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at least 3. dh wants 4.
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I've always only wanted two. DH has two daughters from a previous marriage and was ready to get tied after dd, but I told him I really wanted two of my own. So as soon as this dc is born, he'll go and get his vasectomy. That's completely fine by me. I just can't imagine having anymore than two. I don't know how you mama's juggle it! I just met a mama who has three year old twins and a five and seven year old. I couldn't ever do it. I was in awe of her.
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Well I always wanted five. We had three in five years and then dh got a vasectomy and we were done. I was not happy but I went along with it. Then about 3 years ago I finally convinced dh that our family still needed growing. He agreed to a reversal and we had one more baby in Sept. 05 and will have our fifth (our last)in May! Now I feel like our family is complete and I am finished having babies....but maybe I could be convinced to have one more!

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I want 2 and my husband is stuck on having 1 (he's an only, I'm from a big family...) I am willing to postpone the argument until after we see how #1 goes. It could make all the difference in either direction!

He's mostly concerned about educational expenses and having 2 little ones with my working situation. I'm 30 and he's 35, so he is also not really open to having one much later.
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I wanted to add. I am one of four (all girls) and growing up thought I would have a big family too. Get married right out of college and start popping 'em out, hopefully have 4 or 6 by the time I was 30. A population class in college had a big effect on me, and pretty much made me decide 2 biological children was the right thing for me to do. So I changed my mind to having two kids. I did end up getting married right out of college, but we surprised ourselves when we ended up waiting FOUR years before wanting to start family. Looks like I'm still going to get "done" by 30, but only with the two. My husband is an only child - he knew he didn't want an only child, in fact he is why we got pregnant when we did, he didn't want them to be any farther apart. With the realities of everything - money, housing, etc, I'm really happy with the decision of having two kids. We have two dogs and three cats, which almost equals the comforting level of chaos I grew up with. If I need any more chaos, I'll get some goats or something!
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DH won't let me get a goat, I've asked. (we have a Bouvier, I wanted about 6 goats for him to herd.... )

But I hear you on the population thing. That is/was somewhat of a consideration, but since DH's ex can't procreate with her new partner, then us having two more still leaves things in balance. So, while DH has four kids in total, they are "spread out" over 4 adults.
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I want a goat! I don't think it would do well in my apartment, though!
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While growing up I wanted 6 kids, then we had our 1st! I sd "OK 3 would be good". But then it took us 6 yrs and 7 m/c's to have our 2nd DD. DH was done after the hard pg but I knew I wanted one more, just felt it in my heart that I needed another child. Then last yr after recovering from stage 1 cervical cancer DH sd that we could try for 6 mths to "see what happened". He thought since it took us so long for # 2 he'd be ok ! Low and behold here we are and are very happy. I KNOW that I am done now. Being pg is soooooo very hard on me, my m/s has gotten worse with each baby (1st dd lost 17lbs, 2nd dd lost 18lbs this time 35lbs : from being so sick). I'm happy that our family is complete or will be when this princess gets here. DH will go and get snipped after she is born, he says I've been through enough and its the least he could do.

I come from a family of 2 kids, I just have one younger brother. DH comes from a big family of 5 kids.
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Well, when we were first married I wanted 4. DH maybe wanted 2, maybe. He knew I would never want an only, though, so we were pleased when we got pg with #2. Then we were surprised and pleased when we got pg with #3 and he was *really* done. Then we were surprised and shocked when we got pg with #4 and now he says that maybe God knows more than we do about how big our family is supposed to be. So, now, I think we'll just see where God leads us!
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Before we had DD I figured we'd have 2, but after she was born I was thinking one would be enough for about 3 years! So now I think it's safe to say we'll have 2, this being our last. Dh and I are on the same page (he always wanted a second).
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I always figured there are enough people on the planet, but I really wanted to have one so I thought that would be a good number. Dh convinced me that a kid needs a sib to play with, I figured it would be safe to agree to that since it took us 18 mos to conceive dd and I was 39 and still bfeeding. . . . so we're having 2, I'll by a 40-yo mom like my mom was, which I always said I wouldn't! Dh has already volunteered to get fixed.

Dh would love to have goats, or maybe llamas or capybaras. We live in town, so it's not allowed, but hey, there was an illegal strip club next door for over a year, who's going to do anything about a couple animals?
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Originally Posted by beatee View Post
One. Definitely just one (that I give birth to at least, maybe adoption would be an option at some point in the future). That way at least we're not contributing too much to overpopulation.
Actually I feel a bit guilty for even having one (in terms of population problems, environmental damage), I always said I would only adopt. But hey, it happened and I definitely can't say I'm unhappy!
this is what we thought, too. well...we initially said "two" for zero population growth but when i got pregnant with #3 we did a lot of justifying ...his oldest daugther is an only child, my sister doesn't & won't have kids, one of my best friends doesn't & won't have kids....we figure we're just "using up" one of theirs!?
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Originally Posted by richella View Post
Dh would love to have goats, or maybe llamas or capybaras. We live in town, so it's not allowed, but hey, there was an illegal strip club next door for over a year, who's going to do anything about a couple animals?
See, our property is about 300sq. ft. short of what makes us legal to have goats. I figure, who's going to check. As long as they are fairly quiet... we have a lawyers office next door to us and the guy on the other side, well, let's just say he's short a few permits for what he's done to HIS property so he better not DARE report ME for anything or he's subject to some hefty fines from the city. But, alas, no goats for me. No sheep either, or a miniature horse.
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we have 4 and we are complete.

It started out being just 2 ...........but you know who that works.
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I always wanted at least 3 and DH always wanted 2. Well...when we had two we knew we weren't done yet and now we are having #3. I think we are open to the possibility of more children...maybe spread out a bit since these 3 are pretty close in age. I think I would like 4-5.
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i always said i wanted 4, dh wanted 2, so we compromised with 3. at the beginning of this pregnancy, when i was feeling wretched, i actually thought that i would feel "done" after this baby, but now that i feel better i want more.

i'm hoping that either i will feel done once this baby is here or dh will change his mind and become open to more.

i still think 4 would be ideal for me, but sometimes 5 or 6 sounds good too.
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i always wanted an even number 4- 6, this is my forth and i am DONE! its dh's 5th and he would of been happy with 1!!! he is going to have a snip snip after Caroline is here
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1 for starters... and then we'll go from there. I'd like to have two, but I want to wait and see how it goes... I already worry about juggling work and one baby so two seem overwhelming right now... I don't want to ever look back and feel like I shortchanged or missed out on my baby... My sister says that I'll be more comfortable with the idea of a second baby after I have the first... I hope she's right!
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"well having kids is the same as getting tattoos--you can't have just one!!"


sorry couldn't resist--was chit-chatting with the sears portraits lady and she said that
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we plan to have one then see if we want or feel capable of having more, i suspect if we have more we may adopt but so far i am enjoying being pregnant so maybe not
wen we talk about our future kids we always says kids or children so i guess on some level we want more than one
my sibling are not close to me in age so i grew up kinda like an only child and found it very lonely my partner grew up as an only child but was never lonely and enjoyed it so i think he is leaning more towards just one but he uses plurals to talk about out future kids to so who knows
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