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The cervix in the first trimester - soft?

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From most everything I've read on the Internet, it appears the cervix, at least in early pregnancy, is usually very soft.

But my pregnancy book says that until the very end of pregnancy, your cervix should be much harder - the consistency of the end of your nose.

I don't know, maybe I just have a really bony nose, but these two statements really don't go together to me.

Any insight? Do y'all have supremely soft and smushy cervixes, as I do?
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Last time I checked mine it was very hard and closed.
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Crikey, that's not easing my worries at all. I must investigate this further.
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I've heard soft, but tighly closed. That's how mine feels. It was weird to feel the tightly-closedness of a hard cervix on a soft cervix.

Also, cervixes (?) seem to be pretty finicky -- mine changes over the course of a day. Actually, I've stopped checking it, since I figured I was worrying over nothing when I kept wondering if the changes were a problem or not.
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With 1st pregnancy mine was firm and tightly closed. It also went so high I could not reach it somewhere around the middle of my first trimester.

This time its so very different. It initially got firm and tightly closed. Then as the mucus plug started to firm up it softened a bit and feels more open-kind of like during the sticky phase (if you chart and KWIM). I can feel the plug sort of so I am not worried.

According to Spiritual Midwifery "Usually the cervix feels kind of hard, like the tip of your nose; when your pregnant, at 4 to 5 weeks, it feels like your lips (Goodell's sign)"

Hope that helps.
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I never checked my cervix with Joaquin, but with this pregnancy, it feels firm but soft. I was also under the impression that the cervix was supposed to be very firm and closed, and so before I confirmed my pregnancy with a test I felt my cervix and was thinking that I wasn't pregnant because it wasn't very firm and closed or high.
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Well, I just checked and it's sort of medium...not hard, but not quite soft. It's also not as tightly closed now. Hmmm...I hope that's ok.
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Amberella ~ Your cervix sounds like what mine is like. I wouldn't worry about it as long as your not bleeding or anything.
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Thank you, everyone!

I e-mailed my MW to ask her, and she responded with, "Yes, your cervix will soften in pregnancy. I don't think there are many women who feel their own cervix, so it is not something you find in the usual books about pregnancy."

Ha! Little does she know the millions of us who are addicted to charting ...
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May I ask what you all are charting exactly?
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I'm not charting anything currently - but around the time I got pregnant with my son I was charting my cycles and even though it's not a necessary part of charting, I was checking my cervix because the position can be an indicator of ovulation. So when I got pregnanct this time I read somewhere, like the other mamas, that a certain feel to the cervix - hard or soft, high or low - could be an indicator of pregnancy.
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Oh Thanks. Thats what I thought everyone meant by charting, but then I got confused thinking y'all were still charting something I wasn't aware of. But I'm really impressed by how many women are so aware of their bodies and do things like charting cycles. And knowing how their cervix's and uteruses feel. I really think that is great!
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