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Flylady was too much for me but I really like Bonnie McCullough

I made a schedule that worked around my dh work schedule.

I really need to give myself a kick in the pants and make a new cleaning schedule.

Keep up your fabulous work
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You are doing a great job! Doing a little bit at a time will start to make a huge difference. Hang in there!
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I just read your blog

There's nothing in your pictures that I haven't seen in my house

My house is slooowly getting better.

This may be hard to hear but I have to say the ONLY thing that's helping me recover from clutter is getting rid of stuff. Even "good" stuff.

I can't help noticing in one of your posts that you are saving a non-working phone. I mean this very gently but I'd say toss it. If it doesn't work, don't keep it. They are not that expensive.

I've so BTDT. I know what it's like but I truly believe that the only way to get rid of clutter is to throw out good stuff. Not your prized posessions but the things that you are keeping to fix up.

FE I have thrown out toys with missing pieces because I decided that 1) I was never going to get all the pieces together (I've been working on the same toys for YEARS) and 2) they weren't that great anyway. IME stuff that really gets played with is generally kept together-it's the stuff that no one really plays with that ends up in piles/boxes of clutter and it gets moved around for years. It doesn't matter if someone could use it. I really believe that your time could be put to better use. Think of all the hours you spend dealing with clutter, heck, think of the hours I'VE spent. I could have done so much.

All those clothes that are really good or could be good? NO, NO, NO -I'm talking about myself here, not you I'm NOT fixing them up. I'm NOT. There's so many projects I could do-I don't need to fix up used clothing.

I have to go now-kids are calling.
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I'll watch your blog if you watch mine!!! Lets encourage each other!!!!
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Way to go mama!

You've made amazimg progress. Keep it up!
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cdmaze- love your blog, too
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Wow, I am halfway through your blog and I wanted to say I really admire your forthright and honest attitude! I can relate, I get into cycles where my house is like that for a few days and then I get into a 'mood' and make it all perfectly clean and act like an uptight drill sergeant in an attempt to keep it 'perfect'. Then I get exhausted by the effort and give up and it slides back into mess everywhere.

I want to echo what marybeth said, the only thing that has helped here is getting rid of tons of stuff.

Thanks for sharing that, I am really finding it motivating!

(I forgot to add that your house is lovely! It has such great woodwork, wood floors, tons of character.)
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charmcitymama...I LOVE your blog. You can come to my house anytime. We have a spare room that is just like yours...and really needs to be gutted, because my almost 2 year old needs his own room (it's our project for the spring).
Keep one decluttering. You are an inspiration.
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I tried FlyLady a couple years ago and started out all excited but ended up all annoyed with her and her glut of emails cluttering up my inbox.

Checking out squalorsurvivors now, too. Subbing to this thread and bookmarking your blog.

I just decluttered my bedroom because there was so much junk lying around that my allergies got crazy and the dust was making me sick. So now we have one clean room, but no bed. Just a camping mattress right now. I tossed the other one out because I think it had mold on it.

But I'm afraid to put anything on the dresser or not in perfect lines in the closet because one item out of place seems to breed a clutter pile within just a few days and I end up starting all over again.

But at this point, the clutter and disorder is literally making me sick and causing problems in our every day lives. Not good.

Thanks for being so brave and blogging and posting at MDC. Going to go read the blog now.
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Thanks for being so brave to post pictures of your house! My house has been there, and some rooms still are. I am so envious of those moms who always have a clean house, and a little annoyed when I go to their house and they say "Oh, dont mind the mess", yet their houses are so clean! And mine... well, isnt. Housekeeping doesnt come naturally or easily to some people!
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Subbing so I can read your blog tomorrow.

Keep up the good work!
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Wow! You are doing great! My house looks like that regularly. I'm horrible at housekeeping!
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