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This kid is taunting me...

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3:30 am I woke up with a contraction and clocked them getting progressively closer together, they all lasted from 40-60sec, and eventually they were 5 minutes apart for an hour. We got ready to head to the hospital, got my MIL over here to watch my 3 year old and they stopped. : :

I mean- THEY STOPPED!- AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH This was about 7:30 so I had been enduring this for 4 hours and they just stop. OMG! :

So now it's 3:45pm and I have had some off and on all day but nothing as consistant as this morning. They have always increased when I've been nursing which my 3yo has done an exceptional amount of time because she's coming down with a cold- that's what I need right now is a sick 3yo and a newborn- but after she unlatches, they don't come as often or last as long. *sigh*

My doula says that I'm probably just going to be one of those women who has a lot of false labor. I've been having cramps and isolated contractions for about 5 weeks now...

I think what it comes down to is that I HATE being wrong and I HATE having to listen to my MIL talk about her 6 labors and what she did and when she went to the hospital and yadda, yadda, yadda. I waited until I had satisfied the "doctor's recommendations" of 5 minutes apart, last one minute, for one hour before we even called her because she lives so close and then they just STOPPED! I was embarrassed because I felt like I had jumped the gun but we live 45 minutes from the hospital and it was going to be rush hour anyway. Guess it's better that they stopped at home than at the hospital...


I feel better now- is anyone else even left out there? I feel like I need to switch to the Feb DDC even though technically my EDD was January...
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How frustrating. I hope your baby comes soon!
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Aw man, how frustrating and disappointing! Hang in there mama.
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I was due 1/22 and STILL haven't had non-prodromal labor. I feel for you tremendously. SILLY due dates making us think something is supposed to HAPPEN!
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I had that happen too. The good news is that the baby was born a couple of days later.

I hope it happens for you soon.
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How frustrating! I'm sorry this is happening to you.

We'd be glad to keep you here in the Jan DDC!
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I'm still here with you, waiting. After weeks of nothing, I finally sat with my breast pump yesterday afternoon for a few hours of intermitant stimulation and got my contractions started at 7 minutes apart and lasting 45-60 seconds. Then the contractions petered out and are now between 15-30 minutes apart. It is now 3:00 in the morning and it is time to get this show on the road already.
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If you are having contractions like that you *could* try a couple of things to keep them going. I had labor that stalled like that, and my waters had already broken and were just trickling the whole time, so I was determined to keep labor going. I took homeopathic cimicfuga racemosa in the 30C potency. It is *specifically* for stalled labor. It worked great -- I ended up taking it three times in about 2 hours (each time the contractions slowed down). Plus, I got in the shower and stimulated my nippes (rolling b/t fingers) for at least a half hour in two different sessions. Even right before transition, I had to keep it up.

It was hard b/c my contractions were extremely painful -- it was difficult choosing to have them. I kept saying -- "I want my baby to get here. I just want my baby." It really helped. My cx were very strong -- they just kept being irregular. The nipple stim really did it for me. And the pushing stage only lasted 5 minutes. I also took rescue remedy drops on my head when the cx became overwhelming.

I hope you ladies who are waiting won't be waiting much longer.
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I had a lot of false labor and a very fast pretty easy real labor- hoping this for you too!
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Must be frustrating! My edd was 1/31, and so far I'm feeling nothing. If I experienced all the contrax you did I also would have had my parents come over already, especially since with my ds things went fairly quickly once I was feeling contractions! Hope things start happening for you soon!
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I had cx anywhere from 3-5 mins. apart for an hour one night too. And another episode of well, pre-labor the Wed. night before Sophie finally decided to arrive. The good news is, once I hit 'real' labor---I woke up at 4:30 AM, and I knew within about 30 minutes it wasn't 'fake' this time. I walked around the apartment, rocked and rocked in the big recliner, doula arrived at 7 AM...about 8 I said "Is it time to go to the hospital? The whirlpool sounds kind of good..."

about 8:15 I walked into the nurses' station--I found out when I got my birth pics from my doula that everybody at the nurses station was SURE I'd be getting sent home. I was way too calm to be in labor 'enough' they thought.

8:30 they proclaimed me to be 7 cm dialated and sent me to a room.
about 9 I hit the tub.
about 9:20 I asked when my MW would be back in. (she left the room right after I got in the tub to go change clothes.) I was informed she'd come back whenever I wanted her to and that I should let them know if I wanted to push definently.

the next contraction I ORDERED them to go get her NOW.

9:50 AM--The last push! Sophia arrived!

I had all of maybe 10 'unbearable' type contractions. I walked in all 'hi, how ya doin?" at a 7......I thought they were going to tell me i was a 4. This is the good news.
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