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Blue lips in toddler?

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My 17 month old has blue lips. It seemed to happen all of the sudden... he's acting perfectly normally, hasn't eaten anything blue or purple... what could this be? Our house is a little cool today so I put a sweater on him.

Now my husband just called up to say they're turning pink again. Could he have been that cold? I mean, it's like 66 degrees in here, not frigid.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Reading this gave me the chills. I'm sorry, I don't have any suggestions for you. I guess if it were me and it happened again, I'd see a doctor. I'm not opposed to doctors, but definitely do your research to back up what the doctor says before administering meds or treatments.

Good luck!
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My first concern would be a lack of oxygen, either from something like asthma or a heart problem. My ds has never had blue lips from being cold so I would be alarmed.
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I can vaguely remember a kid I knew in hs who had blue lips and a heart problem- I could be totally wrong though so please don't panic. Get him checked out asap. GL momma.
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Well, we called. Blue lips is a sign of cyanosis, though the doc said that it's not necessarily a dangerous thing (after all, you can get blue lips from being in a cold pool too long.) She said it was probably due to him being cold and to keep an eye on him.

I'm going to take him in this week though... just have them listen to his heart and lungs. We're not big into doctors, but I'm not big into taking risks either.

Thanks, ladies.
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