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Early miscarriage or not pg?

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Hi. I've been reading the board for awhile now but have never posted. I really need some help though right now if you don't mind.

I think I'm having an early miscarriage, but my DH thinks I was never pg. I've been having pg symptoms for weeks but took 3 HPGs over a period of 2 a half weeks and all were negative. But my friend had sent them to me - they were the little dip sticks and they weren't in their packages or anything. So finally after I used all of them I thought that maybe they're defective or something. I went and bought two tests from the drugstore. Both tests gave me a positive. That was Monday.

I started bleeding last night. I'm very crampy but nothing severe. And I haven't seen any clots, but I'm not sure what they look like anyway. I have more than the usual "mucus" and tiny, like pin head size "clots" coming out. I don't know if they even qualify as clots. I took another HPG and it was negative.

My midwife thinks I was pg and am having an early miscarriage. I would have been 8 weeks along now and was scheduled to go see her for a blood test next week.

so my DH thinks the positive tests were false positives and I'm just having my period, even though I'm more crampy than usual.

I hate to bring up old hurts, but can anyone tell me what an early miscarriage feels like? Would I see big clots like the size of a quarter or larger or is it possible I would just bleed like a slightly heavier period?

Also, do you think I should go in and get a pg blood test on Monday? Can they test and see if it was truly a miscarriage from a blood test?

I would appreciate any help. I'm feeling very sad about this. We've been TTC since January and I'm still nursing my 21mo. DD and now worried about that too. I don't want to wean her but I do want to get pg.
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My heart goes out to you. It sounds to me like you are having an early miscarriage. It's not very common to get false positives if you follow the directions correctly. If you look at the test hours later you might see an evaporation line, but if the positive shows up in the first few minutes, you are pregnant.

I haven't had a miscarriage (that I'm aware of,) but have several friends who have and those who had them early said that they were just like regular periods but stronger (ie: a bit heavier and more PMSy if that makes sense.) I hope your dh is able to see this as a miscarriage and support you, rather than denying your pain. Show him this thread in a couple days after you get all the wise wisdom here and perhaps he will come around.
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girrlie s

It does sound like you are having an early miscarriage. I am so sorry. I know how painful this must be.
I had an early miscariage in December and my dh was very much in denial about it. It took a couple of days of him not mentioning anything about it till I finally broke down and bawled my eyes out and told him he had to aknowledge that I was very much pregnant. It was a very emotional time for us. Give yourself some time to deal with the loss and I hope your husband will come around.
Much hugs to you and your dh.

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i've been having the same symptoms. i thought i was pg, no test, but lotsa symptoms. just gave birth to dd2 6 months ago, not on any birth control, but bf-ing.

then i started bleeding last week. also, longer and heavier than usual, and a lot of cramping, really intense cramping like i don't get with a period.

is there a way to know for certainty whether it was a mc or period?
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So sorry!
The clots would be sign of miscarriage at 8 weeks. I had a m/c at 8 wks and I had quarter size and larger clots and very bad cramps-like contractions if you've had a baby already.

The only way the blood test would confirm if you were preg is if there was still HCG in your system and it decreases over the course of a few days. I had to take blood tests every other week for almost 8 weeks because my levels would not decrease enough to register negative. But if the store tests were pos then you were most likely preg. Again-so sorry for your loss.

Take care!
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Thank you so much for your hugs and support. I researched miscarriage some more and am pretty sure I had one. I didn't have big clots but I had lots and lots of mucus, cramping, and heavy bleeding. I'm still bleeding some today.

More than that though I think my intuition was correct. I ended up crying about the lost babe some yesterday, while rocking my precious DD to sleep. My DH has come around a little too, although he still wants to see if we can get a blood test tomorrow. I am going to schedule one just in case there is still HCG in my blood.

What I read is that the HCG will decrease over several weeks. So if I was pg, there would be some still in my blood. It would be helpful to know for sure.
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Just thought I would give an update - there wasn't any Hcg in my blood. But the mw still thinks it was a miscarriage. She said you can't really tell when the embryo wasn't viable anymore. That the 2 positive pg tests I had could have been the tail end of it. And that the bleeding pattern was consisitent with a miscarriage.

So now I'm pretty confused . I think i'll research it a little more just to see. I'm feeling o.k. emotionally though and wanted to say thanks again for all your support.
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