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T but it is apropros to some of the discussion above and I didn't think it was big enough to start a new thread over....As I've stated before in earlier threads on Dean, I think he's great.
I haven't stated a position on gun control, so here it is: I think the NRA has its head up its a** on any guns all the time. However, I am a hunter. (Umm, bowhunter only these days, though. But I still used a rifle to get all the pigeons out of the barn. Squab pie!) I agree with Dean on states rights issues (which are really states rights issues, not specifically gun law issues, even though those are some of the many things that get caught up in the ribbon). AND, the biggest problem to me right now with gun laws is the TOTAL LACK OF ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!!! ........... Sorry for yelling. .......... I mean, my god, if we had had decent enforcement, lots of things probably wouldn't have happened, from the Maryland sniper to the kids at Columbine. If 'security forces' are going to get money thrown at them, it would be nice if 'domestic security' meant that gun stores records were checked for discrepancy and fraud. It would be a lot better than sending bombs to the Middle East.
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Originally posted by sohj
I am a hunter.
Somehow I didn't picture that from a Persian Peace Name I'm lurking and learning - thougth it was weird that I found 4 links to Dean on one day from one page. It is a very interesting talk, carry on , sorry for the interruption
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Found yet another . . .
http://www.msnbc.com/news/913993.asp?0dm=T2CENParty reckons with Dean phenomenon
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Chanley I agree COMPLETELY! It was the gun issue that lost Gore the election in my opinion. Even union members were voting against him because of that.

I also agree the gun control laws are not being enforced. Except Columbine, those were purchased legally it would have been difficult to know that she had given the boys the guns but now Colorado has laws that require background checks for all purchases at gun shows before the Columbine shooting the law only required background checks for dealers.
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Under fire from the Democratic Leadership Council, a key business-friendly group, presidential contender Howard Dean is thriving on the criticism, drawing excited crowds on the campaign trail and making an unexpectedly strong bid for the 2004 Democratic nomination.


“I find him a very exciting candidate, and I see a lot of energy for Dean in this state,” Berendt told MSNBC.com. “He’s really pushing back at Bush on the issues that people care about. And this is something Democrats have been yearning for — someone who will stand up to the Bush administration and to these policies which we think are a disaster.”
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I agree that an NRA endorsement for a Democrat may be the wedge that can really help get rid of the awful Bushies.

I'm always arguing with my husband the Libertarian about stuff like this. He says why don't the lefites in the ACLU protect the Second Ammendment? and I say, because the NRA is already doing it, so why duplicate the effort?"

So we have kind of agreed that we are both in favor of civil liberties, but with different emphisis.

I guess what I'm saying is that an NRA endorsement doesn't suggest to me that Dean is opposed to democratic values. It may just mean he has a broader view of civil liberties.

So far, I think Dean is a pretty exciting candidate.

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Dean is on CSPAN at 1:00 central

Today...! 2:00 Eastern time

That's 30 mns away. I imagine most of you have a life and wont see this in time. BUT..... Just in case.

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