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Wow - MUST read!!!

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Sorry if it's a repeat or been recommended - but my mw gave me an amazing book to read that the more I read the more I love!! It's called Birthing From Withing and it's a whole new approach to preparing for labor and delivery that is incredible! It really focuses on using birth art as ways to find out how you are really feeling about various aspects of pregnancy, labor, delivery, etc.

I did my first piece of birth art tonight and was surprised at what came out! I'm planning on doing a lot more before the baby is born and I'm really excited to see what happens and get through underlying issues/fears/hopes that I (and/or dh and I) haven't sat and discussed!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO recommend this book!!!

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Great book, isn't it?
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OMG YES! The more I am getting into it the more I love it! Last night I saw I had maybe half left to read and thought "wow - what else could they say it's been so incredible so far!"

Boy do I sound like some cheesy paid actor to promote a book! Too bad no paycheck is coming! :
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