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Tinctures for birth

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What tinctures would you reccomend having on hand for birth, and for what reason? I know nothing about herbs, and have no access to them anyway, but my Mom is going to the health food store where she lives, and they have a pretty huge selection so she should be able to find some before she comes out for the birth!

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Wishgarden herbs makes a wonderful blend in a tincture form that is for afterpains and that is very nice!

motherwort and shephard's purse can be used for postpartum hemorrhage, or Wishgarden Herbs makes a blend for that as well. I like blends that are already made as they just make it so much easier.

Otherwise, I just don't think there is all that much that you need unless there is a problem that you are nervous about. If you have a specific area to address, then you can look into herbs for that area.... otherwise your body will do its thing.
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I like to keep black and blue cohosh on hand to move along contractions when needed. Evening Primrose oil to help ripen a cervix. Motherwort to prevent postpartum hemorage. Rescue Remedy for relieving labor anxiety. Not tinctures, but Emergen-C for an energy boost or sublingual B12. Goldenseal can be used on a cord to speed healing if needed. Most of these are not usually needed, but it's nice to have them on hand just in case.
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Not all tinctures are the same in quality, so be sure to only buy from highly honored companies. When herbs and tinctures don't work, it is usually due to using a cheaper brand.

Wish Garden Herbs is good, I've used them for years. However, I now use Wise Women Herbals for single tinctures, because I know that each batch is tested for superior standardized strength. Pharm Herbs is another option to consider.

Angelica for use to control bleeding before the placenta.
Shepherd's Purse for use to control bleeding after the placenta.
Black & Blue Cohosh have a limited place in my bag now, due to questions about using too much and suppression of the baby.
Labor Tincture (Wish Garden Herbs) can't be beat in moving a sluggish labor into active labor.
Motherwort to help calm the mother and take the biting edge off of the more difficult contractions.
Cayenne used to be recommended for heavy bleeding, but unless the uterus is made firm mechanically, may lead to an eruption of heavy bleeding after the effects of the cayenne have waned.
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i had an herbalist friend of mine make up a tincture for me, course i don't have the refernece book i used, so i'm checking with her about what's in it.

i have been very happy with penelope ody's book "herbs for a heathy pregnancy." (and birth)

it was less than $10 and urge any woman who is interested in herbalism to have it on her shelf.
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Oh, and the black and blue cohoshes, I know lots of people use them (I have myself), but I think that the homeopathic might be the way to go on these due to the reasons that TBA in PA mentioned.
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Equal parts wood betony, rose petal, partridgeberry (squaw vine) and red raspberry leaf.

you can mix it yourself or sarah at herbsfromthelabyrinth.com will make it up custom for about $11 for a one ounce bottle.

this is for early labor... mugwort is good for later labor and a bottle of cramp bark is good for after pains.

RRL and cinnamon is good for after the birth, as is fenugreek and blessed thisle for milk production.
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Can someone tell me about using Motherwort to prevent postpartum hemorage?
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Motherwort as a preventative can be taken right after the baby has been born. the dosage of tincture would be 10 drops under the tongue.
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I have used Wishgarden for many years and like them very much. I attended a women's herbal symposium last year and met some women who handcraft their own herbal remedies. Their company name is Snow Mountain Botanicals and I believe they have a website.
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