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Medical files

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How do you organize and file medical or personal records? As I declutter the office, I'm finding a ton of stuff that needs to go somewhere: social security cards, baptism certificates, our marriage certificate, hospital discharge records, etc. I don't know what I need to keep and what can get thrown away (how long do you keep medical records, for example?).

I'm also having a hard time organizing a file drawer for these things. So far my options have been one big Records file with subfolders for each of us, one folder for each of us with subfolders for health or personal documents, or a file for health with all our records in it, a file for documents with all our records in it, etc.

Any ideas? Nothing I do feels right.
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If there is important diagnosis or medicine info on the papers, keep them, otherwise, IMO (I'm sure someone will come along and argue this), toss them. You can always request medical records if needed.

We have a "Records" folder, in it goes SS cards, W-2s for the past 3 years, Birth and Marriage papers, other items that I may someday truely need. It's not difficult to sort through that folder to get whatever items you need at any given time, the key is to all have it in one spot so you can find it.
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Our Ss cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. are in a locking fire safe box. I would shred the discharge papers. I have a copy of my sons medical records that I got before we moved. I keep that in the file cabinet in a labeled folder. I'm not even sure why I am keeping it. His new Dr. has an up to date copy at her office.
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Medical "records" (the real deal) you can file any way you want, or toss, unless they have really important stuff (diagnosis, proof of malpractice, etc) in them... hospital discharge instructions (wound care, new baby care, whatever) are just trash.

Anything htat might take more than an hour of yoru time to replace (and that you NEED) like marriage cert, ssn, bank cards, even baptism records can be used as ID, spend the $40 on a small fireproof lockbox that can live in your closet or under the bed. But keep the keys elsewhere, like in the car.
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