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How awesome Sarah!

Congratulations to all the other new moms as well!
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Announcing the birth of Isla Isobel Mavis on March 9, 2007 at 2:45am This was my second VBAC and first homebirth (planned HBs for all three kids but this is the first one that "stuck" LOL...)

Labour began at around 9:30 and didn't get regular till about 10:30 so we had a pretty fast labour and delivery (always a good thing!)

Isla is nursing like a champ and Niamh is trying to get used to the concept of sharing her bubbies but I think it will take some time. Niamh really loves her baby sister though so I think it will be okay in a few days.

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Name: Username: PrinceE&LsMom
Baby's Name: Irelynn Sabine
DOB: March 7th EDD: March 17th
Height: 20 inches Weight: 9lbs 9oz (still in shock!!! my boys were 8'7 and 8'9)
arrival/Comments: Beautiful water birth by candlelight at Puget Sound Birth Center. Got there at 9:15pm and she was born 3 hours later at 12:16 am
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Username: EvolvingMama
Baby's Name: Hayes
DOB: March 12th
EDD: March 26th
Height: 19.5 inches Weight: 7lbs 11oz
arrival/Comments: C/S
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Thanks again for doing this, Be!

Username: paisley
Baby's Name: (we're still working on it )
DOB: 3/11/07 EDD: 3/9/07
Height: 23 1/2" Weight: 12lbs. 4oz.
arrival/Comments: Home waterbirth!
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Name:Angela Username:AngieB
Baby's Name: Paige Tigerlily
DOB:March 15
EDD:March 9
Height: 20 3/4" Weight: 8lb 0oz

Arrival/Comments: Beautiful 5 hour homebirth, surrounded by friends and family.
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Name: Gillian
Username: Mavournin
Baby's Name: Beckett Robert
DOB: March 17
EDD: March 14
Height: 22"
Weight: 9lbs 2oz
arrival/Comments: Home waterbirth
and anything else you might like added. An amazing, fast and exhilirating birth. I caught him myself.
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Name: Breana
Username: Breana
Baby's Name: Kiran Cedar
DOB: 3/15
EDD: 3/23
Height/Weight: 19 in, 7 lb 11 oz
Arrival/Comments: it was the labor & birth i've always dreamed of!! a relaxing & fun early labor, spent baking & hanging out with my mom & sister. a short active labor & birth in the hot tub, and DH and i caught him ourselves. this recovery has been so much easier than my last, so i'm even enjoying the immediate post-partum period. i'm so thankful!!
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Name: Lydia
Username: LydiaJW
Baby's Name: Fiona Lorraine
Birth date: March 16th
EDD: March 15th
Arrival/Comments: prodromal labor since tuesday, she finally made her appearance! And I actually had a natural, unmedicated delivery
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oops she was 6 lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long.
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Name: Michelle
Username: Full Heart
Baby's Name: Ewan David
DOB: 3-17-07 EDD: 3-1-07
Height: 21 inches Weight: 9 lbs
arrival/Comments: home water birth, 4 hour labor
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Name: Shalena
Username: shalena
Baby's Name: Hazel Rose
DOB: 2007-3-17
EDD: 2007 -3-18
Height: 20inches
Weight: 6lbs 6 ounces
arrival/Comments: unplanned UC, 3 hour labor, quick quick quick!! Born in my bathtub.

forgot to add: she was born in the caul!
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Name: Username:Audees mom
Baby's Name:Axel Owen
DOB: EDD:March 13: EDD: March 1
Height: Weight:22 inches 9lbs, 9.5 oz
arrival/Comments:Less than 2 hours of labour and 39 minutes at the birth center, made it just in time! No complications, tears, medications...All natural!
What an awesome birth!
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User name: Ligmom
Baby's name: Zoe Aurelia
EDD: 3/12/07
DOB: 3/17/07
Weight: 9lbs. 8 oz.
Height: 21in.
Comments: Our second HBAC She is just beautiful...really.
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I had my baby on 3/12/2007 by a scheduled c section.. My EDD was 3/7. She was 6lbs 12oz and 19.5 in and she's doing great! Her name is Kharizma Jewelle. Her first name is pronounced like the word carisma.
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Name: Aleesha
username: wingsareforflying
Baby's Name: Lennon Ross
DOB: March 18 @ 6:50 a.m.
EDD: March 8
Height: 22 inches
Weight: 8lbs. 2 ozs.
arrival/Comments: After 41 hours of labor he finally decided to make his entrance. We labored at home for 30 hours before we transfered to the first hospital because the baby was in a bad position, and I was not progressing.... once we got to that hospital they decided they could not do anything for us, so they transfered us by ambulance to the next hospital an hour and a half away!! Finally 11 hours later he came out in a only 3 pushes!! He also loves his mommy's boobies!!
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Name: Brooke
username: BrookeAD
Baby's Name: Clementine Esme
DOB: March 18 @ 5:34 a.m.
EDD: March 17
Height: 21 inches
Weight: 9 lbs. 12 oz.
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Name: Katherine
username: Kat_shoshin
Baby's Name: Rohan Alexander
DOB: March 16, 2007 @ 9:01am
EDD: March 7
Height: 22.5 inches
Weight: 11 lbs. 2.4 oz.
arrival/Comments: 31 hours of labour. Had an epidural as I had been in labour all day and not dilated more than the 3cm I started at. Also was augmented in the middle there, but also had my vag delivery of my big posterior baby - via trial by forceps in the OR. The Dr. was great though and allowed me to push for over 3.5 hrs in two sessions (with an epidural nap in the middle).

Our babe was sent to NICU for grunting and laboured breathing, and they kept him after his cord blood work was done. There was meconium staining and they suspected infection so he was put on antibiotics and wasn't allowed to eat for 48 hrs.

Nursing has been difficult with our NICU experience, but we are making progress. He's a fighter and a big healthy boy now and we are so glad to finally have him home!
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Oops.. Did I forget to put the babies name in my post.. Her name is Kharizma Jewelle. Her first name is pronounced like the word carisma..
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Username: Yummymummy74
Baby's Name: Ruby
DOB: March 21st
EDD: March 04
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 10lbs 3oz
2 hour labour.
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