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Poll Results: Do You Cut Your Toddlers Hair?

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I cut everyone's hair here, well except Lily's, she's 8 months and bearly has any. I trim the girls' bangs and occationally the backs and I just cut DH's hair this evening. I take the girls for occational "professional" hair cuts and then just maintain them at home. I can't see spending money to have their bangs trimmed, esp when Lauren will bearly sit still for it anyway. I figure if I ever screw up, I can always bring them in to get it fixed up. Plus Lauren rarely sits still long enough for anyone to notice if her bangs were crooked anyway
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DD requested her first hair cut at 2.75, but kept it long (no bangs) until she was a couple months past four. Then she got it slightly above shoulder length/around chin length and then last weekend--- ear length. Still no bangs! She said she wanted them, which made DH & I gag, but then decided against once she saw her hair cut w/out bangs. We let her do whatever she wants w/her hair.

DS has never had his hair cut. *ONCE* he has been acknowledged as a boy... a day DD talks about often! LOL. She will be like, "and once we were at the mall and someone thought Nate was a boy!" Actually, I think the woman was talking about someone else, but we believe it. I love his soft curly baby hair. We have said we would cut it at 2, but that is fast approaching, so we might just wait until he decides. DH is growing his out, but it is so curly that after 10 months it is still really short. DD has the shortest hair in our family, though, she is proud to tell people!

I love DS's "baby" hair and will be soooo sad to see it go, as I assume it will some day. I just about cried watching DD get her major hair cut (when they put it in a ponytail and then snipped the ponytail off), I know it will be even harder with DS!

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I cut DD's hair frequently. She just looks really cute with shorter hair and I am much to impatient to wait for it to grow. it is also curly, so now with a cut, most of the curls are gone I wish I had more patience.

Beanma~ I also have the problem of dd's hair getting in her eyes. she has beangs, but it's the rest of the hair that is the problem. Maybe I should layer it. As it is, it's all the same length.
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Yes, I had ideas that I would never cut my daughter’s hair. Partially because she had black tips on her blond hair left over from her birth color…it was so sweet! I decided to cut it because she was pulling her “ponies” out and her hair was in her eyes or stuck in her boogies or full of food. Also, I have a compulsion with having a glass of wine and cutting my hair at 11pm. I’m trying to let my hair grow so I’m redirecting my fetish onto my innocent child.
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ds#2 is 26 months, with lovely long golden curls. We get a lot of 'isn't she cute?' (and he is!), but I figure they're not looking at the kid, just the hair.

There are two traditions that call for not cutting the hair before the age of three, Jewish and Anthroposophical. Not perfectly clear on the reasoning, but someone mentioned cutting strength (like Samson). The Jewish tradition as I understand it is to have a celebration at the age of three, and everyone takes a snip of hair. Don't know if we'll do that, but I like the notion of those who have 'invested' in him getting a lock too!

By way of perspective, ds#1 told us when he wanted his hair cut (about 5 yrs. old). He wear his red mop short these days!
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What's up with these people mistaking our beautiful boys for girls??!!!!

I dress ds really boyish most of the time. And I ALWAYS get asked " how old is SHE?" and they are always telling me, "SHE is just so beautiful!" I try not to let it bug me and usually say, "oh, thanks we think HE is beautiful too!" They blame it on his hair. It is blonde and has these great curls!!! But like another poster said, we were at the beach and he had on swimming trunks I tell you, and a floppy Hanna hat and they made girl comments. He has beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes too so it could be that!!I cant remember the last time someone said a boy comment to me!!LOL
But I refuse to cut his hair and dh is more adamant about it not being cut than me. And dh keeps his hair real short. But he has this Collector's Edition Longboarding Magazine ( surfing)that he bought about 5 years ago and that he still has and it has a 5 year old on the cover with a board and he has shoulder length blonde hair with some curl to it and dh says that its what Parker will look like. He's such a kook!!

I love my blonde, curl, long-haired boy!!!!!!!
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What hair?

I voted no but that's becasue dd (14 mos.) has no hair for me to cut!
It will probably be a long time before it reaches her eyes...which is probably when I'll start thinking about if it needs to be cut.
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