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So far, I really like the EM!

It goes on differently than the BM - the consistency is different, much softer (like the BM mineral veil). I realized that when I apply the BM, it feels slightly prickly - I always thought it was the brush, but I used the same brush to apply the EM and didn't feel the prickliness.

The concealer worked well.

It's hot here today, and I've been sweating - and so far, no itchiness.

I think we're a here!
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I posted before that EM makes my pores look huge, and a few suggested it was the brushes or I'm over applying. Well, I bought Larenim and it doesn't do it. I don't know what the difference is, but Larenim looks great on me
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i want to try em, but do they send you brushes with the samples? if not, what kind of brush can i use to try them? i have some sonia kashiuk (sp?) brushes from target....would any of those be ok to apply the mineral makeup?
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No, you'd have to buy brushes separately. I don't know the brush you mentioned. Instead of investing in an expensive kabuki or flat-top brush, get a flocked sponge - it works the best for me (as long as the makeup doesn't contain bismuth oxychloride, which EDM doesnt). It's cheap and lasts forever. Just sweep it downwards on your face.

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I just have to put in a plug for Everyday Minerals (no, I'm not affiliated with them). They have AWESOME customer service. I got the sample kit and I ended up getting 2 of the three colors that were definately too dark for me. So I emailed and asked if I could get one more color. They sent me the color sample I needed plus another sample of the foundation one shade darker for me to try- free of charge, free shipping. They were great!
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FYI - I am just now using the last of ONE (I still have two other foundation colors, plus a concealer and blush) of my EM sample foundations. I use it just about every day, so each foundation sample will last you approximately three months!

My only negative comment so far is that the eyeliner brush I ordered from EM is total crap. The bristles separate every time I use it, even wet. Are the other EM brushes terrible, as well? I already have foundation/kabuki/other brushes from my BM days, so I use those.
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