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What now?

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How do we keep in touch with one another? You guys have been such a support & I've really enjoyed hearing about everyone's arrivals. It would be great to be able to continue keeping up with what everyone is doing.

Anyone know the answer?

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It's my understanding that our DDC will stay up for a while longer, it looks like there is a year or so of DDC's, so we will be up for a few more months, then we have monthly threads in Life with a Babe. Or we can start our own monthly thread there now...
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I am just going to keep posting here in our DDC. Even though our babies are here, we are still a club!
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I'm glad to hear we have these options. I'm also glad to be able to continue posting here- one less new thing right now is good!

Let's keep hanging in there together mamas- it's done wonders for me thus far!
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