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Hello all,

I'm just checking how you are all doing.

[COLOR="Purple"]Congrats!!! to all the
Montanamarvel: Thanks for checking my chart. No, I don't normally spot in the middle of my cycle. GL in your tww too. Me too will POAS with you on Sat. GL to us and to everyone else.

Sstellimama: Yeah!!!! for crosshairs. I hope you caught the eggies. GL in your 2ww.

True Blue:
I'will be : for your Mom quick recovery.

Huge to all the BFN and AF

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Folaboye, I'll be POAS with you SAT!

Let it be a fortuitous day!

Thanks for the welcome mammabear!

And welcom hazeleyes and josh's girl! Time for some good waiting vibes!
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Woohoo! Another round of TWW...I've got a really good feeling about this month. I hope I'm right!
Nicole, can you move me to waiting to know, pretty please? Thanks!
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O sweet threadkeeper~ will you move me to waiting to know~ even though I haven't gotten my crosshairs, I'm waiting to know if this insem worked . : for all in the 2ww!!!!
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Fola your chart looks amazing. : : : for you

I am still waiting to O
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mamabear swim spermies swim :

Who is our cheerleader? I can never remember. BUT we are in need of a cheer.
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. ummmm.... that'd be me.
Hmmmm... I'l hafta think on this a bit. Anyone else got one? I'm really liking swim spermies swim Laurie!!!!

and YES FOLA~~~ your chart looks beautiful!!!!!!!
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Thread Starter 
Changes made to here.

I'm glad to see more ladies are moving to the waiting to know category! I hope we get some more BFPs this week!
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Just jumping in to say I fell off the fence. I am now TTC again. Only this time, no charts and no obsessions! I am trying to keep track of when we BD just so I can have an idea of a conception date. I am only tracking my fertility via CF and Cervical position. No news yet, but could I please be moved to waiting to O?

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Fola, fiberlover and I are on for POAS Saturday(MissAnn maybe you should join us). My chart is not as lovely as Fola's, but it isn't sucking either. I was excited until I noticed it was similar to my November chart (obviously NOT a pregnancy cycle). That is what we get for stalking FF 100 times a day.
This is a really bad time for me to be distracted, I have an evaluation at work next week. It is even worse than an evaluation of just my performance, it is an evaluation of the program I coordinate. 2 people are flying in from Switzerland to JUDGE ME/US/IT. I am the curriculum coordinator at an international school. I am trying to stay calm here.

If I get a BFP on Saturday I would be so happy that the visit would be a breeze, no matter what.

Trueblue-how wonderful that you can be there for your mom. You will be in my thoughts.

Welcome joshs girl-there is always a chance! GL and welcome!

Mamabear-yeah, where is that Zjande? We haven't heard from her in awhile and I want wedding details. Good luck with your insem.
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Would it be so very wrong to keep posting until I get a top of the page post?

As for a cheer for mamabear(kinda lame, sorry):

He loves me,
I love him,
Come on spermies: SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!

Later ladies!
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Hello ladies! I am new here (been lurking for a couple of weeks) I just wanted to know if I could be added to the list under waiting to know? http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/c4910 Has anyone ever been known to have a triphasic chart around 4 dpo? To me it looks like I have a triphasic, but I am not sure. Anyone want to look at it and see? Thanks!

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opps forgot to sub :

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Yeah my temp finally went up significantly!!!

illumini- oh it does look like its going triphasic! Yeay!
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Originally Posted by Montanamarvel View Post
Would it be so very wrong to keep posting until I get a top of the page post?

As for a cheer for mamabear(kinda lame, sorry):

He loves me,
I love him,
Come on spermies: SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!

Later ladies!
Oooooh : . I it!!!! Thank you montana!

and illumini~ what a beautiful chart!!!!
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: OK guys, I have a question. My chart is a roller coaster this month. all over the place... I have been charting for 3 months and all 3 months are completely different. this month I finally got ECM and was able to feel the opening to my cervix so I am almost positive that I O'd on CD20. Today I am sooooooo stuffy : I know I was mouth breathing all night because my throat is so painful and I cannot go for more than a min or two without opening my mouth. So I got a relatively low 97.0 this morning. When I input that into FF it takes my crosshairs away (I had cheated and repeated yesterdays temp for today and it gave them to me ) Now, I forced myself to mostly keep my mouth shut for 10 min and I got 98.3. This was about 30 min after my waking. normally my temp does not rise quickly throughout the day. Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 (95.1) and still temped at my normal 7 and still only got 97.2.

So what do you think? Should I put in my later temp? Can I have my pretty crosshairs back?
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How embarrassing! I totally forgot that I had an appt at the obgyn this afternoon and dh and I gio this morning. My Dr. knows that we are ttc and I warned her about what she might find. She was soooo cool about it! I just wanted to sink into the floor.

Anyway, I told her that I was O'ing or maybe had O'ed yesterday. She said lets do an us then and take a look. Well she said it doesn't look like you are getting ready to you must have O'd yesterday. If that is true, why didn't my temp go up very much?? I guess that I will have to wait till tomorrow. I still had spotting this morning and yesterday. That pretty much means that I O'd right? :
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Jezzy - sometimes my temps take a few days to rise, even after I know I've O'd because my CM dries up. Maybe you'll see a rise in a few days?
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Can someone take a look at my chart please? Do you think I really Ovulated? The missing 2 days I had fever so didn't include there....and now I'm not sure my temp is still up because I o'd or because I had fever day before!!!!


So, if I really O'd I guess I could be moved waiting to know......even though I know there won't be much to know anyway...we did bd like 4 days before the given O date......
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FF gave me crosshairs this morning. Please move me to waiting to know. Thanks!

*buckles herself into the emotional roller coaster called 2WW*
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