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Well me and DH are officially the proud owners of a 2, possibly 3 bedroom trailer. Its right down the road from my mom and dads house which is nice so i will have some help when the baby gets here. We have started packing, got about 40 boxes done but it dosent even look like we made a dent. Its been horrible since I'm not able to help DH very much. Not to mention he has to tear up all the floors in the trailer and re place them in the next few weeks as soon as we get our tax money back. DH is suposed to be doing this tomorrow. Then on Thursday my mom is suposed to come over and paint the baby's room and then maybe the bathroom. Ive been nesting now for the past week and right now everything is chaos and I'm going nuts. I know for a fact the first thing in that house that needs to be done w/o question is the baby's room. I hate that i cant even paint my own child s room. I got a face mask to wear so i can help a little but my moms going to have to primer the room for me cuz that stuff smells horrible and since its been in the negatives here in Michigan we cant really open the windows. Plus tomorrow when DH and I are there while he is tearing out the floors we wont have heat since it isn't turned on yet. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a miserable day.

Oh and by the way my baby shower is this weekend too, on Sunday and im going to have people over Saturday so we have to have some stuff un packed in the new house. I really hope that we can get all the heat and water and stuff turned on soon or we are going to be Popsicles.