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Illryia "fell off" her growth curve at 6mo too, but when I took Finn in for a sick appointment last week, I popped her on the scale and she's gaining like crazy this time. I think babies grow in fits and starts. Gotta run- Finn is crawling out of computer eyesight!
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Annette-I know you were worried for a while....I am glad you are not anymore. They sound like they are doing great. My kids are crawling commando too .

Azreial-I hope you get the answers you need for Dominic.

We are down to 4-5 oz supp per day each via lactaid (down from 8)-yeah! Hopefully we will be off in a couple of weeks. I am just trying to nurse everytime we make eye contact-lol.

I got a skip hop duo double diaper bag and I love it. I have been trying to get out more with everyone. We have a bunch of snow and it is like 2 degrees right now, but it should be in the 50's next week. How often do you guys get out?
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We get out a lot (most days) but mostly b/c I just don't feel like I can keep them happy (or me remotely sane) when we're home. So we do short trips like to the mall (just to walk around) or whatever. I've also been using the car to get them to sleep a lot lately so there have been lots of trips to the Starbucks drive-thru and then back home.

Roan just started crawling on his hands & knees the other day! He had done it a little before now but only if he were attempting to manuever himself to climb up something (like to pull up to my lap) and then it was only a few "steps" forward at most. Now he'll actual crawl like a "real" baby a bit now & then, although the army crawl is still the preferred method to get around fast.
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we get out 2-4 times during the week and usually once as a family on weekends. when we don't get out my 3yo's behavior gets more challenging. plus if i time it right i can get all 3 of them an afternoon nap at the same time in the car and i get a little time to myself to read or write in the car while they sleep. our mothers of multiples club has a lot of activities for the 2-4 yo crowd and those are usually safe outings for us since there's always another twin mom around to lend a hand if i need one.
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Well - we have teeth!!

Santino has 2 teeth on the bottom front that have broken through and cleared the gumline. Mia has two sitting there (same ones) that you can see, but have not popped through yet. Both of them can sit up on their own for short periods of time, then they plop over. They also roll like crazy and "squirmy wormy" (not quite crawl, a sort of scooch lol) as we call it, around the room. when did my babies get so BIG!?!? :

We now have a cold, but are otherwise OK. They are sleeping for about 1.5/2 hours at a time now, which as crappy as it sounds is a HUGE improvement. My nips are super sore though, as it seems I have someone attached 24/7 these days. I know it will get easier soon; at least that is what I keep telling myself.
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Oh- clovermom - I keep meaning to call you back. Maybe we can do the Mother & Child trip next week. I need to get out of the house and these babes need new clothes. Again.
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we love our skip hop duo double diaper bag too. Its nice to be able to have a bag that fits stuff for all three kids.

DH left our double stroller, a mac side-by-side, in the driveway and it snowed and rained and hailed. Now the stroller is stuck to the driveway. I am praying that it un-sticks and is ok. That's our shopping stroller. The only other double we have is a big pram that can actually be a triple or double, not very practicle for shopping.

Dominic's one week trial of neocate only has gone well. We even took him off the protonix. However we've come to the very hard decision to wean him

Aaron's had teeth for a little while. We didn't even know he got them until mil said he had teeth. DH said no he doesn't and looked and there were two little teeth poking out

We're not doing solids yet and I don't see it happening anytime soon. Neither guy can roll over never mind sit up : Plus with Dominic's issues I think its going to be a long time before he gets anything but the neocate

Our in-laws are going to moving in to the other side of our duplex (well actually my mum's we rent from her). Thinking positive thoughts

We kinda get out. Mostly we load everyone in the van and either dh or I runs in the store and gets what we need then we drive back home. If we have a lot of shopping to do we usually get a sitter. We also have 4 kids : Sometimes dh and I will make a trip with just the boys. My stomach muscles are finally getting strong enough that I can carry one in a carrier, so thats one less baby bucket to lug. My dh broke 2 ribs so he can't wear a baby right now. I have to say that I can't wait until winter is over and I can ditch the buckets and put in the convertable seats. We're sticking with the buckets until them becuase we have the bundle mes and it is nice to be able to keep them all snuggly, especially since they're both so small.
7 months old and still in 0-3 months clothes : I would have never belived it if someone had told me. My other 2 were out of 0-3 by 2 months. I told dh we're going to have the first kids that actually wore out their newborn clothes
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we do that too--load everybody up and then when they are all sleeping, DH or I run in and out of whatever store we need to go to. I'm actually thinking of starting to do our grocery shopping on early Saturday mornings and leaving DH w/ all 3 kids. DH is willing to stop on the way home from work, but bless his heart he often doesn't get quite the right thing or forgets something or gets other stuff not on the list, etc.

what does everyone drive and how do you have your carseats set up? i'm trying to rearrange ours so they are easier to get kids in and out of and i'm not totally satisified w/our arrangement yet. we have a town and country and right now I have one captain's chair folded down into the floor, one baby in the other captain's chair in a convertible seat rear facing. then on the back bench behind the first baby is the other rear facing convertable and next to that one is my 3yo's forward facing convertable. i guess it's working pretty well, but i still feel getting them in and out of the car is such a fiasco. guess that's really not going to change too soon huh?!
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It definitely cheers us up to get out during the day too. We are working on it more often.

I drive a toyota sienna and have the 8 seater. I have the 2 infant carseats in the middle row with the seat closest to the passenger door pulled forward to get to the 2 toddler carseats in the back seat.
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We absolutely, positively have to get out--for my sanity if nothing else. Plus, after that 6 month sleep change, I find that they nap really well in the car, too (even if it's just pulled into the garage and I sit in there, too!). So, that's a sure-fire fix for the crankies.
We drive a Toyota Siena, too (7 passenger). We had to get rid of our Toyota Highlander since 3 seats could not safely fit across the back without hindering each other. We have the two captains seats pushed together towards the driver's side, leaving a small aisle to the back row on the passenger side. My daughter's ff Marathon is in the back row and we have one rf Roundabout and a rf infant seat in the captains' seats. We're thinking when we switch out the last infant seat over to a convertible that we might make the aisle to the back in the middle and put it back there next to my daughter's seat, just so we can flip one of the captain's seats forward when needed.
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I drive a Honda Odyssey - the twins are in the middle row in Britax Boulevards & the girls are in the 3rd row in Britax Marathons. The oldest girl is in the hardest spot for me to reach b/c she can do her own buckle. I can easily (enough) reach everyone else since the van opens on both sides.
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We just bought a new vehicle. We had a Dodge Durango 7 seater, but our family has officially outgrown it. We now own a Ford E350 12 passenger van. We have 7 kids with the twins being the youngest, so we need the room. DH and I are in the first row, the twins have matching Britax Camoo-flague Marathons (rear facing) in the next row, followed by our two oldest (the boys) and then in the fourth (last row) we have the three girls (two who are in booster seats).
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we have a 98 chevy astro 8 passanger. The twins are in infant seats, one behind the drivers seat and one right next to it. The 2 year old is in her cowmooflage marathon (great print ) on the back row passanger side. The 8 year old sometimes sits next to the twins or in back driver side (leaving the middle seat empty), it depends on how much he and the 2yo have been fighting
I think someday when everyone is ff we're going to put all three car seats in the middle row. DS might complain about that though he usually likes to site with dd
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OMG someone please tell DS that he is only 8mo and he is not authorized to pull up on stuff and cruise yet. He can't judge what would be stable to pull up on and what wouldn't so we've a repeatedly bumped noggin here.

Plus- in there another growth spurt around 8mo or so? They are nursing almost all night. DD at least 4 times per night and DS, well I don't think he came unlatched from 10pm until 7am.
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OMG! Go little man, go!!

We are nursing nuts here too. Sonny now whimpers (in his sleep) if I try to unlatch him. He nurses probably 5-6 times a night. Mia nurses2-4 times a night. At least these last few days. Everytime I say "they nurse xyz", they change it up on me.
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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMummytoLore View Post
OMG someone please tell DS that he is only 8mo and he is not authorized to pull up on stuff and cruise yet. He can't judge what would be stable to pull up on and what wouldn't so we've a repeatedly bumped noggin here.

Plus- in there another growth spurt around 8mo or so? They are nursing almost all night. DD at least 4 times per night and DS, well I don't think he came unlatched from 10pm until 7am.
I know how you feel one of mine, thinks he should be cruising. He can pull himself up on the sofa and tries to walk along it. He's forever falling over. His brother won't be far behind him.
Charlie http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a93...brary-2211.jpg
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Ava is pulling up on stuff too. Jude kinda is. Oh, and nursing all night here too all of the sudden. DH said something about it today-like what are we doing different?? I said-nothing! I am thinking maybe growthspurt along with teeth. We haven't actually seen any teeth yet and they are 8 1/2 mo.

Annette-cute pics!
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