is good--because we need the 4 windows. We're looking at metal instead of shingles.

Plady Thinking of you.

Today is creb's bday, too. Hope she has a nice birthday date.

missbliss, my ds is a Noah...: It wasn't my first choice, but it suits him, I think.

I had my very first client mtg today. Work has kind of kept me behind the scenes until today, almost like ghost writing. I took overflow from the other writers and passed all my work under their noses until this job came up. Everyone else's plate was too full to even deal with it, so I was put on the team. I got three kudos from my boss today--one in front of the client, and the other two in the car on the way back. I reeled the art dir. in for some glory, too. It was an encouraging experience.

So, tomorrow a window quote and maybe some sheep. Are they coming? Are they not? I don't know...I say some sheep out in a paddock on the way in to work this AM, 5 degrees outside. What to do???
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Plady, thinking of you and Wendy today.
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Went on a brief, but wonderful, jog with my SIL when we got to Portland. It was alllll for Wendy.

Great drive to Portland today -- Nevie slept soooo much of it, and she was mostly a champ for the rest of it. I really feel like I have my girl back.

Well, time to not be antisocial anymore and go see what the rest of the clan is doing.
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I feel like the luckiest mama in the world today. I was just reading all of your posts to dh and we both got verklempt.

I ran 2 miles today and thought about what an amazing year it has been. It started out so badly, it got even worse, and then with lots of effort it is better than ever. I feel like it's more than coming full circle, it's like a whole new and improved life. And you mamas play a real tangible role in that. There were so many days this past year when the support I felt coming from each of you just made it possible to carry on.

We didn't do anything special today but in our typical overly practical kind of way we had a huge job of finishing up the renovation on our office space. Since dh was back we went off to Office Depot to find new chairs and ended up also getting lamps and power strips and this and that. Then we came home, finished up painting it in record time and started re-entry.
I hope that on Sunday we'll be able to go out to the country and have some quiet reflection time, although really, the whole past year feels like it was all about reflection so maybe it is fitting that today we just stayed busy, working on a project that is forward looking in nature.

Eks - I am so sorry about your aunt's news. That is a shock. I hope that the drugs aren't too hard on her but devastate the cancer.

Pumpkinseed - I hope your dad recovers some optimism soon. It must be such a shock for him too.

Well mamas, it's snuggle time here. I hope you all have sweet dreams.

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Plady - we did 3.5 tonite thinking about you and your family! I thought that your post just now was so beautiful and eloquent and peaceful

Eks - I am so sorry about yout Aunt, she and your whole family will be in my thoughts and prayers

Happy birthday to Shanti's DD, I think my DH would love and appreciate a day w/ bacon at every meal

chanamama - that school sounds amazing!

1jooj - this is the first thing I thought of after reading your post:
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Plady - peace to you on this day. i was thinking of you and Wendy all day.

no running happened. i was slated to set up a table at this event for women called "Mama Rama" so I spent all my free time today cooking up some products that were running low and getting my craft fair act together. it was a really fun event. there were lots of mama-owned vendors there, including doulas and midwives and knitters and diaper makers and tea sellers and so forth. it was so fun to stand around talking about Diva Cups and cloth diapers and soakers and to not feel strange or odd about knowing so much. ds came with me and he romped with the other kids while I sold my wares and ate too many treats, but was a pretty good boy. a belly dancing troupe performed, and it was great to see the different body types out there. after watching the dancers, ds kept taking off his shirt and showing his belly to all the other kids

it's late, i need to decompress and head to bed soon. I have a ski scheduled for tomorrow morning, and it's snowing here
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I know I'm pretty new to this thread, but I just wanted to offer my to all those going through difficult times and to those with family members who are ill .

I'm running a 5K race this morning sponsored by our YMCA. It's currently 17 degrees out! I ran part of the course yesterday in the same weather, so I'm confident that I can do it in spite of the cold. I think getting out of bed at 6:30am was the hardest part!

Off to nurse the babe, and then I'm out the door!
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Plady~glad yesterday went okay for you. YOu are an amazing woman! I did 20 minutes of pilates and 20 minutes of yoga for you and Wendy.

eksmom~oh.my.gosh. what scary and stressful news about your aunt!! I will pray for her health, please keep us updated.

pumpkinseed~glad to hear you got some home cookin' and spend quality time with your dad. This is something tough to go through and each person has to find their own way to deal with it. He is blessed to have you as a daughter.

getting on TM for either 8 or 14 this morning, depends on the foot.

I really don't feel prepared for my first race of the year next Sat....yikes!

Love to you ladies,
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checking in on Sat a.m. -- was home from work yesterday. My mom took the kids and dh and I spent the day together - just us. It was cool.

Ran yesterday morning 4.5 mi in 0 degrees (that's F). Felt great - thought about Wendy and all the mamas here.

No time for personals - gotta get breakfast for the crew. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Well, I am supposed to be out running but my boobs are just too full. : Finally last night Jojo slept an extra few hours before waking and then only nursed twice before she gotup this morning! But I feel like I'm about to explode! Dh is going to a hockey game this afternoon so I'll have to plan my run for right before he leaves, but I will do it!

Mandy-that sounds like an awesome time.

Eks-I am so, so sorry about your aunt. I will be praying for her. Would you mind sharing her first name?

Jaygee-Good Luck on your race-can't wait to read the race report.

1jooj-Way to go on your work stuff! I hope you get some lower quotes.

Plady-I'm so glad yesterday was good for you.
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jooj - I think metal roofs on farmhouses look so cool! Especially the coloured ones!
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
Eks-I am so, so sorry about your aunt. I will be praying for her. Would you mind sharing her first name?
Her first name is Rexann, I have always called her Aunt Rexie. Thanks, HBM...

I had a great talk with her last night; unfortunately she has found another knot, this one lower down on the side of her body about even w/ her breast. It was not there when the docs last checked her (in the last week).

JayGee, I'll be checking back for a race report! Hope it went well!

Plady, you sound good. I'm glad for you. Thinking of you, mama. I told DH your story before we started up the TMs last night.

Supposed to do 6 today. I had wanted to do it outside, but it is cold so I may wimp out and head for the gym later.
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Eks... ugh. I'm sorry I missed your post in my hurry to post my run last night. I am ridiculously fond of my aunts and this would be tough for me, too. Aunt Rexie (that is wayyy cool) is in my thoughts & prayers tonight.

Plady -- you are an amazing, inspiring woman.
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We need to come up with a smilie that looks happy about running!

I have 20 names already for Secret Sprinters. Anyone else want to join in?
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Eksmom ~ I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt. She'll be in my prayers as well.

The race was GREAT! It was bitter cold, about 19 degrees, but with a nasty crosswind most of the way. I finished at 30.14, which isn't too bad considering this is my first race in 2 years and the weather. The last mile is up a road called Seven Hills Road ~ you guessed it, seven hills, and a crosswind. YIKES! Halfway up the last hills, my DH and the kids pulled up along side of me and he had them yelling out the windows, "Go Mama! We're so proud of you!" It was so great!

I feel wonderful, but I still have Masters Swim this afternoon. Chances are I'll be wiped by this evening.
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