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Pap test while pg?

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I will have my first prenatal soon...well I tend to delay so soon is relative!

I know they are going to want to do a pap test. Is there any reason to get a pap while I am pg?

I am due for a pap test, late actually. I have no STD's, no chance of having contracted anything for the last decade.

I am planning on refusing it just because I don't think it is necessary and why go places that aren't broken. I also don't want an "abnormal" pap while pg because I obsess enough as it is and that would freak me out. (had one a few years ago due to inflammation and I swear the words "abnormal pap result" made me go insane temporarily)

Am I missing anything? Any reason to get one?
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I am a Mama that survived cervical cancer 13 years ago and I do NOT allow PAPs during pregnancy. The chances of 'abnormal' go up just because of the pregnancy and I am not willing to have anything done that could jeopardize my pregnancy. I'd wait until 8 or so weeks PP.

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My midwife asked me at my first appt. if I had an abnormal one, what would I do? I told her that I'd continue with the pregnancy and take care of any problem after baby was born. She said okay, then we'll do one at your 6wk checkup. No need to have me worry for my entire pregnancy that something was really wrong, yk?
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I would trust your instincts. If you think you will be fine waiting until after pg to get the pap, then I would wait. No reason to cause yourself unnecessary anxiety when you should be just enjoying your pregnancy.
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i would just ask to wait until PP. that's what i've always done. i've never had an abnormal one though.
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I only do them pp.
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thanks for this thread...i'm 5 weeks pg and due for a pap this month, but i think i will wait until my pp checkup!
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Wait, so you can delay getting one unil pp? I'm 16 weeks and she wants to do one this week.
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I tend to bleed heavily after PAPs.

Because of this I will not get one while pregnant. I don't want to give myself any reason to worry.

Unless having one now will give you peace of mind I see no reason not to wait.
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of course

actually, if you have a clean pap you can technically wait two years if you are under 30, to have the next one done.

if you have never had an abnormal pap there is NO reason you have to have one done while you are pg. you might have to wait till you're 12 weeks pp to have one done, but basically it's your call.

i know i was due for one after the birth of my last DD, and i knew i was leaving that OBs care ( BAD care provider with BAD partners). i told her i was there for my 6 week appt and that was all, no pap and i was leaving her practice.

they can't force you to get the pap then and there

Originally Posted by bbrandonsmom View Post
Wait, so you can delay getting one unil pp? I'm 16 weeks and she wants to do one this week.
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I had a pap test when pregnant with my first (I was so poorly informed!). This time I was due again and asked my midwife about it. She said the cervix is high and tight during pregnancy for a reason so why mess around in there. Her logic sounded right to me so I am waiting until post-partum for my next test. It means I missed a year but I am a healthy woman with little known risk for cervical cancer.
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I had a pap during each of my pregnancies because I was due for one. I had no problems with them or after them.
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I opted out after discussing it with my mw (i'm due for one base don the 2 year rule). I'll just get one at my 6 week pp visit anyways. They usually take a look to check the healing anyways, so getting a pap then seems like no biggie. But I'm not having any internals this whole pregnancy, so why get one just to get a pap?
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i'd wait. even if you had an abnormal pap while pg...there is a good chance you will shed those cells after birth. i had an abnormal pap three weeks b/f we *oops* got pg. i ended up with a colposcopy but nothing done further to get rid of the abnormal cells. went for a pap 2 mo pp and it was normal!
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I just had one a few weeks ago (at around 11/12 weeks) because I am just coming off of 2 years dealing with abnormal paps, cryotherapies...my last pap before this (in august) was normal...but it was my first one.

It just made me feel better with my recent history.

It was just a personal choice that made me feel better.

If I had not had all of those abnormal paps, I would probably have waited until pp.
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I also refused mine. I knew I'd be "overdue" for one by the time my DS is born, but from what I've read, they won't even do a biopsy during pregnancy, and since I had no intention of ending a pregnancy based on a pap result, and also because I knew there was no chance of STDs, I felt confident in my decision.

I did not get undressed for the first appt - which helped... I'd imagine it would be much more difficult to state your position when you're half-naked.

I did face quite a bit of resistance from the first doc I saw (at 9 weeks). She indicated I'd have to sign some sort of form saying I refused the procedure. The next doctor I saw (at 13 weeks) mentioned the pap test, but when I said I wasn't interested in it, she didn't push it. I never had to sign the form.

I'm sure I'll be in for the same type of resistance when I decline to have the internal exams at the end of my pregnancy. I'm going to try not to see that first doctor again during this pregnancy, and hope she's not on call when I go into labor!
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Originally Posted by 2much2luv View Post
I had a pap during each of my pregnancies because I was due for one. I had no problems with them or after them.
: No pain, bleedding, complications. And it came back normal.
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I refused them. During the first trimester I didn't want to be scared by bleeding or the very real chance of a false positive which is common during pregnancy. During the second trimester we discovered the baby is twins so now there's even more reason NOT to mess with my cervix which has a big job ahead keeping them inside.

In general, it's a bad idea to take the chance of introducing bacteria or irritation into the cervix during pregnancy. Like a PP said, it's high and tight during pregnancy for a reason.
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