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Originally Posted by SharonAnne View Post
Hey you guys....something just struck me. Our babies are all gonna be two in four months.


When the HELL did that happen? :

Shut up. Right now.
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No seriously. How did that happen?? I mean, I cant even think about age 2. I am still stuck on...he's one and a half.

It makes me not want to think about it...how will he eat? Will he still be almost 100% tube fed? will he be able to eat more than one jar of baby food a day? drink more than 3 ounces a day? Will his head have grown??

So many questions. i just cant think about it.:
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Oh bama! GOODNESS it seems like the other day it was his first bday!

Goodness I feel like crap!: It sounds like everyone is on the same page as me! Its pretty cold here too today! I had to go to Alicia's school and read and it was the walking in and out to the car that just about killed me! I hate cold! I want summer and a nice pool in my yard!

Nice panties!

Chat you later ladies!
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aha! glad you liked them bama! hope dh will too. i used to work for a woman who made clothes for exotic dancers so i know a little about the little panty world!

it is cold here- i know SA told you, but i want to say it too. it is coooollldd!
i took eisa to our first "music together" class and it was really fun. she looked pretty much overwhelmed, but i think she still had a good time. it is so much better than the music time they have at the childrens museam.

on the way home we stopped at pizza hut- i have not been in years, but was just craving something full of fat. so the food was good and fat, but their was a man who was coughing up a terrible storm. he was really sick, which worries me for us b/c homeless in ny are known to carry tb. and it worries me for him, b/c i asked the waitress and she said that he comes all of the time and he is homeless. so sad, especially in this cold. what was funny though, was that after a really bad coughing fit that almost made me leave the resturant, he put on his headphones and that seemed to help him get it under control. he didn't cough anymore. the wonders of music!

so, we are not sick now, but it would not suprise me if in the next few days we are very sick. blech.
hope every one else is feeling better soon.
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emmy-don't blame you on the PO thing. it is waaaay too cold out to be walking anywhere with a babe. i hate it enough walking from the parking lot to class:

and yeah, i can't believe our babes (toddlers?) really are going to be 2. geez. have i really been talking with ya'll for 2 years?!?!

mclisa-good luck with claire. ds has been waking up a lot too but it's from teeth.

bama- i bet schuy will grow and be just fine

heather-if you're still reading along while babymooning, i'll go shopping tomorrow and get yours in the mail. i was going to do it sooner but we've had several house showings and i've been cleaning:
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MCS, go to the health food store and buy Herbs for Kids Brand Echinacea and Goldenseal...start giving it to her.

Also buy Sambucol brand Elderberry...pink bottle for kids. It will kick her immune system into high gear and help her fight offf any germies she may have gotten.

That would be a good combo for everyone's babies, in fact
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I messed up and told Louie about the panty swap. Oh brother ... now he won't shut up about it.
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In a good or bad way Davina?

Hey Sha - do I remember you saying that echinacea dried up your boobies? I bought some cough drops today but when I got home I realized they had echinacea in them and thought I remembered you saying you had problems with it.
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Anne, we've been talking for THREE years! We all went through 9 months BEFORE they were born, don't forget!

No wonder I always feel like I'm chatting with old friends when I'm here.

So, all plans to go to the mall and buy panties have been thwarted by a sleepy toddler. She's been out since about 6:30....I fear she'll wake around 10 and want to play till 3 :yawn: I'm going to go to the mall tomorrow, when I'm supposed to be eating lunch.

I feel bad for Paul, he sounded so sad when I told him Joey was already sleeping. He really misses her when he's away like this. He's such a great dad. I really am so lucky

And the dog is on hypervigilant alert. He takes his "man of the house" duties VERY seriously when daddy's away. Sleepy girl and I ordered pizza for dinner and Baxter watchdog barked so loud he scared the pizza dude right off the front porch. I had to go out on to the steps to get the pizza. I was irritated, but I understood. Baxter's got some watchdog bark when Paul's away.

Is our DDC gone yet? I'm sure it is. I wish we could go back and read some of those old posts. We had such fun when we were all pregnant together. Not that we don't have fun NOW....: Panty exchange as exhibit A
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Emmy, I was typing whilst you posted.

Yeah, I believe it was the echinacea in airborne that was the culprit of my low supply last time I had a cold. I'll double check with my best friend (LLL leader )
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I'm soooooo glad my trip to NY was last week. It's darn right frigid out East which would have made it no fun to be outside. At least at home I can hibernate at work and at home. I think it got above 0F today so we're lucky. I think another 5 days of this has been predicted.

Busy trying to play catch up at work. I have extra hours this week in penance for being gone last week. And we have a work meeting on Saturday followed by nephew's birthday party in the evening. Then my family convinced me to have Maddie's party on Sunday so they all can go out to the Black Hills over President's weekend for my cousin's daughter's baptism. (I used the "I'm 34 weeks and am not sitting in the car for 5 hours in February in SD" excuse to not go.) In two weeks it will be so much calmer. Maybe then I'll be ready to get things ready for this baby.

bama: thanks for the info. I'll be doing some looking around. I know Claire's doc will be willing to write a prescription out and push it through the insurance.
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Don't mention the 2 year old thing!!! (Other than maybe people won't look at me so crazy when I have one younger than Claire since after all, she is two.)
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks View Post
I messed up and told Louie about the panty swap. Oh brother ... now he won't shut up about it.
What emmy said....in a good way or bad??
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Oh, he is totally excited. Can't wait to see what "we" get.
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Emmy, Lianne said that she doesn't know anything about echinacea wrt nursing. I checked Kellymom for you and they say it's fine. I have NO idea where I got the idea that it was a milk dryer upper. Sometimes, I swear, I dream things :

Anyway, I'd say your cough drops are fine
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks View Post
Oh, he is totally excited. Can't wait to see what "we" get.

so today, i've purged lots of our clothes, cleaned the whole house and got the bags all ready to go to the hospital...
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sharron anne- don't stress it. seems like you are super busy at work. i just know that i am the kind of person who has to do it right now! or it will never be done. plus, i had hilger mail it. ha. i hate going to the post office too! i mean, you have to get bundled up for a two min. trip inside.

it is amazing that we have been chating for so long!

eisa "kind of" peed in her toilet last night. she was so excited about sitting on it, getting up, pulling her pants up and down, putting the seat up and down, sitting on this side and now that side and again with the pants....and then she stood by the door and starting looking down at the pee running onto the floor! so, i grabbed her and put her on the pot. boy was she excited to look at her little puddle! she even put her hand in! fantastic. not so interested today though.

bama- thanks for the ideas. i already made her some echin. tea.
i was wondering too, about if it would dry me up.

michelle- seems like a legit. reason not to go to me!

melissa- are you still lurking?

over and out.
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Michelle, I have no idea why, but your "over and out" almost made me pee my pants laughing
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Hi everybody. I'm still lurking. Haven't bought or sent panties yet but you all know my excuse!

2 years old!!! The thought does cross my mind from time to time but I really can't wrap my mind around it - even if she's a big sister!

As for the weather, we're at -7 F today with a low of -18 F tonight (no windchill). We're actually having quite a mild winter this year. It's nice with a new baby. I think we'll all go for a short walk on Thursday. I'm starting to get cabin fever.

Sage is turning into such a sweet big sister. Everyday she takes a little more interest in Matthew and has started giving him kisses and saying, "Uboo Mamoo" (love you Matthew). His cord fell off last night so I gave them a bath together tonight (DH helped). It was really sweet. She started naming all his body parts but was quite perplexed with the extra packaging between his legs!

Anyways, just thought I'd check in. My mum, the kids and I are driving to Fort Vermillion tomorrow. It's a small Mennonite community about 45 minutes from here. I was thinking I'd pick up some bloomers for you there, SA. http://www.plainlydressed.com/ Check this site to see what I've got in mind. (kidding, of course) Have a good night everybody.
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: looks like really sexy undies heather!
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