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Feb/Mar Support Thread for 4/06ish-7/06ish Twin Moms

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feeling a bit : lately, but we're doing ok. i think my 3yo lost her ears somewhere and has become incapable of listening to a word i say, but she and the twins are doing better together, so it's a trade off.

i am getting to that point where the chaos of the house i've neglected for the past 7 months is starting to bug me, but i still can't really get anything done.

anyone else have the perpetual twin cold? i heard a good theory on this-- twins apear to be sicker more often because they'll both get different germs and then swap them by sharing sippy cups, toys, etc. so they get twice as many cold and flu bugs than a single baby.

how are the rest of you doing?
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I could've written your post word-for-word (except substitute 2 1/2 year old...who's also recently discovered the words, "But why?").
We had a rather rough month at about the 6 month point (over Christmas week, particularly)--fussy, whining, fighting daytime sleep, waking constantly, etc. But it seems to have leveled out at bit now and I'm starting to feel a bit more human these days. I think it must have been a collision of all sorts of developmental stuff. The boys are down to (generally) two good naps a day and a fairly consistent bedtime around 7pm with fewer night wakings overall (for now!).
As of yesterday, we have a crawler! Though it's ineffecient, imprecise, and (thankfully) infrequent, Eli's doing a tummy crawl that involves skootching his feet forward, butt up in the air, and working arm-over-arm (sometimes using his forehead for balance). Sam's becoming a rather effecient roller with a bit of skootching thrown in for fun.
We've had about 3 little colds back-to-back this winter. I buy the sharing-stuff argument (plus add in a big sister who gets out for 'school' and playdates and brings back bugs)--it's bound to happen. Oh well. The only one I'm germophobic about is this nasty stomach bug that's been going around.
The house neglect is getting to me, too. I'm dying to purge stuff like crazy, but am also planning the garage sale of the century this summer, so I don't want to get rid of things I'm planning to sell (and have no place to store in the meantime). The clutter is driving me nuts.
We've sort of haphazardly started solids. Bits of banana and avocado here and there, when I remember it, and whatever they grab off of my plate when I don't. We have some great pics of Eli gnawing on a piece of asparagus that he spent a great deal of effort trying to snag last week. I'd never expect asparagus to be such a hit!
Now we're just waiting for spring to hit so we can get outside more without having to bundle up so much!
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We're hanging in there. Got the perpetual cold here too though - that's always fun. Finn seems to get it worse than Roan for some reason. Finn just started "crawling" (looks more like swimming but he can really move now!) and Roan is still doing his one-armed gimpy army man crawl thing. He's cruising real well now though. My 3yo is giving me a major run for my money though. I started a thread about her on the GD board but no one seemed to understand where I was coming from, with the extra difficulties I face in dealing with the twins. Life is hard right now, to be honest, but I guess I'm getting by. I wish though that the vibe around my house was more pleasant (for lack of a better word) but the stress & tension of our new family dynamic is just, well, a lot. Oh, we had the flu thing - it actually wasn't that bad (it passed through very quick). Solids - we've done a little bit with it recently but really they hardly get anything. Roan does better with it and is more enthusiastic about it than Finn (funny, cuz Finn is giganto boy and Roan is such a petite little thing - 24 lbs 5 oz vs. 18 lbs 1 oz at 10 months). I think that's about it. Oh, and I have some current pics of them in my sig line.
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Well, we are lucky enough not to have the never-ending cold (knock wood I did not just curse us), but we have the never ever allow our mommy to sleep again pattern. They hardly nap (and NEVER together). You would think that would make them better sleepers at night, but nope. They. Just. Don't. Sleep. My formerly beautiful sleeper (DD) now screams (um - SCREECHES) every hour or so to nurse then nods off after a few minutes. And I can't coax her to eat more to sleep longer. My DS has also decided that he will scream until nursed every hour and a half or so (he also HAS to nurse down and it takes AT LEAST an hour before I can remove my nipple from his mouth and have him not wake up). And the best part? They alternate all night. They used to have this cool pattern where I would just be getting one down and the other would get up. But not any more. Now they either alternate or scream at the EXACT same time. Can you tell sleep is really our big issue here???? I am so darn tired. This is the same (if not worse) as the newborn cycle.
Otherwise we are ok. They are starting to spin in circles on their tummies and scoot across the floor. Or more like propel themselves with squirming motions. They can sit up unassisted for short periods and really enjoy when we help them "stand and walk". I can't even believe that they are going to be 8 months this month.
I have the same older DD you guys have. My 4 yo DD has been driving me bonkers. Somehow her personality was transplanted with some other little, ahem, sweetheart. She REFUSES to listen, plays rough and screams like a banshee at random. She also co sleep and it has become a nightly ritual of begging her to stop jumping around and to lie down and sleep. Ugh, all I am doing is complaining. Sorry!
At least the older kids are doing great. My son with ADHD was just bumped up to the ADVANCED math program. My eldest is doing great in band. And my oldest DD has been bumped up to advanced reading (I am still working with her teacher to challenge her more - she is bored in class). I do miss home schooling, but for the time being I just can't do it. At least not until I am able to get AT LEAST one solid hour of sleep at a time.
Aywho, that's us!
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cjcolorado - I just realized that your twins are one day younger than mine! (And total mommy brain – it took me four tries to see that was not right – I kept putting “one day older” – we are the 23rd). I am such a spaz.
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mine are the 23rd too!

we're mobile here. he crawls and scoots faster than she does but they both get around for sure. sleep is a major issue here too. just livin' on the and hanging on until they are older.

the way i feel now i will night wean around 15-18mo. but we'll wait and see what they are like by then.

is there a lot of screaming/crying at your house? i just wonder when that's oing to end. hoping with talking. i've been working on the sign language w/them but they don't seem that interested.

more screaming, gotta run!
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How cool! How big are yours? My DS is 17.5 lbs (2 wks ago) and DD is 16.5 lbs (2 wks ago). They are getting so darn big! He has 2 teeth about to bust through, but she is still just a drooler. They don't scream too much, except at night when they wake/want to nurse. They do babble quite a bit though. Lots of mama, dada, baba, lalalalalalala and other such sounds. DS "talks" quite a bit, it sounds like he is having convos sometimes, it is too funny. And dd is the rasberry queen.

We have been working on sign as well. They just look at me like I am nuts. Though my 4 yo dd is picking it up quite well.

I hear you on the coffee. I would be lost without it. We still nurse CONSTANTLY, but we have added some foods here and there (apples, pears, avacado, tofu) in an effort to give mommys nipples a teeny tiny break.
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he is 19.1 and she is 15.13! he says mamamamamam all the time and she prefers dadadadadadadadadada which my DH just loves.
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I am here too. I love this thread. It helps me feel normal: . Life is alittle easier with the twins, but harder with my 2 and 3 yr old kids. Sounds like others are experiencing this. The twins are great. They are sitting champs and Ava is army crawling and Jude is just starting to. Jude is still high maint (pretty much lives on my back) and Ava is still laid back. They are both vocal. Nights are average. I usually only co-sleep with one at a time and the other is in the co-sleeper or their crib. I rotate who is in my bed. They both seem fine with this. I just couldn't handle the rotating back and forth and being sandwiched in and they both had to be right next to me. Daddy just isn't the same. They sleep fine on their own, I just feel guilty about it.

I am still using the lact-aid, which sucks, but no bottles which is good. I started Domperidone, so hopefully we can wean off of the lact-aid soon. Both are doing some solids and LOVE it. Jude can't even wait for Ava to get a bite without protesting that I am too slow.

My 2 and 3 yrs olds, on the other hand, are driving me insane right now. They have apparently gone deaf like the rest of the toddlers here. They also find special joy in beating the crap out of one another. They are the same size. Lily has been alittle more dramatic lately and has been spending alot of time on my back in the ergo/mai tei too. She fights Jude for the spot.

I am fairly used to the lack of sleep thing, but if I don't get my am cup of coffee, I am a witch. God bless my DH. He works from home and has to deal with me.

I am heading to a LLL meeting tonight that has a twin mom as a leader. I am excited.

Gotta go...someone is crying.: :
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O.k., so then what is UP with all these 2-3 year old siblings, then?! This is nuts! Oh, and I seriously jinxed us even talking about the stomach bug--all the kids have explosive, stinky diarrhea today and I have a low-grade fever I'm hoping doesn't turn into anything. Yuck. Please let it be over quickly!
That's cool so many of us have twins with close birthdays! I'd never even noticed. As of last week mine were 15lbs 15ozs and 15lbs 14ozs. Ever since Eli caught up to Sam at about a month old, they've always stayed within an ounce of one another.
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me too! mine are a little younger than everyone else, july 13th, but i have a toddler that has recently gone deaf, and when he "can hear" he puts his hands over hes ears and looks away, and he is not even 2! Zack and Logan are fun as can be, it sure is hard to squish in that feeding solids thing though. i am trying to make sure they get 2 meals a day, otherwise i am up all night, my mom told me i should give them formula! I know that some can do this, and that some need to and i respect that, but i just cant physically bring myself to. but they are just now starting to mostly sleep through the night well 10-7:30 logan often wakes at 1am though, zack sleeps through. i really would like to get them to bed more like 7:30-8 but every time i put them down at that time they wake half an hour later and dont want to go to bed for hours. they havent started sitting or crawling yet but zack has become quite the roller. it is good to see that everyone has deaf toddler and crazy lives just like me!
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i wish i could figure out how best to handle my "deaf" 3yo. i feel like i'm always up her butt these days- don't do this, stop that, no-no-no-no, etc. i find myself thinking "if there were just one less kid i could do this."

but then i turn around and realize that even though i might not be 100% satisfied with how i'm doing it, i am actually making this happen so maybe i should lay off myself a little.

for you ladies w/ the b/g twins-- who's your more sensitive/needier baby? for me it is so my DS. my girls are both pretty independent but he has a serious need for the momma-love all the dang time and it wears me out some days.

ps-had a dream i was preggo w/ triplets. woke up in a cold sweat!
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Subbing and hoping to find a minute to write more soon! :
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45 minutes!!!!!!! that's how much sleep i got last night.

please someone talk me down off the formula before bed ledge..... : :
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located the sleep issue-- poking out of F's bottom gums!

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Kate-glad you found your sleep problem-congrats on the teeth. My DS is the needier one also. Needy to the extreme. He has had more issues (silent reflux, food intol), but those are under control and he is still extremely needy. I feel like Ava gets the short end of the stick sometimes so I try to really focus on her as much as poss when DS is asleep and she isn't. I keep DS on my back in the ergo or mai tei and he is quite content there lately so that is saving me. I tell people that he isn't twin material-he should have been a singleton .

They are 8 months today! I can't believe it. I think it has been the hardest 8 mo of my life, but I am so glad I have them.

A virus has invaded our house too-but it is more fever/cold stuff. 3 of 4 kids have had it so far.

No teeth yet, but I am expecting them any day. Both have been teething hard core.

I started domperidone to try to wean off of the lact-aid. I hope I can do it. Honestly, I think that if I got more sleep, my supply issues would improve. Oh well, I will keep on.....

Oh and the babes are currently 17 and 14 lbs. Ava is a little peanut.

Oh, and Kate-early on after I had the twins, I had TWO triplet dreams. Triple :
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not twin material!

i tell them when they are both crying at me that they are the ones who wanted to come at the same time.
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I was glad to see this thread pop back up again. We've still been having a rough go of things.
Dominic had to be hospitalsed in December for projectile vomiting all the time (I may have told this story last thread so I'm keeping it short) he was dx with milk/soy allergies and reflux and has been seeing a gi since. The gi has done nothing excempt to keep saying he needs to put more weight on and think of diffrent ways to do it.
This Saturday there was blood in his spit up so we ended up taking him to the local er. The doc there was great. She didn't run too many tests becuase they just don't have the equipment. He didn't have any more blood in his stomach or any in his poo. She gave him a perscription for neocate, he had been on nutramagin and I was on a no dairy/soy diet. He's only on the neocate now no breastfeeding The er doc also talked to the gi doc and told him that theres something more going on with D than just an allergy and not gaining weight and he needs to be doing some testing to find out what. She told us to expect some testing to be done or scheduled when we go next week. So I think the er visit was a good one.

They both roll from tummy to back sometimes. Aaron can sit if you put him in a sitting position for a bit. They grab things but really no moving.

We're not even thinking about solids, I don't think they're even close to ready.

As for sizes Aaron is 12lbs-ish and Dominic is 10lbs-ish

We've been having the non-listening 8 year old here. The just turned 2 year old has been doing pretty well though
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Sending healing vibes for Dominic!
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My babies are almost 7 months now, I really don't know where those months have gone. They are doing great developmentally, they are both crawling (commando style) getting up onto their hands and knees, and Charlie has even managed to go from hands and knees to sitting a few times. I'm not sure I'm ready for them to be so mobile yet though, I'm constantly chasing after them, they love to get into things they shouldn't They are both being very vocal, Charlie is doing lots of dadadas and even some mamamas, Sam tends to screech a lot which he finds hysterical. Sam has two teeth, but Charlie doesn't have any yet and they don't look anywhere near.

They both are waking half the night to nurse still and I'm still doing the rotisserie nursing I am giving them some solids and they both love them. They were weighed last at six months and hadn't put on as much weight as I would have liked Charlie was 12lbs 9oz and Sam 13lbs 2oz, which was a gain of 2lbs Charlie and 2lbs 9oz for Sam in 3 months. I was pretty stressed about it at first but the more I thought about it the less stresses I felt, they both look pretty good, not malnourished and they are meeting all their developmental milestones.

Think that's just about it for the month really. I'm still tired a lot, our house is still chaotic a lot and untidy a lot of the time too. My 3 year old is being more challenging than usual too, I think it may be down to being housebound because of the cold, we're not going out as much etc etc, hopefully it will pass
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