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My heart hurts

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Tonight my in-laws had a birthday party for my ds, who turned 2. My MIL asked me to pick out a toy for him from her to keep at her house (they live close by and we see them often). So I bought a little ball chute toy that I knew he would like because we have a similar one at home. Sure enough he loved it. Well, I was outside saying goodbye to some people, and my sister was inside with ds. He was done playing with the toy, but when she told him it was time to leave, he walked over and picked up the toy to bring with him. She suggested they leave it there and play with it later, and he started to get upset. So she started to say, okay, we can take the toy, and my MIL came over and said "No, the toy is supposed to stay here." Ds then started crying. FIL suggested he just go ahead and take it, and MIL insisted that it stay there. My sister, not knowing what to do, just walked out of the room, taking ds with her. He wasn't crying by the time they got outside, so I didn't know what had happened.

My sister just told me about this when I got home, and I am just heartsick. My poor little guy, gets a birthday present that he loves and then doesn't get to take it with him. I don't know what MIL's problem is - my dh goes there every day at lunch and could have brought the toy back. I am so sad I wasn't there to stick up for him. It's too late now, but I just feel so sad that this happened.
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((hugs)) I'm so sorry. Maybe dh can alternate toys as a suprise for ds when goes over?

Not sure what your MILs problem was?? Maybe your dh can say something to her on one of his lunch visits?
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NO doubt! DH could have brought the toy back the next day. That's so frustrating..you really should talk to her about it! POor little guy!

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Thank you for your hugs! I was so sad last night. I mean, I realize that it is minor in the grander scheme of things, but it just made me soooo sad. I almost hope that ds wants to take it the next time we are there, so I can make sure to let him!
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