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What parts of AP do you practice? - Page 2

Poll Results: What AP practices do you follow?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 12% (192)
  • 11% (173)
    Extended Breastfeeding
  • 13% (200)
  • 12% (195)
    No CIO
  • 8% (126)
  • 5% (91)
    Non vax
  • 12% (188)
  • 12% (190)
    Gentle discipline
  • 9% (139)
    Cloth diapering
  • 2% (41)
    Other-please explain
1535 Total Votes  
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I checked all but CIO b/c I cannot figure out what that means. Didn't know what circ was either until I read the posts to figure them out.

We did give 2 HepB's when he was newborn and one month old but then stopped. Then he got one DTaP at 13 mos. of age and that's it on vax.

I live in Oregon, so more than weird looks, I actually get people complimenting me on my mothering and commenting how important what I'm doing is with nursing. Though I did have one incident once. Anyway, it's one of those things where the reading and research led to totally different decisions than we expected we'd make before getting pregnant.
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I checked breastfeeding, co-sleeping, No CIO, babywearing, gentle discipline, and cloth diapering.
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My son is circ'd (Bris Milah @ 2 weeks), and vaccinated, and only 6 months old so we're not EN yet

I can't let him CIO (it sends needles down my spine!), we breastfeed, I believe in gentle discipline (but we haven't gotten there yet), and I'm afraid of cloth diapers. My mother, oddly enough, is constantly trying to get me to switch to cloth. She never wore a sling and only nursed 2 of her 5 kids for more than 2 months, but is a firm believer in cloth diapers!

I checked other, because I spend time with my son. I never thought of it as AP until I learned what AP meant and what other people with children do. I pick up ds every time he cries, but we also play when he's *not* crying. There are people out there who think that attending a baby when he fusses is enough, but I see no reason to wait that long for signs of hunger or boredom. I pay attention to him. He doesn't spend 24 hours in my arms; I have been known to use the exersaucer or carseat to get a bit of rest for my back or a shower, but he spends a substantial bit of his day playing with Mamma. And that, I believe, is as it should be.
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And we do co-sleep... he sleeps just fine alone, but I hate getting out of bed to nurse him, so we keep him with us. I talked with DH about setting up a crib and he said "But I love waking up to his beautiful smile!" So we're keeping him in bed for a while
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I/we do extended breastfeeding (on-demand, self-weaning,) bedsharing, no CIO, have girls but wouldn't circ if we had boys, delay & selectively vax, babywearing, gentle discipline and used ecofriendly sposies w/dd #1, but will be cding w/#2. We also eat organic, no refined sugar or processed foods. And as far as the attached part of AP goes--we're on the extreme end of the scale-she has never been away from me for more than a couple of hours, we never leave her with a sitter and she doesn't go to preschool.

fraya-CIO means cry it out--letting a child cry itself to sleep, for example, instead of responding to his/her needs.
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Extended Breastfeeding
Non vax
Gentle discipline
Cloth diapering

*DD nursed until she was 2; we would've gone longer but I had gastric bypass surgery and my milk dried up.
*We co-slept everyday until about 2 months ago and she started asking to sleep in her "big bed" so she sleeps there about 5 nights a week but normally comes and crawls in her bed about 4am
*No CIO in this house! I can't stand to hear her cry
*No Circ isn't an issue yet but any future boys won't be circ'ed.
*We select vax; mainly b/c I didn't know I had a choice until she was almost done
*We wore DD all the time until she was about 18-20 months then she preferred to walk.
*No spanking here.
*Cloth diapers are what led me to AP Parenting!
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I checked:

Extended Breastfeeding (DD til 4 years, 2 months; DS currently)
Co-sleeping (both currently)
Non-Circ (like DH says, "We didn't circ DD, so we decided to not circ DS)
Babywearing (backpacks at this point, but I carry DS a lot and when DH is around we each carry one)
Gentle Discipline
Cloth Diapering

We selectively vax DS (none since he was one, but will get him some more. we don't do them on the "regular schedule" the ones we do get. we were less educated with DD and she was fully vaxed).

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I agree with mamapie in her comment that vaxing and CDing isn't necessarily part of AP parenting. It is more of a natural living choice.
In our home we: breastfeed
no CIO
babywear (as long as my back will hold out lugging my 22 pound ds. otherwise he rides in the stroller.)
gentle discipline
cloth diaper (although we use disp. when we'll be away from home for more than 2 hours. i can't get used to carrying 'round poopy diapers either)
selectively vax

I wonder though at what age is it considered exteneded BFing. My son will be 1 in two weeks and has yet to really take to solids. So he pretty much is exclusively BFd. So is he EBFd after one, after two?
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I voted for all....but not sure if we qualify for EBF or not? DS was nursed till 15mons
The "other" for Natural Living stuff(Homebirths,organic foods,whole foods,natural healing...)
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I used other to include NVC.
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is that non violent communication?
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I checked:

*Breastfeeding. Not sure if it's Extended or not, since they're only 1!
*Non-vax (except really it is partial vax and some delayed vax)
*Gentle discipline
*Cloth diapering (when we're at home.. I can't figure out how to do cloth for twins when traveling)

Plus, I checked Other to include:

*Organic baby food, mostly homemade.
*No TV!! No Baby Einstein, etc. videos!! EVER!
*Try to use as many natural toys as we can (wood, blocks, etc... not nosiy plastic toxic over-stimulating things).
*Minimal use of baby "contraptions" (swings, seats, highchairs, jumper, Exersaucer, etc.etc.)
*SAHM for 11 mos.; now working only 16 hours/week, much of which from home. This was a choice we made for AP reasons, i.e., to take the $$$ cut so I could be with both babies as much as possible.
*Use "green" cleaners to minimize household toxins
*Try to use homeopathy first, NOT DRUGS, to treat dd and ds when necessary (ear infections, teething pains, cold symptoms, etc.). I think Tylenol drops here and there is as bad as it gets.
*Others???? I'm sure there are others.

Not sure how much of this is AP vs. "natural family living". But it all comes from the same place in terms of my hopes and goals for how I want to raise my children, so I put it all down warts and all.
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Originally posted by mamapie
is that non violent communication?
yes mamapie.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by mamapie
[B]cloth diapering and non vax are not in essence a part of AP. They are a part of natural family living, really, and natural health. The two can and very often do go hand in had but they are not precisely one in the same, in my opinion.]

Mamapie - Yes, you're right. Cloth diapering, non-vax, and also wooden toys, organic foods, natural cleaning solutions, ect., are all part of the "natural living" category. They are not part of the AP definition itself. Although, many of us do some or all of the natural living practices.

Many of us are high on the scale for AP, but lower on the scale of natural living. That's where my family fits in.
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I voted everything but non-vaxing, even though I have a girl. I certainly won't circ her. I won't circ my next child if it turns out to be a boy. I've practiced all of these at times, although she weaned from the family bed and the breast between her 3rd and 4th year. She asked to nurse last night, however, but didn't really know how to anymore.

I will probably vax my next child, although I want to delay it for awhile and do it selectively. I did a little of that with my dd, but she has had all of her immunizations through two years. I have no idea if she is supposed to have more or not as she hasn't been to a doctor in two years.
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We are relaxed homeschoolers, use slings, EN, no cio, self wean, have an open family bed, gentle parent, rarely use a sitter, infant massage, have a chiropractor and midwife gentle birth if possible, child led toileting, very selectively vax, lots of waldorf dolly/wooden trains here, read mothering since forever, and buy organic. We do not do 'ap', we do the things we choose for mainly instinctive reasons and because that is the way I was raised.(cultural) I grew up near dr sears family in so cal and that is the same way many others there were raised during the early sixties. I think sears is a marketing genious for giving it a label and selling it up in a book. he gets credit for ap but he did not coin it.
We also circ'd, used disposys, love fast food, play gameboy, watch TV especially cartoons, love love our double stroller, kids have their lovies/silkie & pacys as they want, and for fun regularly buy a pinata of sponge bob fill it with sugary candy and offer it up to the neighborhood children to whack at. We are not 'natural' health people IMHO even though I own hemp stuff, birkenstocks, and tie dye. I just like the look cause that is what mom used to wear. this is a very interesting thread-
mom to ds 14, ds9, ds6, dd 3 1/2
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I checked everything except non-circ...yes, both our boys are circumcised. We are also homeschoolers (and my dh is a public school teacher : )
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I didn't check non-circ as I do not have a boy.
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I breastfeed, cosleep, babywear, gentle discipline, no cio.....

I hope I EN..but Aidan's only 7 weeks old..so who knows on that one!

its funny to see how much things have changed...I was not so AP with Cassidy, I only nursed for 8 weeks and did do modified cio at bedtime with her...

though, I did carry her everywhere and we do gentle discipline..so I'd say we were on the edge...and I learned from my mistakes.
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here is mine.

not as much as you guys, but im happy.

we do gentle discipline.

we never do CIO.

i think being gentle is the #1 important thing to me.

i can't imagine spanking him.
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