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Fabric Covered Shoe Boxes - How to?

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I need some help, please. I'd like to cover some shoe boxes with fabric to make long term storage places for different things around the home. Does anyone have a good suggestion on what to secure the fabric to the box with? I don't know if plain old glue would work, but I want something long lasting.

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I'm doing this right now. Since I'm in the middle of the process, I don't know yet how long they will last, but all I did was dilute some white glue with water and paint it onto the back of the fabric with a paint brush. Most of the online instructions I saw used spray adhesive. My 6 yo ds had the brilliant idea of putting a sheet of craft foam in the bottom of the box. I have lots of free fabric samples so if it doesn't turn out well I won't have lost anything but my time.
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Thanks, Saundra. I think I'll try the glue/water combo. as well. I hadn't even thought about watering it down so that I could paint it on. I suppose if it starts to come unglued at some point, I can always apply a little more to re-attach it.
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I completed several boxes this afternoon, and I do have a tip. If you have to reapply the watery glue, you can get some warping on the box, so work fast and try to get it right the first time. You may not encounter this problem if using a single piece of fabric, but I am working with lots of samples that I had to piece together.
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I am about to do some too! Great minds think alike! I plan to use spray adhesive because I have found there are less bubbles and no warping. And I have some left over from another project.
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Antannie -- please let me know how the spray adhesive worked for you (and what kind it was!) - so in case I have problems using the glue method I can switch over to the spray adhesive. I plan on doing some of these next weekend, so I have time to run out and buy some if I think I might need it.

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Instead of spray adhesive( it is quite bad for lungs)- book binding glue- it is very long lasting- though I have not done a shoe box, I have constructed a portfolio box. A fan brush is best for application. Wetting the brush and brushing the glue a bit wet so it is not thick.
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Thanks for that tip debe. I have not been completely satisfied with white glue, and the spray adhesive didn't work at all. Where would I find book-binding glue? I haven't a clue.
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Apologies for late reply.
Most large art supply stores usually carry the basics.
Here is an online supplier:
We have Opus here in Canada. They have basics, mostly for the crafter...Maybe a local hobby lobby?
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Forgot to add. It lasts a pretty good amount of time, and depending on how many boxes you are going to cover you may do well with the smaller size.
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