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Yeah it looks like cd1 here. I am really just numb about it all, I am still processing it right now. I feel like I have just thrown my hands up in the air, like I don't know anymore.

I am so sorry ocean. I really thought this was going to be your month. Enjoy your dd's b-day and hopefully your company without worrying about timing etc.

Welcome to all the newcomers. It will be nice to have some new voices around here. I think you'll find that this thread has slow/fast times depending on how everyone is doing. Sometimes it gets slow when the members are having a hard time and need to focus on RL in order to re-group. I myself am never successful in staying away from the internet

Tonight I went shopping for a dress which was next to impossible! There is hardly anything available and what there is, is intended for prom not a country club! The worst part is that I've been really emotional today. Feeling like I'm about to loose it all day and shopping nearly did me in. Thank god dh just went to bed when I got home and left me alone. I had a bath and listened to my infertility mediation which helped a lot. When I got out of the tub a local Hypnobirthing instructor returned my call. I wanted to buy a new cd because I love their birth affirmations. It was really nice to talk to someone who shares my views on natural & gentle childbirth. Anyways it really brought me back to earth & kept me away from a bottle of wine!!
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Good morning all!

I am starting my fourth round of clomid tonight. oooh fun. My doctor said she didn't originally suggest an HSG for me because I have already had two kids. She said if I wanted one, I could but if the tubes were blocked, that would mean either surgery (which I would think would not be covered) or IVF (which definitely isn't covered). So I think I will not have the HSG since I can't move on to those choices anyway. I guess I will try clomid and then just have a baby! Okay?

Hope everyone has a nice day.
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Ity and Tenk your temps are lookin' good! Christy, whoohooo ++ GIO!
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leslie, ocean and lily chocolate all around

Ity I'm glad to see your temp went back up a bit today, how are you feeling? Did you check your jar today?

Tenk your temps are looking good too, maybe you won't make it to 12 months after all!

Christy I hope your opk's are right and your temp goes up up up

I have nothing new to report this morning (do I ever?) but I do feel very much like a weight has lifted for me the last couple of days. I have a plan! I have something to look forward to! I'm just so relieved that I don't have to wait indefinitely for something to happen, I guess that's me the control freak. I feel like I can concentrate on other things for a couple of weeks at least now that I know I have the clomid in my toolkit for next cycle. I'm not even considering the possibility that it won't work at this point, maybe not the first cycle but I'm staying positive about it overall.

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leslie... sorry for af... that sucks

and I know what its like shopping for dresses.. Im short.. and obese.. and its very hard to find things that fit decent and arent too "flashy"

I had to discard my temp this morning... and when I discarded it, its so low the dot isnt even showing on the chart.. I guess I was breathing through my mouth or something.. who knows

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How low was it Crystal?
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96.4 my temps have been so wierd lately I'm not surprised.. but still.. its low
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Leslie didn't start AF, she was just quoting Ocean, I think Leslie is still in the runnin'! Go Leslie! :
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Leslie didn't start AF, she was just quoting Ocean
Ack! Apologies, : and your temps are looking great too!
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Aww Leslie - I'm sorry to hear that it's CD1.
As far as dress shopping, have you seen this place? I bookmarked it a while ago, it's kinda pricey, but they have pretty dresses.

Lily - why does your Dr think a 4th round will work, and mine is adamantly opposed to trying more than 3 rounds? I guess thats just reason #4757636 why my OB sucks, huh? : :

Originally Posted by SarahJen View Post
Ity I'm glad to see your temp went back up a bit today, how are you feeling? Did you check your jar today?

I have nothing new to report this morning (do I ever?) but I do feel very much like a weight has lifted for me the last couple of days. I have a plan! I have something to look forward to! I'm just so relieved that I don't have to wait indefinitely for something to happen, I guess that's me the control freak. I feel like I can concentrate on other things for a couple of weeks at least now that I know I have the clomid in my toolkit for next cycle. I'm not even considering the possibility that it won't work at this point, maybe not the first cycle but I'm staying positive about it overall.
Sarah - I think my temp went back up, but I'm not wuite sure about it.See, I sleep like the dead. I think I temped this morning while still mostly sleeping, cause my thermometer remembers the last temp taken, and the number on it when I woke up at (very late, very-very late: ) was a different temp than yesterdays temp, so I think I temped, cause somebody temped between my yesterday morning temp and my today temp. so I *think* thats my temp, but I don't quite remember taking my temp. (I've also been know to hold entire conversations while asleep, only to wake up to be told what I was saying. DH finds this highly amusing - so when he gets up at 5:30 for work, he likes to ask me stuff, and try to hold me to my answers later when he gets home from work. )

I'm a bit of a control freak too - so I hate the "sit back and keep trying approach" I'm also an impatient control freak, so I need to be DOING something, anything, even if its just obsessing and staring at my chart, or I'll go nutty.
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oops youre right lily!

sorry leslie
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Ity, really I think my first round was a bust, because I had a really bad thing happen that month with all the weird pain and stuff. I didn't even get BDing in that month barely. Then last month, I also had very little warning as my OPK became positive on the same day. So I would be up for trying another month or two even because I feel like our timing has not be good enough. But I think my doc may think I should try another couple months because I am older?? Or maybe because she knows I am not going to be trying anything else? Her original prescription was for six months. I have heard six months is the protocol, and only on here from you guys is where I have heard three months. So I am going for six (but will only need four because I plan to get pg this month).

Lilyflower :
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Barbara - I think that with the clomid it's preferred to not do more than three months at a time, since the clomid can really mess with your hormone levels. It can actually cause damage to your uterus if you take it for to long. Just a guess but since lily's probably on her last child her doc might be a bit more lenient about using it for six months straight (lily, correct me if I'm wrong!).

Crystal - sorry about the low temp, I guess. It's likely that you had your mouth open or something though. I'd only worry if it stayed down.

I am cautiously optimistic about the positive OPK's, cause I had them last month to around this time and they turned out to be false postives. However, I am trusting in my decisions (because, they'll be the right ones after all!) and I've gotten every other day so far and plan to continue that for as long as possible - or until I'm sure that I've ovulated. I need to schedule another blood test and would really like to not have to go up to the 150mg dose. Of course, since my side effects are pretty mild I guess it's not a big deal. Unless, of course, I end up with quadruplets or something.

I've been having the lovely pinching feelings, like last month, but I can't tell if that's ovulating or preparing to ovulate or what, cause it lasts for awhile. I'm going to go forget about it today though, and go make my yard as pretty as I can get it (until I get paid!).
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Christy, you are correct, although, I wish I would have two more, but at this rate, yes, I think she thinks it would be my last. Did you know you have a YouTube link on the front page by your name? I just watched the whole thing.
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Originally Posted by ChristyM26 View Post
I need to schedule another blood test and would really like to not have to go up to the 150mg dose. Of course, since my side effects are pretty mild I guess it's not a big deal. Unless, of course, I end up with quadruplets or something.
Christy I'm pretty sure it's the timing that determines the number of follicles (days 3-7 rather than 5-9) not the dosage, I think the earlier you take it the more are produced but the dosage doesn't matter, it's whatever gets things moving for your body.

Ity that's so funny about not remembering if you actually temped! I get up so early that when the alarm clock rings I put the thermometer in my mouth and sometimes I fall back asleep. It's usually the beeping that wakes me back up, once or twice I've had to re-take it after that happened because my mouth opened and it fell out and was beeping somewhere between the pillow and my head

I went to the gym this morning for the first time in ages and I feel faaaaaaaaaaaaantastic! But man, I have a lot of work to do on myself to get back to the fitness level I was at in the fall, I'm so disappointed in myself for falling into such a pit of despair. Oh well, nothing to do but move forward, right?
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Hi Ladies,

: for everyone. God would be our help. We are all going to see God's favor

I wish everyone GL in our TTC's journey.

Happy Saturday to everyone.

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Lily - Wha??? YouTube link? I'm going to have to see this... I haven't a clue what you're talking about.

Sarah - I took them cd 2-6 this time (shhh... don't tell my doctor, she thinks I did 3-7 again) so I upped my chances of more follicles. It can't hurt right? At least not until I go to deliver.

How's everybody else doing?

ETA: Where the heck did THAT come from? It's funny though... Anybody know where that came from?
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I haven't had the chance to read this whole thread yet but plan to soon! We've been ttc for the first time for about a year now. I had a suspicion it might not be super easy (http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=621812) .

I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and low progesterone. I'm on 3 grains of Armour now and 35 mg bioidentical progesterone cream. I haven't retested lately cause I disliked my doctor and am looking for a new one.

So I'm wondering, what fertility tests should my husband and I get done? I'm 28 and he's about to turn 41. I had a laproscopic surgery done for suspected endometriosis (which they didn't find) January 2006, and they also ran the dye through to make sure there were no blockages and enhance fertility. I also had a couple of ultrasounds, one then and one 6 years back, both showed nothing unusual.

I had a saliva test done in July...I'd have to dig out the exact results but basically high estrogen, low progesterone, pregnenelone and testosterone. And a blood test for fertility hormones like prolactin etc. which I'd also have to dig out the results on - they said everything was normal but I'm not confident they tested at the right time of my cycle.

My husband wears jeans (not super tight or super baggy) and boxer-briefs. He's started taking a multi-vitamin and vitamin C 1000 mg. We're trying to make sure he orgasms every day or at least every other day.

I take 3 grains of Armour thyroid. 35 mg bioidentical progesterone cream, 1000mg vitamin C, a multivitamin, mega B complex, 2 fiber tablets (need to check on the safety of those during pregnancy), 1-2tbs flaxseed oil, 1 protein powder drink, 1/2 tsp celtic seasalt in water, try to drink 8 8oz glasses of water per day, and drink green tea from AF-ovulation.

I've been charting (though not completely reliably) for about a year and my cycles are very unpredictable. I've used over the counter ovulation predictor kits a couple times (once for 3 days, once for 5) around when I thought I should be ovulating, and I never got a clear positive...the line would go from light to darker, but never as dark or darker than the comparison line.

We haven't use lubrication or saliva, and partially because of that and his size and my shape, the only position comfortable (aka not ripping me) is hands and knees, so we were trying to have him stay in for up to 15 minutes after finishing, and then losing a lot trying to flip me onto my back with a pillow under me. So we decided to try the Instead method...I need to practice with water or something...I do lose a little putting the cup in but not near as much as we were before. So I don't know if that method will be more efficient (we still try to include love and romance with it though).

I've rambled on long enough, not sure if there's anything I'm missing. I'd love to know if anyone has any ideas or advice. Thanks so much and good luck to all of you too!!
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oceanmommy--I'm sorry to hear about your new cycle. I was really excited about your chances this time. I felt totally at a loss a few months ago. I hope it passes for you soon in some way or another.

Itybty, lesliesara--: Are you feeling anything that's making you crazy? Any "symptoms"?

Hi Teneal! Hi Crystal! Welcome, ChristyM26!

Valarie--I enjoyed your blog. What a trial to work in that place--for so many reasons. It's great that you found a creative outlet for your frustrations. And I liked your sentiment about the newbies and our wishes for a short stay on the list.

A new group of irl friends (3 of them) have just started ttc. I'm excited to have real life people to talk with but I think I completely overwhelm them. And then I realize that hopefully they won't have to overthink their diet or...even chart if they don't want to. And I'd love to be pregnant with them. But I'm nervous. I think it will be okay if they get preg first, but... maybe not. Anyway, I haven't had to deal with it in real life, and as long as an on-line person has been trying for at least... oh 6 months or so, I'm cool with that! I don't frequent threads of super-fertile complete strangers so they have little effect. A 12+ monther who gets preg though, totally makes me weepy for them and happy for myself.

Lilyflower--Congratulations on your magic #4 cycle that's just starting!

--Welcome! It sounds like we should come to you with questions--you've done most of the tests that I've heard of starting with. The only test you don't mention is a semen analysis. Has your husband had one? Selenium and Zinc are also supposed to be good for sperm production--they could be in his multi. Why the 1/2 tsp of sea salt in water? If you are not opposed to lubrication, you might look into Preseed. It is a sperm-friendly lubricant. I don't have any suggestions for your cramps--I'm sorry. They sound just awful. I had regular painful cramps that would require medication (which did work for me) with my period every cycle until I started ttc and found out I had low progesterone. I'm supplementing with 100mg from O to AF and I now have absolutely no cramps. It is very strange. Maybe you could use more progesterone? Have your had a 7dpo progesterone test while on the cream? It sounds like you had all of your hormones checked through saliva, which I am not familiar with.

myself---I'm doing well. 8 dpo. No fever this morning. Temp looks normal, but there isn't much to compare it too--that's kind of nice because I can't daydream over it too much. I'm no longer afraid of PID--phew! I can get obsessive. I had cramping 5-6dpo. But it subsided. I don't have any other "symptoms." Testing.... nope, no plans yet. But I do have internet cheapies so who knows.
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Thanks Funnygrace!

Let's see.....

You all probably already know this but I think thyroid testing (NOT just TSH) and hormone testing are probably really important for anyone having trouble with fertility or miscarriages. Also from my research I think Armour is the best thyroid med in general and especially for pregnancy...it's the only thyroid med I have not seen any reports of anyone having miscarriages with if they are optimally dosed.

I forgot my progesterone dosage and put in the wrong one, I'm actually on 135 mg (big difference, geez!). I've been meaning to look into progesterone supplementation more, like the difference between cream and suppositories etc.

The sea salt is good for people with low blood pressure and erratic or low adrenal function, which is common with Hashimoto's. It is a good source of minerals and also Iodine I think. You can learn more at the forums at http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/community/ particularly in the Adrenals forum.

We haven't done a semen test yet for a couple reasons. One is that we haven't found a primary care or fertility doctor that we like, and the other is that when we tried with some previous doctors it was all unclear about how to get things covered with insurance, or if that was possible at all. There's weird rules about some diagnostic tests being covered, though not any actual fertility "help", but it's complicated.

I had two tests done for hormones and thyroid - a blood draw, and a 24 hour saliva test.

You can learn more about saliva tests at http://www.canaryclub.org/, and I believe there's also some info on the stopthethyroidmadness forums. I got mine done through ZRT labs since they were local and it wouldn't surprise me if the doctor I was seeing got some sort of kickbacks from them. I wasn't very impressed, they screwed up some stuff, and they were very expensive, so next time I might try a different lab. Also I went to a naturopath who said something about a 30 day saliva test, and the price was less than the 24 hour test so I may look into that too. My saliva test was the adrenal (cortisol) panel plus Estradiol (estrogen), progesterone, testosterone and DHEAS.

The blood test was done on cycle day 11 of a 32 day cycle in which I ovulated I believe on day 17. It covered Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), free T3, free T4 and antibodies (Thyroid Peroxidase AB and Thyroglobulin Antibodies), also FSH, LH, Prolactin and pregnenelone.

You can see my results for those tests here: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com...pic.php?t=2465 back when I had the tests done.

I did look into preseed and that's the same company we got the pregnancy and ovulation tests from - not positive how accurate they are? I guess we could reconsider it, thing is we're on a budget and it just seems so expensive to me! I've also considered using real eggwhites though haven't fully researched the pros and cons of that.

I read somewhere that vaginal acidity could be a problem so I tried douching with baking soda a couple times, but obviously that didn't work (yet, I might try it again).

I think that covers it all for now!
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