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What could this be???

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I have this hard lump--I guess either a butt or a head--that is almost completely under my ribs. When I was driving earlier, I tried to get the hard lump to move because it was really making me uncomfortable, and when I pushed on it, I could feel another body part hitting my cervix and at times my hip bone. It felt like the whole baby was moving when I pushed on it.

Do you think the baby is head down? I thought I read that if the whole body moves when you push, then it's a butt or back.
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Sounds like a butt to me. Could be a head, but more likely a rear.
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i'm not sure but...

Hi I just thought I would say that at this point in your pregnancy your baby could very well be head down. I know mine was at my last visit with my doc and it's likely that the whole baby moves when you push, cuz he or she is running out of room. I am not due until the end of March, however I have a very large baby in there and am hoping to come sooner then that. I would ask your doc or midwife if you are concerned, but it sounds pretty standard to me. Hope all is well, do you know what you are having??

a friend Lara
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Hey, I know that lump, LOL... I can tell it is a bum because when I push on it, feet kick my ribs
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I REALLY hope she is head down because she has been breech (with her head and feet up high) for the last few weeks, and she did a lot of moving the last few days. I am so hoping what I am feeling under my ribs is a booty rather than a huge head! It really feels too big to be just a head there. :
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That sounds exactly like what happens with the lump under MY ribs, and my baby is definitely head down. I've heard that if it's a butt, the whole baby moves, and if it's a head, just the head moves...when pushed on in that way.
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Sounds like a butt to me too! Nic was head down for a month before birth and I definitely had a hard lump I could push down.
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