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How long can sperm live inside a woman's body?

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First off, let me say that I've never had a pg scare, and I'm probably not having one now, so I feel a little silly for even asking this.

Dh and I use NFP. It's relatively easy because my cycles are always 28 days and I always ovulate on cd 14. We've been married for 4 years in July and NFP has worked well for us so far. The only times we've gotten pg are when we were TTC. We generally abstain for a 6 day period from cd 10-16 and consider ourselves safe. No worries.

For some reason, this month I O'd on cd 11. I'm positive of it. Dh and I had 'done the deed' at 11pm on cd 7. So, depending on what time I O'd on Thursday, the sperm was 3-4 days old. Is there any chance I could have conceived?

Ds is 16 months and I hadn't planned on TTC until about 10 months from now. I would prefer to have them 3 years apart. I wouldn't be devestated if I were to get pg now, but I would be a little disappointed. Ds has been so high needs that I'd like him to be a little more self-sufficient before #2 comes along.

Anyway, I'm rambling here. Unfortunately, it is my nature to worry, and this is one thing I've never dealt with before, so if someone could tell me what to expect or think I would very much appreciate it.

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There is a small chance that you could have conceived. Sperm can live up to 5 days in ideal conditions so your cm would have had to be ewcm and all the planets would need to be in alignment (okay, not really ) but, yes, there's a possibility.
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I agree with Milkfacemama, 5 days in good sperm-friendly conditions.

Good luck!
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They CAN live 5 days in ideal conditions. 2 to 3 would be much more likely though.

best wishes to you.
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sperm can live up to 7 days in the right conditions. i teach fertility awareness, and though most books will tell you up to five days there has been studies that show sperm living to 7 days and longer. Several years ago there was an artical in Scientific America *i may have the title slightly wrong, called Sperm Wars (there is also a book) and it discusses how long sperm can live and the conditions they can live in.
I have a student who had sex nine days out from ovulation. She is due in December. I saw her chart, she ovulated nine days after the last time she had sex, and that was the only time they did it. She was more than shocked!

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9 Days...Wow! I was amazed to end up pg after 5 days

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Thanks ladies!!! I was thinking sperm could live 3-5 days myself, but just wasn't sure.

Our family is heaing down to the beach for vacation on May 30th. Af is due on June 2nd. I have 3 First Response pg tests that a friend gave me for Christmas (as a joke), so I'll probably use one before we head down there.

I seriously doubt I did conceive. I guess time will tell. I'll update you when I know anything.

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