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Enzymes, probiotics, blood in stool...

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Okay, I really need some help. I have posted a few times about my ds(14 weeks) having red streaks in his stool. He is ebf and I have been dairy, soy, egg, nut, citrus, beef, free for 3 weeks. I added wheat back in last week and haven't seen a change.

He is VERY happy, very content, and seems to have no discomfort. I was at the ped today for my dd's 3 year old check and let her know that Alec was still having blood in his stools occasionally(every few days). She said to give it another few weeks since it can take so long to clear(she only wanted me off dairy to begin with). She said I don't have to stop breastfeeding *yet* but if it doesn't clear when I see her next we will have to discuss it.

I am very upset and worried that I won't find the cause/cure for this. I will not stop breastfeeding, but don't want to hurt my child either.

So, my questions are, first of all, does this probiotic sound good for him? It was the only one I could find that was dairy free. It is called Baby Bifidactyl made by Kal. The ingredients are:

Whole rice concentrate ~
Spirulina (Algae protensis)(whole plant) ~
NutraFlora® FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) ~
L. Acidophilus (875 million microorganisms) ~
B. Infantis (875 million microorganisms) ~
B. Bifidum ~

I also bought an enzyme for myself. I wasn't sure which to get so I got the Whole Foods brand called wholenzyme-it is a like a "multi" enzyme. Would this be effective? Also, it says for lactating women to check with a healthcare professional. Is is safe for me?

Thanks for your help!

Momma to Paige 2-2-04 and my halloween baby Alec!!
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Also, in your opinion, should i go back on an elimination diet or carry on this way if he stays so happy?
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