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how many??

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ideally, how many kids would you like to have.

Is this how many your significant other wants too???
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We are in agreement on two.
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Three. It was a very easy agreement for us. After two, I told my husband that I was somewhat on the fence and could be talked into staying with two, or having three. After some time thinking about it on both our parts, we decided that we both felt our family was still missing one person, so here we are.
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I'd love to have 4-6. I grew up the oldest of 6 and wouldn't change it for the world. DH wants 2 or 3. We'll see what God has in store for us!
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3 (he only wanted two)
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this is our 3rd & last. when we got married 6 years ago we joked that we'd have kids until my husband was 50 & then call it quits. well, he'll be 50 in april & this babe is due in may so we thought we'd stick with our original plan! and...over the past 6 years i've been pregnant 5 times so i feel like i've been preganant, breastfeeding & caring for newborns almost our entire time together. i'm ready to have my family complete & move on to the next phase in life! actually, i thought i was ready to stop after two (especially after a very traumatic m/c) but something inside me couldn't definitively say i was done. that little voice is pretty definitive now. my husband jokes that he's going to complete his tatoo & have a vasectomy on his 50th birthday....but not both in the same place!?
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Dh wanted 3.
I wanted 4.

After we had 7, we said that God had added the two numbers together.

However, as it has been pointed out, there isn't any multiplication in 7 as it is a prime number, so now with 8, we have officially multiplied.
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We are in agreement (and pretty much always have been) on having somewhere between 5 and 8 kids. The twins will be our 4th and 5th, so we'll probably hold off on more until we have a bigger house.

We wavered a bit on whether or not we wanted any more after my last child (emergency cesarean). VBAC seemed a lot more scary then, and we almost decided to cut the family short and not have any more. I'm glad we didn't!

Also, if we end up able to get a decent sized house, after our children get older and start moving out we will likely consider adopting more. Too many kids out there that need a good home.
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we have no idea at all... I think we just want to see what having one is like and go from there.
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We always said at least three, with the option of four. I went into my fourth pregnancy with the "this is my last baby" mindset. But I started having different feelings...like there was someone else. I struggled with that foras long as I could, then couldn't fight it anymore. . So here we are...thrilled to be pregnant with #5!
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I think we will have 7-8. This will most likely be our last, and we will adopt the rest. I agree with a pp, too many littles out there that need a good home. My sil and her dh are adopting thier #5 (first 4 are bio). A little girl from Liberia and she is so beautiful. They will be able to go get her sometime later this year. The process there takes forever!!

Our pastor and his wife back in WI had 7 of their own and now are up to 14. They adopted 3 and are hoping to be able to adopt the remaining 4, which consist of a set of triplets and a little baby that is addicted to crack.
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Well, DH already had two, and we agreed that we would have 'some' kids.... I think I am up for two and could be talked into three. He grew up in a family of 4 boys (3 +1 adopted) and I had only one brother, so he's always been set on having 3-5 kids or even more, whereas I have always thought 2, but in the past few years have wondered if that isn't going to be complete. We'll see.
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We've always thought that 2 was a good number. We might go for 3, MIGHT. We agree that the 3rd one probably wouldn't be planned, so if it happens, it happens. The number greatly depends on dh's job and where we are. We both however do believe in adoption, and would love to adopt, but I don't know if that will be in the cards for us or not.
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One. Definitely just one (that I give birth to at least, maybe adoption would be an option at some point in the future). That way at least we're not contributing too much to overpopulation.
Actually I feel a bit guilty for even having one (in terms of population problems, environmental damage), I always said I would only adopt. But hey, it happened and I definitely can't say I'm unhappy!
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We never really talked about it.

I had my first at 17 (so, he isn't my husband's bio child). My pregnancy with ds#2 wasn't planned but we were happy, and we semi-planned this baby (planned to have another but weren't going to really ttc for another couple of months). I doubt we'll have anymore, but we're not sure yet.

And, apparently (& luckily) we don't seem to have any issues with fertility, so that door is still open unless we opt to *really* do something about it.
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I always knew I would have 4 kids

My first two boys are from my first marriage and live with us full time. When I met my dh we knew we wanted more kids (he told my mom 6) we definately decided that since there was a 4 year gap between my youngest and our next that we would have #'s 3 and 4. But now we are pregnant with number 5 and are debating whether we should go with 6, so it will either be 5 or 6
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We agree on what God gives us

But for our own selfish reason I would like to have a break of 4+ years before having any more kids. Actually I said that before we got preggo with this baby

Anyway this baby makes 4 children for us.
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we would like three or four. we are keeping it open. ds has been a really chilled out, enjoyable, somewhat easy baby. so i feel it's easy now to say we want three or more. but that's the plan anyway. guess we will see how we feel after this one arrives.
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Wow, how neat to read all the varied answers!

I grew up as an only child, and as far back as I can remember I loathed the idea of having kids...! I actually threw up when I saw the + pg test for Ian--I just knew I'd be a horrible mom, and I felt like my life was over at 17. But hey, there was no way I was going to give this child any less than he deserved, so I shifted my thinking and of course adored him and got to really love being a mama. But one was ENOUGH! I sold all the baby stuff, even considered getting my tubes tied (!). Then Lili came along--not unplanned, but certainly a surprise But even then I said, okay, two is good, but NO MORE!

That was still my thinking when the divorce came up, and this pregnancy was undoubtedly the biggest shock of my life...! I went from despair to acceptance pretty quickly--and after an unreal amount of pain and soul searching, I now realize that my life's calling has been staring me in the face all along.

Me and DP joke about that we're gonna have our own baseball team This is the first pregnancy I've ever thought *wouldn't* be my last! It's amazing how things come full-circle like that.
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I have always wanted three (though when I'm woken up 15 times in a night I wish we had stopped at 1) and DH said three too until we actually had one and realized how disruptive kids are, so he said two. But then when we found out that #2 is another girl suddenly he's willing to try for one more. So yay for me!

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