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Dolphin u/s

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I just thought this was kinda cool and wanted to share the link.

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Kewl. Wonder if she has a midwife? LOL
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Originally Posted by Turkish Kate View Post
Kewl. Wonder if she has a midwife? LOL

Not sure about that but I figure she can guarantee having a waterbirth
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I think it's kind of sad that our man made technology is infringing on nature What if the vet decides there isn't enough fluid or that baby dolphin is to big? I guess I don't see anything good coming from this.

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I believe it is farily common for zoos and aquariums to do u/s when they think/hope an animal might be pregnant. I don't see it any more infrindging on the natural world than having zoos and aquariums in the first place (being not in the least natural in their own way).
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Okay, I thought that was really neat.
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Wow! What an awesome process we share.
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