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Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful sunday.

[B]:Congrats!!!! Sara on your :[/B]

Stacy: Sorrry for BFN. You can retest may be it's too early GL


Nicole: Thanks for the new thread.

As for me can I be move back to waiting to O. FF removed my crosshairsl . During the time that I ovulated I had : and :

Wishing everyone well

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i have a ? for you all about opks. I took one at 1pm, and it was def. darker than yesterday. I'm betting it'll be really + tonight. But half the line(vertically) is darker than the control, and half is lighter. Is that a + or -?
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Thanks everyone, I hope you all get to join me over in the October due dates.

DH and I are stunned that it happened so quickly for us. It took us 16 cycles and 2 m/c to conceive Logan and here we are pregnant after only 2 tries. YAY!

We are praying for a sticky bean, as long as we make it past 6 weeks I can breathe a sigh of relief.
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Hello, I am new to the TTC forum. I actually posted here a few times a couple of months ago, but I see now I could possibly be in for an extended stay here!

Here's my story:
I got pregnant with my DD the first month trying just by BDing often (for me, anyway). My pregnancy was wonderful, but kind of crashed and burned at the end with severe hypertension, CS, the whole thing. My BP has been high ever since.

DH and I decided to start TTC again in September 06. My cycles were really erratic, but they've always kind of been that way. My last cycle I was sure I was PG, but tests kept coming back negative. Long story short, 61 days into my cycle AF finally arrived on 1/17. I went to my doctor who gave me the tentative diagnosis of PCOS. Tentative until I see an endocrinologist and have a US, but as far as I am concerned, having nearly every symptom there is, it seems likely to me that I've got it. And it just explains so many things that have been wrong with me since forever, including the problems I had during DDs birth. I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy and have hardly lost any of the weight, which is probably really affecting my cycles. I was just glad to have some kind of diagnosis, since I had so many previously unexplained symptoms and I felt really crappy about trying so hard to eat right and still carrying all that extra weight.

Anyway, after finding out about the PCOS and that it is probably not going to be so easy this time to TTC, I decided to start a diet that is better for PCOS sufferers and to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I am about halfway through it and I also got a basal thermometer and am starting to chart (only 3 days in so far, so probably not worth posting any links yet).

I guess I am "Waiting to O," and I could be there for a very long time if my last cycle is any indication. CD 19 and no sign of EWCM, so this cycle looks like it could be long again.

Glad to meet all you mamas and mamas-to-be-someday. Baby dust to all.
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Hey guys, nice to have found ya again!

Has anyone here ever used clomid days 1-5, or even 2-6? This was my first cycle doing that, and I think it whacked out my AF...it has been unusual...and I've had a lot more pain and cramping, plus ive been sick....it's just been a miserable couple days.
Geez, what a whiner i am.

Anyway, cd...8? here, did clomid CD's 1-5, except that on cd 4 i had some sort of maybe food poisoning? and was too ill to keep the pill down so i took another one like 12 hours late....I'm sure that helped....

anyway...I've never taken the pills so early before, so I'm guessing i should expectO to be earlier....probably within the next 5 days or so, I'm guessing....
unfortnuately, dh is a big butt head.....that probably counts as name calling? okay , fine, he's not a big butt head....but we are having some general spats and fighting, over little stuff, really, housecleaning, chore divisions, etc.....not like divorce-level stuff, LOL!
but, it's hard to want to bd when you spent 2 hours glaring at each other and feeling like you're right and the other person is a poopyhead. (I didn't call him a poopyhead, i said i felt like he was a poopyhead, that's not *technically* namecalling.....)

we're snowed in here...all the schools, etc for like a 50 mile radius are closed tomorrow, i'll be spending the day in a freezing house with a dd who has more energy than a team of energizer bunnies....

Anyway....hopefully I'll O soon!
Congrats Sara!
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Thanks for the new thread Nicole!

Congratulations on that BFP Baby Makes 4

Sorry Jillybeans, I have never used opks before.

Welcome Meisterfrau, hope that your stay here is short!

I have a question for those of you that use a microscope. I just bought one today, a normal microscope. I ordered a mini one months ago and it it hasn't come. Is a normal microscope ok to use too? I think that it should be :
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Jezzy-I think a regular microscope would work if ya know what you are looking for. I used a saliva microcope for awhile but I found that my ferns never matched up with my O. I am sure there was a pattern in there somewhere, I just wasn't seeing it. Better luck to you.

Baby Makes 4- congratulations on your success, and after only 2 cycles. After the last attempt you deserve the quicker turn around!

meisterfrau-welcome! I hope the PCOS diet helps you. Enjoy the rest of TCOYF!

bobandjess99-argh over the cold, miserable snow in and double argh over your struggle with dh. It is hard to muster up the desire to bd when you want to ignore them, unless you channel that frustration to a good place. GL with that.

Fishie-so sorry about AF that *@!#&$@#!

I am 7 dpo and entering into the phase where we torture ourselves with every tiny sign or nonsign. Although I currently have zero of either. I will test this Saturday at 12 dpo, is anyone else there?
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oh, and jilly, that has never happened to me with an OPk before. I would just try again and go from that one. Although I am leaning toward the part of the line that is darker as being the accurate one.

Hope that helps!
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I wish you HH9 months!!!


It's kind of weird question but has anyone ever heard about doing D&C as a fertilty treatment??? I was shoked to know that my mother did D&C as a fertility treatment to get pregnant for the 3rd time. She didn't have any problem getting pregnant with the first 2.....!!!! As a matter of fact, first 2 were her oops babies!!! She is in another country though! I thought people do D&C if they miscarry!!!
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bobabdjess Makeup sex can be fun.
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COngrats to all the recent BFPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still sitting here wondering whats going on w/ my body. I think I Oed on cd 16 but still haven't gotten my crosshairs. My temps are being a bit odd.. so I guess I will see....
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Please move me to Waiting to O.
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Originally Posted by noorjahan View Post

It's kind of weird question but has anyone ever heard about doing D&C as a fertilty treatment??? I was shoked to know that my mother did D&C as a fertility treatment to get pregnant for the 3rd time. She didn't have any problem getting pregnant with the first 2.....!!!! As a matter of fact, first 2 were her oops babies!!! She is in another country though! I thought people do D&C if they miscarry!!!

I have had one years ago and my Dr said that it would easier to become preg if I decided to ttc. I was having ( 3 years ago but I wasn't ttc ) really bad bleeding, and what is called contact bleeding when the penis hits the cervix it started to bleed all the time. I was spotting all the time too. My Dr. said that if we do a D&c it would probably stop I also had what was called a cone cut into my cervix to stop the bleeding. She said that this is often seen in smokers I use to smoke but quit a long time ago. Some how the cervix and the wall of the uterus had some "scarring" from this and they just scraped the scarring away and cut out the bad tissue on the cervix. I asked if I ever wanted to ttc again if this would make it impossible she said no. It would be impossible to ttc the way that it was and the ONLY option would be a D&C- I don't have any problems with spotting or bleeding anymore since then.

So I guess that it is possible that there are reasons a D&C would be done to ttc.
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Thanks for the new thread Nicole~ it looks great!!

fishie, cyrus, fola, hazel and bobandjess

meisterfrau ~ hope your stay here is short and sweet!

: montanamarvel!!!

Jilly~ I'd def. poopk again later if mine came 1/2 way like that~ say 4:00 cuz thats when I will be power-twin-activate~ in the form of A POSITIVE OPK!!!

noorjahan~ hmmmm.... was she confusing w/ a laparoscopy or hysteroscopy ??? maybe they did a d&c, I don't believe thats something my doc would include in his line of treatment, for say me, though but who knows, maybe she had endo or something like that and they did something with that, the d&c? like Jezzy said.

Jezzy~ I've never used a microscope, but if you know what you're looking for Why not??

stellimamo~ you're chart isn't so bad really, I've seen bfp charts that looked nothing like the preceding bfn charts of ttcers :
OT~ your baby girl is adorable

:kjad, mamamerle,missannthrope:

I'm still waiting to o. I'm hoping to call my re in the coming days with my pos. opk to go in for my insem . My temp are low due to sleeping with my mouth open, I've got larygitis and a bad cold. Should msake it real easy to pinpoint o on my chart : .
~~~~~~~~~~~~ but... I'm still hopeful : .
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Thread Starter 
I promise to update this afternoon, but I have to run to work right now.
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Nicole! I added the members who need to update section back in Dec when I was the threadkeeper. I went through and updated all of the lists as best I could (checked peoples charts, moved them as appropriate) and I deleted anyone who hadn't posted on MDC in the past 6 months. Anyone I didn't know what to do with, I moved to the Update list. I don't think any subsequent threadkeepers added to my list though, so perhaps it isn't useful to anyone but me.
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jezzy: scope~ should be fine. It doesn't really matter as long as it can focus down enough to see the ferns(which doesn't take much)

bobandjess: I've never taken it so early, and yup. You should O between cd 10 and 14 if you took it 1-5(5-9 days after last pill)

fishie: SO sorry af showed! This WILL be your month! Ok!! November babies are wonderful.

I took another opk five hours after the odd one and it was MUCH fainter. So i'm pretty sure I caught the end of my surge. Looking at them all after they've dried, it's pretty obvious it's a +. So i *should* see a temp rise tomorrow, and O today. And no more opk's for today...i used em up! Town is 30 minutes away and I'm NOT going today!
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Congrats Sara!!!

So today I entered a spot into ff from yesterday and it started a new cycle????? Not a new cycle but anyway!!! So I am still in the right place!WTF
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tryin trying trying

not to get excited.....but its not working. I normally have a 32 day cycle Im now on cd30 and had a huge temp increase. by this point it normally goes down. So do we have a POATuesday list.....if so count me in. I just cant seem to help myself.

Anyone want to stock my chart!
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Originally Posted by massaginmommy View Post
bobabdjess Makeup sex can be fun.

you guys crack me up. LOL

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