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Hi everyone!!

Long time no chat...again. I have been very bad about exercise and have not been on MDC much. However, I have been enjoying my time off work and spending most of it with my girls. I have decided that I really need to get back to running more regularly before I go back to work so here I am!

I had a really quick glance through the thread and wanted to say:

to Plady

to Eksmom
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Good morning! I did elliptical this morning instead of running...wow..it's been awhile and my legs are feeling it! I might have to do that once a week just to work out different muscles.
Wishing you all a nice weekend!
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Way to go Jaygee!! That weather sounds nasty though, so double yay on such a good race! And that is awesome that your kids got to see you accomplishing that! They must be really proud!
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JayGee Congrats on your race
That sounds brutally cold! How great for your kids to have such a hardcore role model!
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Nice race JayGee!

Hi Hollysmom, nice to see ou again.

Eksmom - sorry to hear about your aunt.

We got 5-6 inches of snow last night, more or less. less at our house, more in the hills. My ski this morning was brilliant. the sunshine was gorgeous, the new snow was soft and sparkly. We did some more exploring and found a fun new loop to do. There's lots more to explore. My goal is to someday find a secret way to mountain bike from our backyard to this trail system without going on the roads.

1jooj - standing seam roofs are great, they last forever but sure aren't cheap to put in.

K and i did some sledding and while he napped I flew around the house trying to clean. after being gone for almost two weeks, it's in terrible shape. does dh know what a vaccum is? anyway. i devoted an hour to it, and the bummer is that it doesn't yet look 'clean' like normal. and now it's starting to snow again. I'm so happy to be home!
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I'm just back from 3.91. It was cold and windy, but I'm proud of myself for going. I went to a local baby-wearing group's meeting this morning and met some pretty cool mamas. That was nice.

No time for personals, but I was thinking of you all while I was out there. It helps me so much to think that somebody I know is probably running at the same time somewhere.
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Big day today on the farm...hoping for a blog update tomorrow.

Five beauties have moved into the chicken coop. They are awesome and I love them.
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Ending up doing 2 massages today. One was scheduled for while and the other 90 min one just today. By the end of the second one, I was ready to fall asleep. Still feel that way. But I haven't done two massages in about a month, so that is cool.

I bought a yoga and meditation DVD from work. This one. Anyone know it? It is from where I work. I ended up doing some of it with the DDs tonight. They are very excited about it and we plan on doing it properly (i.e. not in the bedroom where they really wasn't enough room).

Eks, so sorry to hear about your aunt. That sounds tough.

Plady, glad you overcame yesterday ok.

JayGee, your race sounds amazing. Awesome that your kids got to see you race.

HBM, you are running way more than me and my nursling is over 3! Be proud of yourself.

1jooj, love the blog. Can't wait to read about the next update. Tell creb we are thinking of her.

Patty, you have such kind and thoughtful words for everyone. You presence here is filled with such grace always.

pumpkinseed, hope you are holding up ok with all that is going on. Yea for comfort mama-made food.

poppywise, you are in Nashville, right? I didn't realize that it snows there. I have been to 45 (or 44 if you ask DH) states, but Kentucky and Tennessee aren't two of them.

grnmtnmama, glad your trips went ok. You and Shanti get about as excited about winter in the cold north as I do about summer at the beach. Although I have discovered this winter that I don't mind it as much as I thought I did. Also, having an almost full-length down coat helps.

Cherylann, how is the vita-mix? I told DH that my plan is to sell a bunch of things (I have about 5 piles of stuff gathered up at the moment) to save up for one. I have been meaning to post a few of the recipes for green smoothies for you. It has just taken way longer than I planned. :

Monica, from your post from way back, I do know that some kids need more structure than others. Thankfully, mine need about as much as I do. Some, but not too much.

Ok, that is about all of the personals that I can remember off the top of my head. Hope everyone is keeping warm on this cold, cold night!
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Just lurking. I'm an amateur runner (if you can call what I do running at all). I've only been getting on the treadmill for the past two / three weeks or so at 12-13 min/mile pace. I started off hating / dreading it. But this week, I hit...a point of euphoria?! It's exhilarating!!! I just hope this feeling never passes because it's wonderful! It's the best motivation I've ever had.
I feel a bit self conscious about my overweight body (especially boobs) bouncing all over the place. But it feels so rewarding after the run I couldn't stay away.
That's my two-cents. Thanks! :
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Hi May! I was at the same place a few months ago - just starting out, not loving going out to run, but this bunch (on the board) has been super motivational! Sounds like you really are in the swing of things now!!! Getting up that momentum is awesome!

No run today, we hiked part way up Squaw Peak, DDs favorite part of which was sitting in the dirt trying to eat rocks... It felt like a good quad workout though, I know DH was feeling it from carrying her in the backpack up and back...

moonshine - that dvd looks interesting, how was it? I have finally accepted that I am not going to go to any classes here, and now I would like to get a dvd or 2 in to do yoga at home... Are there others you'd (anyone?)recommend as well?
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May -- keep at it, sister! That euphoria is wonderful when it comes. Get yourself a REALLY GOOD sports bra and that will be one less detriment to your health & happiness. I know MamaBeth here swears by the Enell... I'm finding good luck with the Moving Comfort Maia bra ~ so there are a few options out there to minimize the nasty bounce. I'm at a 32DDD right now with nursing, so I completely sympathize.

Ran tonight with my SIL again -- one more loop than last night. It felt SO AMAZING. She got my pace up a bit and our conversations was inspiring and so cleansing to me. The last few blocks I felt like I had wings -- was really getting that tingly runner's high. So cool. I need to find a running buddy back home. Sniff. I need to just tell my old friend, "Hey -- don't mean to stalk you, but I really need you in my life right now."

I found good grad school interview pants today at the sale rack at Ann Taylor, so I'm set for that now.

Jo -- welcome, chickens!

I tried to register online last night for the big road race in Spokane -- Bloomsday. It's a 12K that gets at least 50,000 participants every year. I've only done it once, but I really want to again. Anyway, the online registration was batnuts, so I'll just find a paper one when I get home. I'm going to have to suck it up and run in a slower wave again behind people that claim to finish in a running pace, but then walk, four abreast, and block the rest of us trying to run... I was literally swearing like a sailor for the first mile the last time I ran it. At least this time I'll know what to expect.

So -- totally rambling here. I'll sign off! Happy "big game" to everyone tomorrow (not saying "Sup-rb-wl" in order to avoid copyright violations )
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Here are a couple of pictures from our play in the snow this afternoon - I think my little dd looks just like a snow fairy


One of dh's church services for tomorrow has been cancelled due to the weather, the other will probably be pretty low key. We were given a gift certificate at Christmas time for this restaurant in town (okay, so it is the only one even open here at this time of year ) that serves a wonderul brunch - we are gong to surprise the kids after church and take them there.

Definitely skiing weatehr - there is no way running shoes could grip anything in this - they would just fill up with snow.
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Well, I have been up since 4:30am so I thought I would see what everyone else is up to. Rachel has just started teething....I forgot how much fun this is.

Shanti your pictures are awesome, they remind me of going up there when I was a kid. Your kids are beautiful.

Welcome May! I love my Enell bra for running...no bouncing at all.

So, my FIL has decided that he needs to exercise so he took his treadmill back . As a result I am going to have to get used to running in the cold. Yikes! So for the Mamas who live in cold climates, what do you wear to run?

Well better run to my grumpy baby.

Have a great day everyone.
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hollysmom! good to see you back!

shanti - your kids are beautiful! such rosy cheeks! can i just say, if the background of that first photo is your house, i love it! i really really want a front porch one day. wraparound would be nice *sigh*

moonshine -yes it snowed in nashville! and, because we are ill-equipped to handle it the schools were closed and we got all of one inch! when we lived in vermont, we learned they don't even mention snow in the forecast unless it is one foot- ha! even then, the forecaster says it with a yawn

by the way - here are my snow angels too!

ds snow
dd sledding
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Poppy, at least you got one inch. Our schools were closed Thursday - even the community college cancelled classes - in anticipation of 2-4 inches and nary a flake, pellet, or drop ever hit the ground. And we live where we are supposed to be a little better equipped to handle snow!

Great snow pictures, Poppy and Shanti. Beautiful kids. Poppy, how is your DS doing?

maying! Glad you are enjoying that runner's high.

Hi HollysMom, it's good to see you! Any pics of R you can share?

6 miles is on the schedule for this afternoon, and I hope to spend some time putting EK video onto the computer once I get the proper cable. And tonight we're having Plady's Thai Grilled Chicken from the recipe blog... can't wait!
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ahhhh....so that's runner's high? never thought of myself as the athletic type. always the girl who minimized sweat in fear of makeup caking up and eye liner running down my cheeks. very girly back in the day. but now...ha, post kids, i'm very boyish. funny how you'd change in ways you never imagined.

and thanks for the sports bra tip. i foolishly assumed they are all the same. i'll definitely look into a good DD bra.

i'm contemplating looking into a mini marathon. but quite intimidated at this point. like i said, i'm not much of a runner. my pace is so slow. i'm the one on the treadmill at the gym that runs at such slow pace but still manage to sweat and pant like i'm sprinting. i'll keep lurking for more inspiration.

such great example you're all setting for your dcs!
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maying - slow pace is just fine! hardly anyone here could be slower than me but i still call myself a runner! just getting out there is the key thing, you can quicken the pace later if you even want to

eks - thanks for asking about ds. he's great! i've stayed out of the recent school discussions here, but honestly - ds loves his kindergarten class. he's doing very well -he's a kid who loves the routine and structure. we've opted not to start the celexa because he's not showing so much anxiety these days. it's still there, but much less so. because he's bright, i feel i do a fair amount of 'unschooling' at home - we teach him all kinds of things on the weekends based on his interests and i also plan to teach him japanese from rosetta stone this summer. again, thanks for asking! i've been keeping your aunt in my thoughts.
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Poppy - Such great pics! Your kidlets are adorable. I admit to looking through all your pics, and those felted booties are making me swoon. And where, oh where, did your DH get that shirt?

Shanti - She IS a snow fairy! Beautiful kids, mama. :

Maying! Speed isn't the issue. Just keep running.

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. : I'm not sure what it means for this week's running schedule.

Can I ask an off-topic knitting question for you ladies? I'm starting my first sweater (beginner here) - it is very simple - just garter stitch the whole way through. So here is my quesiton. The yarn I got is a bit chunkier than the yarn used in the pattern. They suggest size 11 needles and I have to use 9 to get the guage right. Well, that is making it a really tight weave and it seems a little heavy for a toddler. And it means I'm going to have to go get 3 more skeins of really expensive yarn. So should I just keep kniting it on the 9's, or should I frog what I've done, knit it on the 11's and try to adjust the pattern instead of my guage? WWYD? :
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After shorting myself 1/4 mi on my LR last week, I overcompensated this week and added an extra 1/2 for a total of 7.5! : That's a new LDR for me. Of course, it took probably a good 2 hours of neurotic prep time to even get out the door. Jeez, is anyone else here as neurotic about their long runs as me? I had to wait for it to warm up a little (28 F), I had to agonize about the routes, I had to worry about sneaking out of the house without my dogs following me, and finally drive out first to stash a bottle of Gatorade! Not to mention peeing a zillion times. Drives dh crazy. Then I ended up waiting too long to run and got super hungry half way thru.

So I guess I'm running out of excuses to do the 10K next week. My last 2 remaining - AF is coming, and it's supposed to rain in Albuquerque next weekend - I've lived in NM for over 10 years now and I don't own any decent rain gear!

Welcome maying! Trust me, there are at least a few of us slowpokes around here :. I'm too embarassed to even talk about times here, but heck, at least I'm still running!

Monikita, I think I'd recalculate the gauge and size based on how you like the weave of your fabric swatch. Maybe swatch on 10's? Since it's for a toddler, aim large on the sizing and she can always grow into it!

Shanti, your dd really does look like a snow fairy! Both you and Poppy have beautiful kiddos!

schatz - I'm super-impressed by your early am 0 deg runs!!! I'm becoming such a cold wimp as I get older, and hate to go out below 25. Not that I don't have the clothes, but I have a much harder time breathing when it gets really cold.

Have a good Sunday everyone!
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As an overweight slow runner I say keep going it's so worth it. I've been running since August and you already run faster then me For the bra thing. I haven't sprung for a good one yet so I wear 2, 1 a tank with a built in bra from target then another regular sports bra over that. It works but once I'm reaching the end of my weight loss I'll be getting nice bras

Originally Posted by maying View Post
Just lurking. I'm an amateur runner (if you can call what I do running at all). I've only been getting on the treadmill for the past two / three weeks or so at 12-13 min/mile pace. I started off hating / dreading it. But this week, I hit...a point of euphoria?! It's exhilarating!!! I just hope this feeling never passes because it's wonderful! It's the best motivation I've ever had.
I feel a bit self conscious about my overweight body (especially boobs) bouncing all over the place. But it feels so rewarding after the run I couldn't stay away.
That's my two-cents. Thanks! :
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