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"Mommy my bum is sore?"

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My 2 and a half yr old daughter complains about having a sore bum just before making a poo. She hops around and 'sings' in a whiny voice, "my bum is sore mommy!" Its really sad to see here like this!

When she actually makes a poo though she isnt complaining - just moments to an hr before?

I watch what she eats and try to give her lots of fibre and water (luckily she doesnt mind water) but still...

Any suggestions?
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Hi Raven,
Have you actually looked at her tush to see if she has something there that could be making her bowel movements painful. I guess it is not her bm that is painful but just before she has one: If you do not see anything there and this continues, I would take her to the doctor.
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Yeah, I have. I think maybe she is constipated? But then I cant figure out why she doesnt complain when shes doing the deed... I baught some pureed prunes so I will give that a try. Then I will have to take her to the dr.

Thanks bellamama
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Perhaps she has a small fissure that isn't right on the surface?

I hope she feels better soon!
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try some calendule gel after bathing and cleaning her with a baby wipe after each BM and reapply! been there done that
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Possible diet adjustment

Have you considered more yoghurt and apple puree.

Little girls tend to suffer from constipation more than little boys, so my ped tells me.

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Thanks guys! Dd eats a lot of yoghurt - but I havent tried pureed apples...

The prunes seem to be helping. Hopefully things are coming right!
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Maybe she is just referring to the achy feeling that tells us we have to go poo. Sometimes I get a little cramp in my guts, but everything comes out fine.
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Mamarosa, you said what I was going to.

My dd says "Mama, my hip is sore" or "my hips hurt" when she has to go poo. Whe she was learning to control her bladder she would seem to be in agony yelling about her sore bum (she had held her pee too long, and hadn't learned to recognize the sensation of her full bladder without a diaper on).

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