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Can you tell when you're having a growth spurt?

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Every few weeks I get this feeling like my belly is bigger than my skin, like it's really stretched to the max. The BH contrax get more frequent and I'm either more hungry than usual or less so. And today I'm so thirsty I'm just drinking constantly and yet not peeing very much. This kid seems to grow in spurts rather than continuously. Anyone else?

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Yeah, I totally feel this happening in spurts. I was at a plateau for a few weeks with not much change and BAM! I'm bigger and more cumbersome all of a sudden.
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When I was pregnant, I remember I gain about 40 pounds . . . . and I am not kidding just about all of it was in the belly, so ya I remember that kind of feeling for sure.

You all are so lucky, i don't know if I should keep lurking : in the pregnancy forum, but it just so exciting.

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I know exactly how you feel!
Before my DD's growth spurts my skin and belly also feel stretched and uncomfortable, I also eat a TON and drink lots of water...in fact, I am doing that now so I guess I should expect another jump in growth .
She always seems to do this after seeing family, if I spend a lot of time with either of her grandparents she seems to get motivated.
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yeah a couple of days ago I was eating constantly because my stomach was growling and I felt like I hadn't just eaten.Now I'm as tight as a tick and am peeing every time I get to a standing position.
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Yep, it's about every 3.5 wks. LOL I've been tracking it for a while. I'll measure right on at the end of the month and then the next week I'm starving, feeling stretching going on and then a few days to a week later I've gained 4 cms or more. A whole months growth in one spurt and then nothing measureable for the rest of the month. Babe is usually quieter during the spurt and then picks back up in activity only stronger lol afterwards.
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yes! my husband thinks i'm nuts but every few weeks i'll tell him "the baby grew a lot today." i just feel stretched & uncomfortable for a day or so & then my body adjusts.
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I can't breathe all day today!! I think we grow more quickly than our bodies can really handle so it's uncomfy for a bit and then things stretch and adapt. But it's a baaaaaaaaaad design!

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Yes, about 3-4 days per month I can't get comfortable, and have a lot of stretching pains. I feel like my organs are getting crushed and I am going to pop. I usually gain about 4 lbs, during those days too Then my body catches up and I feel OK for several weeks.

This happened exactly the same way with DS1. I once mentioned it to the OB I used for his birth, and she looked at me like I had 3 heads. This time, I told my m/w and she told me it was totally normal. Would've saved me worry if I knew that 3 years ago.
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Babies typically move less during a period of a lot of growth and that is how I notice mine.
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Yeah, I didn't feel mine for like a day straight, which is unusual, and then non-stop movement since then.

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