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Eye goop?

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What exactly is the eye goop? Midwife told me what is is for, but I didn't get what it actually is. I know before they used to use silver nitrate drops, but this goop is fairly new, right?
This is the last of things to include in the birth plan, and so far things have gone smoother than I thought with bf, but only because I have been able to back up my decisions like the vitamin k and leukemia etc.
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My understanding is that it's just antibiotic ointment. you know, in case you have gonoreah. Or any other infection they baby coud get on the way out. But I think it's gonoreah (or clamidea) that poses the threat of eye infection. And the hosp. will of course assume you have it... For my hosp. birth plan, I asked for the eye ointment to be delayed until after we had had bonding time with the baby, at least 30 minutes. If I had it to do again, I would have put 1 hour into the birth plan or declined the goop (I don't know if that was an option). But they give you the baby back, you wipe it off, it clears up pretty quickly. But the nurses will want to take the baby away right away, do all their stuff right away, and get on with their days - so you will want to put it in your plan that you want it delayed so you'll get to make some eye contact with your newborn before it's vision gets blurred by the goop.
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I beleive it is an erithromycin gel (spelling?). And it only protects against chlymidia and gonorhea. If you've been tested and don't have either of those, than there is no reason for it, IMO. Here in OR, though, it's state law to administer it, so we have to sign a waiver declining it.

There is more information on this thread.
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I read I think someplace here on a thread from 2005, that it helps if there is alot of meconium on the baby? f it only helps with gonorea and clamydia, then it shouldn'r help with the poop right?
I know its the antibiotic prophylaxis, but I don't know how long it has been around or anything.
I am thinking if it is true about a large amount of meconium or gets to the eyes and it can help, then that would be the only reason.
No STD's here. so I see no reason.
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Erythromycin ointment is effective against *some* bacterial infections that can cause neonatal opthalmia (aka blindness). Since meconium is the sterile substance lining the healthy newborn's gut, it wouldn't be useful in for mec in the eyes, unless there was maybe a vaginal or uterine infection as well. If you are STD-free (or at least free from gonorrhea and chlamydia), then there is no real reason for baby to have the eye ointment. (And only a small percentage of babies born to mothers *with* STDs actually contract neonatal opthalmia.)
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Thanks a lot.

Its "NO EYE GOOP" for us.

Yee! our birth plan is done! hehe
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