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paci use

Poll Results: does your babe use a paci?

  • 12% (3)
    yes- s/he is a binky addict!
  • 32% (8)
    yes- occasionally
  • 20% (5)
    no- it was offered & s/he didn't take to it
  • 36% (9)
    no- I didn't want my babe to have a paci
25 Total Votes  
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this is just a curiosity, not a judgment..

we offered erin a binky at around 6 weeks... she'd always been a great bf-er, great latch & suck, wanted to comfort nurse 24/7, I had thrush & cracked & bleeding nips.

she really only ever took to it when she was sleepy, but then spits it out when she falls asleep (& then stays asleep). & that's how it continues today.
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Baby #1 - total paci addict
Baby #2 - try as we did, he refused all attempts
Baby #3 - eh, okay, I'll take it for a moment...on second thought, nah. So we gave up.
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We thought it might help dd in the car, but she never took to it, and honestly, we didn't try that hard.
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dd --total addict, although gave it up on her own at about 16mo, I put them away, only gave them to her when she asked and she forgot about them

ds --sometimes, maybe, depends on his mood, likes it in the car when we first start out, will take it when he wants to suck and bottle is done, screams bloody murder if I offer it when he'd rather have the boob, don't think we'll have trouble getting rid of them
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isa definately likes her paci, but i dont know if she qualifies as an addict. it does come in handy during the moments when she gets mad while on the boob... after a while she just wants to comfort suck, not necessarily eat, but she's ticked that milk keeps coming out! not much i can do about that... its not like these things have a shut off valve!
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DD - we tried but she hated it

DS - freaks out with anything plastic so we didn't bother trying

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I'm too lazy to use 'em.
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ds1 - no way, he took his thumb or index finger

ds2 - will *sometimes* take it for us (maybe 1x week?), but he usually takes it at daycare a few times a day.
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We have a comfort sucker for sleep and tired times.
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With my 5 year old I was pretyy adamant about not using one as I personally do not like how they look in a child's mouth and I didn't want her to get to be a 3 or 4 year old with a bink.

With Luna, she was a cryer/sucker for the first few weeks and I did try to give it to her a few times when she SCREAMED in the truck, but she just wasn't interested. I'm thankful she never took to it, looking back.
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