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Kathryn Marie is HERE

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Kathryn Marie (better known as Katie or Kate) was born on January 1, 2007 at 12:02AM. Labor was so quick that Kathryn decided she wanted to join us on the way to the hospital instead of actually at the hospital. She was 6 days early, which isn't bad and is completely healthy.

Kathryn was 1 of 2 New Year's babies for my family this 2007 - my twin sister also had a baby girl, Abigail Rose.

I'll post some pictures soon!
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Oh wow, a car delivery!!! Many congratulations, and I hope you all continue to do well!
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Well a car / side of the road delivery which resulted in my husband becoming a complete mess and picking up the cell phone and forgetting who he was going to call (911) plus we were not really far from the hospital
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I can't wait to hear your story. And the fact that your twin sister was pregnant the same time you were and delivered on the same day! Yikes! I want to hear all about that too. Did you all try to get pregnant at the same time? Were your cycles the same? I'm so interested.
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Here's part of it

My twin sister and I have been pretty close growing up and still are today. Her and I talked about getting pregnant (hopefully) around the same age so our children could grow up together and share a special bond that my sister and I had the experience of sharing.

She was actually due on January 1st and I wasn't actually due until January 7th, still close enough. Since it was the first child for both her and I we decided we both wanted to find out if we were having a girl or a boy (we both found out we were having girls) - which was exciting for everyone! Throughout the entire pregnancy for both of us we had the same doctors (since we live in the same area).

Everything was pretty much the same with the both of us and we really enjoyed getting together and talking about if we were feeling the same way (symptoms, etc.)

Kathryn Marie was born at 12:02AM on 1/1/07
6 pounds, 10 ounces

Abigail Rose was born at 1:54AM on 1/1/07
7 pounds, 12 ounces

I'll post more later.......Naptime for me while the baby is sleeping
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Wow, what a story!! Congratulations to you both! How fun to watch your babes grow together.
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Wow! They'll be more like sisters than cousins! Congratulations!
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