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How long til back to pre-preg weight?

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I gained 50ish pounds and am down 30 already. My mw says not to expect to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight until the fall. That seems like a really long time to me, and at the rate I'm losing now (a couple of pounds a week) I'll be back to my normal weight in a few months. If I'm eating well and babe is gaining weight, is there any worry to losing weight on the quicker side?
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Not in your ddc but with my first I gained oh.. about 65lbs. I lost 30lbs within the first month. The rest was rather hard for me to take off. I was exercising, eating well, and BFing. It probably took me almost 1 year to take it all off. Everyone is different. MY best frien gained 55lbs and was back to pre-pregnancy wt within 6 months. Good luck
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It is very important to be eating a healthy diet and not worry so much about the weight. It is NOT okay to be dieting right now because of you being a lactating mother.
If you loose to much too quickly- I did- and it ended up I had a thyroid problem which is common after pregnancy.
You lose alot just by having the baby- placenta and waters leave your body.
I lost 30 in my first week also after ds.
Don't worry about it now. Eat good- exercise with reason and enjoy your new baby.
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I gained 60lbs. with DD and lost 30 in the first few weeks and the remaining 30 in about 6 months. I've read, 9 months up, 9 months down. I'm loosing it much slower this time, which I suppose reflects the fact that I swelled alot with DD and not with this pregnancy.
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DD will be a year old in 2 weeks and I still weigh what I did when I was 9 months pregnant... I lost 20/30 lb. within a month and thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I was breastfeeding. LOL I'm working out 3x/week now to start losing the weight. I'm interested to hear about what is "too fast". I've lost 5 lb in a month. (yay!)
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There is reason to lose slowly while BFing. Losing too much too fast (more than 1.5 lbs/wk after the second month according to the link below) can effect your supply and health, plus some studies show an increase in toxins in the milk as a result of rapid loss.

With ds I gained ~60, lost 20-25 by 2 weeks PP then it took about a year to 15 mo to lose the rest. I ate ok but not great and didn't do a ton of exercise. This time I gained about the same and have already lost 30. I hope I can lose the rest in closer to 9 months than 15. We shall see
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With dd (1st baby) I gained about 35. It took almost a year and a half to get back to pre-preg weight, never did get back to a figure I liked.

This time I gained about 50, and was below pre-preg weight by 1 week postpartum.

I've decided for me there is no time frame!
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I gained the same this pregnancy as I did with my first--just over 20lbs. The weight came off quickly both times (I'm only about 5lbs up at 3wks pptm) but my body wasn't back just because the weight was off. I totally agree with the "9 up/9 down" thing. That's about when my shape was back to "normal".
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thanks for the link bleumoose. very informative!
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Thanks for the responses--just to clarify, I'm not looking to lose weight quickly--I'm more concerned about what's safe for the baby and me. I really appreciate your experiences and insight!
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Originally Posted by meggles View Post
If I'm eating well and babe is gaining weight, is there any worry to losing weight on the quicker side?
i don't think there is any reason to worry if you drop it sooner than she thinks you will. every body is different. i gained 30 pounds during preg and immediately following birth, i was down 15. The other 15 came off in about 8 weeks and I was eating really healthy, drinking lots of water, and taking it easy. I am 5 months pp now and below my pre preg weight, but i think it's because I lost a lot of muscle while preg and i'm working on slowly gaining it back. your body will do what it needs to...it might store the fat, or it might burn it..
just my opinion...
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With ds#1 I gained 25 pounds. At my 6 week pp apt I had lost 20. The last 5 didn't come off until ds weaned.

This time I gained 30. Ds#2 is now a little over 3 weeks old. So far I've lost 22 pounds. I expect I'll loose most of the rest and hold 5 again.
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I agree that it is important to hold onto a little fat, both for the toxins reasons, and as a store of energy for BF. I found (as have my friends) that when you are about 18 months PP, you are slimmer than you have ever been! At that stage, Baby is still nursing a lot, and you are at your most active. Well, that is what we found, anyway.

I haven't weighed myself yet (too scared!) but, I am just eating very well (although it is a lot -- I am also nursing my toddler), and I am going to start exercising again as soon as the bleeding stops. Like another poster, I think I have lost a great deal of muscle.

I am so eager just to fit into my old pants!
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Thanks for posting this, Meg -- I've been wondering the same thing! Like you, I gained 50 lbs and a little over a week post partum, I'm down 30. Looks like these 20 lbs will be here for a bit at 1.5/week or so.

What's bothering me a bit is that I liked to wear my maternity clothes a bit on the tighter side because I loved showing off my baby belly. Now... not so much especially because I think my uterus is still enlarged. I'm not sure though -- still a hard area surrounded by mush. I expect it'll all turn to mush soon. I'm going to ask at Anna's check-up this week (her ped is my midwife/naturopath).
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I gained 40 lbs. this time around. I have lost 23 and want to lose about 30 more. I've started working out 5-6 times a week until I go back to work and have started a low carb diet. I have lost 5 lbs in the last week - I have to slow it down b/c I am bfing.
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as my dr told me, it takes a year to put it on, it takes a year to take it off, i gained 70 w/all 3 of mine... it took almost a year w/the first two, i'm hoping it will come off quicker this time!
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If you are exercising and eating well, then still give yourself 9 months.
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I never really weighed myself after having my first dd, but I could fit in my prepreggy clothes at about 4 or 5 months pp.
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I gained about 47lbs this time and 42lbs last time. I am down 30lbs now, which is what I did last time. Took until dd1 was 14 months old before I was back down to pre-preg....then a week later I found out I was pregnant again...funny how that works.
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I gained 25 lbs with each of my pregnancies... I started out this one at 136. I weighed myself this morning (Midori is 18 days old) and I'm back at 136. Eating well... nursing keeps me hungry!

I agree this is no time for dieting... eat well, and eat good amounts if you are nursing! Your body needs the extra calories to make that wonderful milk for baby!
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